The acute pain in the back

Sudden attacks of acute back pain can be very мучительными, but this does not mean that you will always be a "bad back". It is clear that, more often than the acute pain occurs due to any chronic problems, but as soon as it is passed, and the state of the mouse, ligaments and joints of the back has become less critical, you can do the chronic problems of reasons. The basis of the treatment of the crises of acute pain in the back is from the speed change program of physical exercises together with relaxation. In this section, you will learn what to do when he began the attack, and when you need to call the doctor, familiarize yourself with the step-by-step of a recovery program that includes exercise, posture and relaxation techniques self-help.

The causes of acute pain

The most common cause of the occurrence of acute back pain are chronic, long-term and existing disturbances, such as bad posture, or weakness of the abdominal muscles. These deviations can increase the load and tension in your spinal column and the muscles of the spine, to that extent, what happens to their corruption. Degenerative processes such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, if its development has reached to the stage of tissue damage, can also cause acute pain in the back. In such cases, through the day-the other may get a temporary relief, but it is very likely that the attacks of acute pain will be repeated until it is resolved your chronic reason.

Causes chronic of acute pain in the back

If the attack is acute pain is the result of a damage caused by a chronic disease, the most probable reasons can be the following.

  • Bad posture;
  • The weakness of the abdominal muscles;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Osteoporosis.

Mechanical causes of acute pain

Chronic conditions are not always the main cause of acute back pain. Many times the attack can be triggered by movement, which by itself seems insignificant, for example, the tilt back on the floor the bag. In fact, the damage occurred in a day or two before, that its not the physical effort. When the muscles are trying to protect the spinal column of a unusual load, they are very tense, as well as the sauces, the vertebrae and disks. The next day, the muscles harden and sore or relax to such a point, that are not capable of maintaining the spine, while ligaments and joints has not yet returned in her usual state. Such a purely mechanical failure destabilizes the entire system, and as a result apparent пустяковым movement can become the last drop, which will cause the spasm of the muscle, stretching of the ligament, the displacement of the disc or inflammation of the joint. Wrong weight lifting, and the voltage of the unusual load — the most common causes of acute back pain.

Wrong weight lifting


Wrong weight lifting, for example, when наклоняются to the front, to take things from the trunk of the car, generates an extra load on your back. When you pick up the gravity нагибаясь, joints, tighten stronger, and this makes any already weakened the joint, the unit or the package can not cope with the excess load.

Overly aggressive or непривычная the physical load

Strenuous physical exercise, especially those related to the turns of the body (a game of tennis or a dance class), are often the cause of acute pain in the back. In some types of exercises of movement are directed primarily to one side (towards the front), and accepts the participation of only one muscle group. The muscle opposite of the group become stretched, weak, and no longer is able to contract and reject the body to the back. This means that the muscles and ligaments become strong enough or not enough flexible to withstand the increased load in the curves of the body.

What to do when an episode of pain?

When it occurs, acute pain, first of all, stop doing what you did, lie down on the bed or on the floor, even if for this you will need to crawl (the only exceptions to this rule is when you suddenly numb leg, or both legs, you are in an accident, a fall, or suddenly received the impact см. the questionnaire below). In the down position the load is removed, with the spinal column, the pressure becomes four times lower than that in the standing position. The reduction of pressure can significantly ease the pain and give your muscles, covered protection spazmom, the opportunity to relax. You can also help yourself to the force, intended for the relaxation of mind and body: try not to worry about his enforced immobility, no matter what you did when you started the attack, it can finish after.

Which posture to adopt

The best way to reduce pressure on the spine if you lie down on your back. Try to lie down first, without a rest, but if the pain does not pass, put it under his head. If necessary, place a pillow under the knees, so that the lumbar spine is not very изгибался. If the pain goes down to the feet, place a pillow under the lower part of the legs to the hips and knees are at a right angle, this will help to relieve the tension on the sciatic nerve.

In some cases, the position lying on his back, does not relieve the pain. If you find this position is painful, try the maneuvers shown in the article rapid elimination of pain, to find a situation in which pain is not felt. The answers to the questions are provided in the list below will help you determine how serious is the problem, and find out what actions should be taken.

How serious is the problem?

With the help placed below the quiz you can discover what you should do in your case, but if you have any questions, consult your doctor.

If your situation fits at least one of the following hypotheses, do not move and have someone call an ambulance".

  1. You just suffer an accident.
  2. You recently fell or highly skinned.
  3. You suddenly numb leg or both legs.

If your situation fits at least one of the following cases, contact your doctor immediately. Call (gp) or contact травмпункт.

  1. You have pain in the chest, left arm or left side of the mandible.
  2. The pain does not pass, and if it intensifies, it does not help and the change of position.
  3. You feel an intensification of weakness in the legs, сопровождающуюся your онемением and, perhaps, by the difficulty of urination and bowel movement.
  4. The pain is strong, continuous, above, only when tilted to the front.

If your situation fits at least one of the following cases, contact your doctor in the next few days.

  1. You feel numbness or tingling in the arm or leg.
  2. Recently you lose weight and feel general malaise and fatigue.
  3. You are a woman, and you are already in pre-menopause.
  4. You are pregnant.
  5. You are a vegetarian or a long period of time kept the diet.
  6. You are older than 60 years.

If your situation fits at least one of the following hypotheses, stay night in bed, and if you do not improve, contact your doctor.

  1. The character of the pain changes, if you move or change the position of the body.
  2. You recently unusual physical exercises, related with the heavy load.
  3. You are the stranger turned up or increased by a heavy object.

The rapid elimination of pain (first day)

If the stance proposed in the previous article (What to do when an episode of pain), for you inconvenient, try to posture, described below, to find a situation in which pain is not felt, and relax within 24 hours, but remember that the exercise is strictly limited needed to reduce the inflammation and prevent immobility. Because the reasons for the occurrence of pain in different people, you need to try all the positions and each exercise and in this way find those that will best help you. If any change the body position during the execution of the exercise, did you feel that the pain has diminished, to adopt this attitude to leisure. And vice-versa, don't stay in any pose, if the pain intensifies. Try to move in bed, if she has a disk in orthopaedic, otherwise, use the gym and the mat or carpet.

Posture to eliminate pain

  • Lie down on your belly, arms extended to the sides.
  • If the pain does not shrink, put a pillow under the belly. If this does not help, slightly turn to the thigh to try and to the right, and on the left, since the effectiveness of a movement is determined the location of damage. Place the head in your hands, if you so prefer.


If any exercise that leads to the emergence or increase of pain or its greater dissemination, stop immediately. Continuing, you can aggravate the problem. In the first two days offered here, the exercise must be repeated more than three times each, approximately, three times per day. The rest of the time just resting. At least, reduce the pain gradually increase the number of retries up to a maximum of 10 times each exercise.

The inclinations of the pelvis

  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees at a right angle, the feet should stay on the ground.
  2. Fold the bottom part of the back, tearing the back of the floor, and then with the power plug it on the ground. Be careful to the thorax remained motionless, until that swing from the hips to the front and to the back.
  3. Repeat the exercise three times, at the end of the year, the loin must be in the neutral position in the middle between the extremes. Two days after you start to gradually increase the number of repetitions of this exercise, the 10.

The movement of rotation of the knees

  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees, as in the previous year, but the thigh should lie on the floor.
  2. Let the knees from one side to the other, falling to the floor as low as is convenient. Repeat the exercise three times. Two days after you start to gradually increase the number of retries up to 10 times.

Elimination of the pain (second day)

When the doctors thought the best treatment of acute pain in the back is absolute quiet, but now found that it is much more efficient to switch a holiday with the exercises. If after 24 hours you do not feel the improve, contact your doctor, but if the pain has diminished, add the recommended in the article "the Rapid elimination of pain" exercises shown below. They help to avoid stiffness of the muscles of the back and, thus, reduce the possibility of occurrence of problems in the future, and also to support muscle tone and strength.

Прогибы lying

  1. Lie down on the stomach, on the mat or hard mattress, rising on my elbows. Relax and stay in that position before the count of 10. Get on your knees, relax, repeat the exercise three times.
  2. Repeat the exercise, but this time climb up into the palm of the hands, and not on the elbows.

Pulling up of the knees

Lie on your back on a hard surface. Bend the knees at a right angle, and tighten them to the chest. Hold in this position before of accounts of 10, then slowly lower the foot on the ground. Repeat three times.

Tilts in the direction of the

Stand erect, with the legs-put the width of the shoulders. Slightly away a thigh from the side, with the same hand slides the hand by the leg down, you will feel the tension with the other side of the body. Repeat three times. Then do this exercise for the other side.

Uncurling of the back

  1. The original position as when it tilts to the side, hands on hips. Lightly deflection ago, connecting the blades and lightly приподнимая the chin, but not so high to look up at the ceiling. Repeat three times.
  2. Following the last repetition, before completing an exercise, a neutral, vertical position, slightly tilted forward, rounding the shoulders.


Immediately stop any exercise that leads to the emergence or increase of pain or its greater dissemination. Continuing, you can aggravate the problem. In the first two days offered here, the exercise must be repeated more than three times each, approximately, three times per day. The rest of the time just resting. At least, reduce the pain gradually increase the number of retries up to a maximum of 10 times each exercise.

The path to recovery

If the pain began to recede (if not, see your doctor), after two days of rest, and exercise, you can resume a normal life. To recover the mobility and flexibility, it is important for you to be so active, as far as possible, of course, should not do anything that might impede the eventual recovery. But, and it now has meaning to rest in the back by an hour or more each day, to give time to the tissues for healing and self-healing.

If the pain returns

If you're not going to be careful and follow the rules, which are listed in the table below, continues to be a threat, making a strange movement, you will break all the work done, and this will lead to a resumption of back pain. If this happened, stop work immediately and lie down on a firm surface face down or back, or adopt the stance that the sooner the better, and contributed to the solution of pain.


This attitude is not so friendly for your spine, like the others, but it happens that you are only in this position. In this case, place a pillow between the knees to the thigh, which is above, not скатывалось to the front leading to the twisting bottom of the column. It can also be useful, put another pillow against the chest and abdomen, such as cushion, as if you embrace it, to sustain the spine to the front. Do not put more than one pillow under the head, especially if you have pain in the neck or upper back.

What to do and what not to do to stay well

Two days later, you should get up out of bed and finally go back to normal operation. However, do not forget the following:

What I should not do

  • Do not lift the gravity and not tilt.
  • Do not do the heavy work for the house: do not пылесосьте, do not go away, do not iron.
  • Do not make the steep climbs and descents.
  • Do not use gravity, for example, purchases, travel bags, mountains of wet clothes.
  • Do not start classes, related with the heavy load.
  • Do not sit and do not stand for a long time, without changing the posture.