The formation of a correct posture in children

The formation of a correct posture in children, in large measure, depends on the environment. On duties of parents and staff of pre-school and school comes observe the correct position of the children to stand, sit and walk, as well as use of educational exercises, especially the muscles of the back, legs, and the tummy. It is necessary, so that the child has developed the natural muscular corset.

On the vertebral column and their changes

The vertebral column (your spine) is the main part of the skeleton of a person and consists of 33-34 vertebrae, which are connected to each other by ligaments and joints.

In the womb, maternal-infant spine looks uniform from a bow. When you see the child in the light, your spine corrected, and acquires the view is almost in a straight line. From the moment of birth begins to form posture. If you have the skill retention of the head in a raised state, in the region of cervical department of vertebral column of the child, gradually, occurs the flexion to the front, the so-called, lordosis cervical. If it is the time when the child is already able to sit, in the thoracic vertebral column is also formed by bending, just turn to the back (kyphosis). And if a child starts to walk, in the lumbar region, with time, formed a bending of the protrusion that faces to the front. This is the lumbar lordosis. Therefore, it is important to keep track of continue correct formation of child posture.


About the position and its violation

Posture is called the ability of a person to keep your body in various positions. She is correct and incorrect.

The pose is considered correct if the will erect the man, being familiar to him, the pose, do not make unnecessary assets of tensions and keeps the head and body in a straight line. In addition, it has a easy to walk, slightly omitted, and reserved to the back of the shoulders, below the chest, taut, belly, and legs, right in your lap.

In the case of a posture people do not know the correct way to keep your body, therefore, as a general rule, it's worth it and if you move on the floor-legs bent, shoulders down and head, and also putting the belly to the front. When this stance is disturbed the normal operation of the internal organs.

A variety of disorders of posture, whether by carelessness, lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis (curvature of the side of the vertebral column) – it is quite common in children of pre-school and school education. Basically, this is, the children physically weakened, or suffering from any chronic illness, already they have had serious illnesses in childhood.

The prevention of disturbances postural

The prevention of any irregularities related to the posture must be comprehensive and based on the following principles.

The adequate nutrition.

Continuously the evolution of the body of a child throughout growth needs to be useful nutrients. The power must be full and varied, as on this depends the proper development of muscle and bone.

Двигательная activity.

Are very important to a child's health posture, exercise, a variety of sports (features, skiing and diving), gymnastics, as well as the tourism, active outdoor games, and др. One should consider that, the physical development should not force the child to make sudden and quick charges.

The correct mode of the day.

To avoid posture problems not just of the need to arrange the correct mode of the day (walks, sleep, wakefulness, feeding and др.), but strictly to observe it, making no exception, for example, on the weekends.

Convenient park bathroom.

  • The room should have the quality of light. More lamp must be fitted with an infant and a desk.
  • The height of the table should meet the growth of the child. There are also special tables, which are designed for the correction of the posture of the student.
  • The chair must repeat the curves of the body. The truth, instead of this orthopedic chair, it is possible to delimit a back-level lumbar cushion in addition to the normal chair. The height of the chair should, ideally, be equal to the height of the leg. Use a footrest, if they don't reach to the floor.
  • The child should sit to rotate it based on the back of the chair, and the head slightly наклонялась to the front, and between the body and the table it is easy to spent the palm of the hand at point-blank range. When it sets it is not possible to remove the legs out from under you, because that can cause the distortion of the spinal column and the circulatory system.
  • The crib should be smooth and firm mattress. Thanks to this type of body mass of the child is evenly distributed, and maximize the muscles relax after the vertical position of the trunk for a whole day. Do not let the baby slept in the soft surface. This causes the formation of a wrong curvatures of the spine during sleep. In addition, the soft mattress stimulates согревание the intervertebral disc, which is broken a thermo-regulation. As for the nursery of rest, should be flat and stay exclusively in the head, and not under the shoulders.

Competent to fix shoes.

Correct, accurate and timely selection of shoes for children enables parents to prevent and even correct many problems, such as functional limb, arose due to violations of posture, or the payment for defects stop (club foot and flat feet).

A uniform distribution of loads.

It is well known that in most of the time it is at school age, when children are experiencing rapid bone growth and muscle mass, they, unfortunately, acquire the curvature of the spine. This happens because of the fact that at this age, the vertebral column of the child is not adapted to large loads. Parents should be careful not to overwhelm the child, and when wearing them for the purse, backpack or wallet. Remember that the default weight, which is allowed to raise a child, is 10% of the total weight of the body.

Back to school bag must be smooth and firm, and its width should not be greater than the width of the shoulders. Also, the backpack should not hang below the waist, belt it should be smooth and large, governed by length. It is unacceptable for long time wearing heavy bags of shopping in one of the shoulders, which is particularly important for girls. In this case, the curvature of the vertebral column to them, it may become an unavoidable problem.

With regard to correct transfer of weight, you know that the lean, catch weight and catch it is a huge load on the column, and you can't do that. The correct would be to first sit down with the uniform on your back, then take, over the chest to rise and relate to. And as advice to parents: even if you do not follow this rule, teach him his son.

The formation of a correct posture

Stimulate the growth and develop the muscle, the child can begin with security since her birth. So your growth and strength will be the fastest to develop. For babies a excellent assist in the is a massage (by prescription).

The child at age of 2-3 months, you can start doing exercises for the training of muscular groups responsible for the retention of the body in the correct position. For this, it will be enough using the palms of the hands to raise a child, placing out-of-position "lying" in the "up" position, after a short duration to keep it in the air. At this position, the muscles and the joints of the child will be moving, training with this, all the muscle groups.

After 1.5 years, in the form of a game with the baby can begin to do gymnastics. Together, you can "chop wood", "cat" выгибать the back, "pumping water", walk on a line drawn, as if it were a tightrope, rolling on the floor, go through an obstacle course, and т. п. you Can ask your child to portray the bird: lie face down, "set their wings" (to separate the hands to the sides) and hold by the back of the ankles feet.

The posture of a child is formed before puberty. All this time, the need to track your training. If the child has already arisen a certain violation, before the start of this period, it can be corrected. The child should visit the doctor regularly-an orthopedist, as he was in accounting and pass all the available types of treatment. This can be a therapeutic exercise, swimming, massage, physical therapy, manipulative, as well as surgical treatment (for reads).


For the formation of a correct posture in children, as well as the prevention of its irregularities in the process of training, morning gymnastics, physical culture, and during such times at home and, mainly, in the pre-school institutions, you can use a variety of exercises. Examples of such exercises.

  • The child is in a standing, or walking for бревну.
  • Holding behind the frame, that the child makes the slopes for the sides.
  • Holding a stick, the child stoops, standing on tip-toes.
  • Pulling away from his hands, the child leans back.
  • Putting the legs, and holding a stick, the child, прогнувшись, makes incline to the front.
  • The child lifts the leg up, lying on his back.
  • The child crawls on all fours.
  • The child, while maintaining correct posture, walk, hold any kind of load on your head.
  • The hands of a child holding a piece of wood for the ends and raises his hands up, starts the cock on my back, then switch the inclines to the left and to the right.
  • Using the climbing wall for the children or the Swedish wall, the child, hard, shaking hands in the beam, it flexes the legs at the right angle and stay in that position for a few seconds.
  • Being in position "feet together, hands down", the child rejects the right leg backwards, while raising the hand to the side and paralyzed, and then repeats the exercise with the left leg.
  • Lying on his back, the child with the feet "twists pedals of the bicycle" or depicts the "scissors".
  • Lying face down, the child raises knees bent, curve-if the ankles with the hands and begins to move, how лодочка on the waves.
  • Standing in front of the mirror, the child, alternating, first viola, and then corrects the posture.
  • The child becomes the wall of the five points (the back of the head, the blades, the buttocks, the calves and heel). These points are the main curves of our body to the outside, the standard should get in contact with the wall. After that, it performs various movements, for example, the squat or dilution of the feet and hands to the sides, stretching the muscles, on average, by 5 seconds.


Dear parents, remember, and say to a child "sit down now, of course, need, but this is still not enough. Start worrying about the health of their children still "from the cradle" and be sure to take the time to practice with them. An important point in the formation of a correct posture of the baby is your personal example. Perform the exercise with the child, keep your back flat, and god bless!