Pain in the right side of the back: what to do?

Hurt on the right side of the back with different reasons. It is more common when the disease of organs of breathing, urinary tract path, the circulatory system genital. Only after a careful diagnosis, you can accurately place the diagnosis.

Types of pain in the right side of the back

The unpleasant sensations will be located where the problematic meals. The pain indicates that a pathological process. Sometimes it gives in a particular area of the body. The pain may be different:

  1. cramping pain occur, which has drastically reduced the muscles in hollow organs.
  2. Constant pains appear, when stretched outer coating in the parenchymatous structure.
  3. The growing pain says about the inflammatory process.
  4. Acute dagger says that it was interrupted, some education, was clogged up toilet, suddenly there was a internal bleeding.
  5. Pain-appearances characteristic for the diseases of the spinal cord, the pathology of the nervous system.
  6. Drawing, boring, annoying pain.
  7. A long and a short.

Please note that each pain is very dangerous, she signals that in the body of a serious offence.

When to call an ambulance to relieve pains in the right side of the back?

pain behind the back

In some situations, to get rid of the pain, you need to urgently call an ambulance, to save the man. The ambulance is called, if the person has the characteristics:

  1. The pain is acute and sudden, the long time does not pass, is located on the right side.
  2. Under the ribs, there came a strong pain, the person loses consciousness, he buzzed, it weakens.

Causes of pain in the right side of the back

When it is diagnosed, it is important to pay attention on your character, the location of the pain. To clarify the diagnosis can only the doctor. It is important to consider factors:

  1. Back pain in the center-right, he talks about the severe kidney disease.
  2. The pain in the back, under the blade, right. This symptom is characterized by a neurological disease, he says, that защемлен the nerve. When strong pain in the back, the right under the blade, this means that a person who is serious lung disease, lung cancer, bronchial tubes, pneumonia, pleural effusion.
  3. The pain under the rib cage on the right side characterizes severe hepatic disease or gallbladder disease, the pancreas. When the pain of long duration, necessarily, need to examine the liver. If the pain for a long time does not pass, when you do this, you can occur fever state, vomiting, nausea, tense the belly muscles. it means that man cholecystitis. In such a situation, the pain can give the scapula, shoulder, chest.
  4. Pain in the lower back, to the right indicates pathological process along the spine, intervertebral hernia, problems with мочевыводящей system. To relieve the state is possible only after that the person put the other position.
  5. In the morning the back pain due to muscular dystrophy of any kind, whether the person wrong, picked up the mattress.

The treatment of pain in the right side of the back

It is not possible to immediately consume many medicines, it is necessary to know the opinion of the extinction of the doctor, do not self-medicate. The right hand side are the organs that are important for a full life. To relieve the pain, a need to take a painkiller medicine. The pain will go after what exactly is right.

Please note that the symptoms can point to different diseases. In this situation, it is very important to consult a specialist, it may be time to protect against complications.

Occurs when a strong pain in the right side of the back?

  1. Respiratory diseases of organs during the pneumonia, pleurisy, when a malignant tumor in the bronchus of the lung.
  2. Diseases of the digestive system - the acute холецистите, intestinal colic, appendicitis.
  3. The disease of the urinary tract - hydronephrosis, hematoma retroperitoneal, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, abscess renal.
  4. In case of problems with the spinal cord, the backbone. When the person osteocondrose, intervertebral hernia, spondylosis.

Characteristics of pain in disease of organs of breathing

When pleurisy concerned with acute pain. Гнойная way accompanied by severe pain, faulty breathing. Crises of pain, which are aggravated when the person coughs, moves, speak of a dry pleurisy.

When the lung inflammation in addition to pain markedly increases the temperature of the body, can occur a strong cough, wheezing, severe pain. Pneumothorax is characterized by a sudden pain that occurs in the scope of the scapula.

Characteristics of pain in diseases of the digestive system

The pain is located in the back of your hand, often talks about ostrom холецистите, give the foreleg, tight intercostal space, the shoulder, the scapula. Sometimes strongly the grid in the lumbar region. The attack can last several hours, days. Markedly increases the temperature, worried about the strong vomiting.

Often the pain can characterize the intestinal colic, in this case, you must take But course. It is dangerous when the pain occurs when ostrom appendicitis, it is located on the right side, gives back. The symptom is rare, only when the process appendicular is in the back part of the cecum, it has sizes large swells.

The characteristic of the pain мочевыводящей system

Pain in back right side can talk about the severe kidney disease - abscess, hydronephrosis. The unpleasant sensations may be different, often disturb the pull, stupid, acute pain, they may grow, when надавливают in the lumbar region. When the renal colic, acute pain, also, the symptom points to thrombosis of the renal artery.

Then, the pain in the right side of the back with different reasons. It is necessary to consider that, in addition to diseases of the internal organs, the symptomatology specifies the intervertebral hernia, spondylosis, osteocondrose, crushing of the nerve. Many times the pain-sharp, give to the right at the back. At the time to distinguish the pathology in the spine and disease of the internal organs, it is necessary to pay attention to the other symptoms - pain with movement, stiffness, numbness.

Pain in right side of side of the back

Even if you feel pain on your right side with the side of the back at least once, so this is the first warning about the deterioration of health, which should certainly be alerted. Some organs that are located in the right-hand half of the belly or under the ribs on the right, can give irradiating pull the pain is in the lumbar region.

Pain in right side of back under ribs

Pain under the ribs on the right

Such симптоматикой can get many diseases, because it requires constant vigilance and a serious examination. The urgent need to establish the causes, in order not to lose precious time and speed recovery. List the most common of the disease, which can generate pain impulses in the right-hand side of the back under the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

The character of the pain may give a pathology of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. Special attention should be given strong, cramping pain impulses in the corner подреберье, which will certainly be felt, and in the back.

If it is present the characteristic of semiology, and yes the state of man deteriorates, is joined by nausea, periodic vomiting, thirst, yellowing of eye sclera, so, if you think about the episode of acute cholecystitis or empyema of the gallbladder.

When it hurts the right side, so, sometimes, help to deter similar attack antispasmodic the tool, but to engage with people that not worth. Painkillers take need necessarily, because the pain that is caused has to the intensive nature.

Acute cholecystitis and эмпиема of the gallbladder is very formidable to the state, often leading to death, therefore, should not stop with the call of a doctor in the house.

Subdiaphragmatic abscess

The feeling of pain under the ribs, which are amplified when an infected person coughs, may indicate the formation of sub-diaphragmatic abscess. The pain all of the time increases, it begins to reflect itself in the back joins with the high temperature and the symptoms severe from the body, the well-being of deterioration.

More often than abscessing abdominal cavity occurs after closed, opened, injuries and operational interventions. When refusal of medical emergency can lead to death of the stain of peritonitis.

Breaks of the liver, the spleen

The acute pancreatitis

The liver injury filled with heavy bleeding. When the blood flows under the dome of the diaphragm, it generates the impulse to painful high-intensity. Begins to arise a symptom of "roly-stand-up": a person may not be in the reclined position.

Symptomatic the painting is slowly growing, but even with a slight cough or physical exertion occurs the break of the capsule of the liver, which gives sharp bleeding, painful and hemorrhagic, shock.

The acute pancreatitis

When the disease the pain appears suddenly, is quickly becoming a strap, gives the subscapular back. There is no change in the intensity of the pain impulses to the cough, sneeze, a very deep inspiration.

Quickly joins nausea. After numerous vomiting can occur gain the starting-point of the pain syndrome often goes up the blood pressure.

Pneumonia, lung cancer, pathology pleural

Rotation will reflect the pain impulses originating in pathologies of the lung and pleura. The characteristic symptoms:

  • the elevation of the temperature;
  • redness of one cheek;
  • the gain of pain with a deep breath;
  • отдышка;
  • blue nasolabial triangle.

Chronic diseases

Pain in right side in back - this symptom is typical of many chronic diseases:

  • the gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cancer of the digestive system;
  • ulcer 12 duodenal intestine.

Pain in back right side in the lumbar region

Pain in back right side

On the right side is the anatomical location червеобразного of the kidneys. Is this body if you have an inflammation gives pain, which is reflected in their backs.

The acute episode, when joined: leukocytosis in the blood, nagging pain in the right side of the back, at the bottom, may occur nausea, vomiting, should be immediately to arrange for the delivery of the victim in a brief establishment. Transport to make the maximum sustainable.

When there is suspicion of appendicitis, and still more, if the right side hurts more and more, do not use the heater and painkillers. Replace the heater bubble of ice, and instead of the painkillers that take antispasmodic or eliminate the use of medications in general.

Pain in back right side in the lumbar region

A sore throat and the neck to the sides

The throat can hurt when:

  • pathology of the cervical spine;
  • diseases of the thyroid;
  • мышечном spasm;
  • carotidinia;
  • injuries to the head, neck.

The neck pain caused viral and bacterial defeats, when the tumor processes of different genesis, allergic diseases, low moisture of the air.

  • HIV;
  • gastritis reflux;
  • the muscle tension;
  • the pollution of the air.

Pain in the side of the back at the bottom

A pain may appear as a result of:

  • pathology of the spine;
  • the kidney disease, excretory system;
  • pleurisy different from genesis, pleuropneumonia;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the abdominal cavity;
  • the inflammation of the muscles.

If the pain impulses are felt with the left side, so you need to be suspicious of infarction of the heart muscle, angina.

How to relieve pain in the lumbar region

Pain in back right side in the lumbar region may worsen due to inflammatory processes in those organs, which are anatomically located on the right side of the trunk.

And the nerve endings, it is difficult to distributed and common throughout the body, are able to convey the pain in the right-sided part of the body distant from the foci of disease.

Flashback in anatomy

The spine is conventionally divides the body into two halves: right and left. In our case interesting is the reason of the side. Let's start from the top. Under the skeletal department of the edges works the right lung, behind him is the diaphragm, the liver, the gallbladder.

Below is the kidney along with the ureter. The more wrapped up the intestine and the appendix.

All of this connected to blood vessels, wrapped in nerve endings and covered in muscle tissues, which are hidden under the skin cover. Each of these organs or systems of the body can get sick.

Hence the conclusion: pain from the right in the low back can cause an infinite number of diseases. Diagnose the cause of exclusively симптоматике is impossible, even to a doctor.

Only after passing all of the physical types, рентгенологического the inspection and the delivery of exams, the patient is able to reveal the root of the disease.

This is only the surface of a huge iceberg, created from many thousands of enumeration of serious diseases, which show different types of pain in the lumbar region of the back, to the right.

How to relieve pain in the lumbar region

The neglect signals of the body in the form of pain leads to progress serious forms of diseases that can result lethal.

Even if the symptoms are temporary and are fast, the patient will not prevent you pass a medical exam and to isolate the cause of the malaise.