The back pain in the area of the fins behind

You have pain in the back pain under the ribs? This is a reason to be cautious, because this symptom may indicate many diseases. Therefore, when you see this symptom, it is not worth messing with your health. We will see that this can be caused by, in that you should pay attention to.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand exactly as it appeared the pain is in a context of full physical health, and rest, after heavy physical exertion, food intake, or the cold body.

The most common causes of back pain under the ribs

Pain under the ribs appears when many different diseases systems and human organs. Often it can be the result of a recent injury or post-operative complications. Therefore, to understand the what type of doctor to ask for help, you need to correctly identify what could cause pain caused.

The cause can be:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, gallbladder, liver;
  • enlargement of the spleen, called acute and chronic infections, immune disorders, anemiyami and other diseases;
  • injury to the liver and/or spleen;
  • subdiaphragmatic abscess;
  • disease мочевыводящей of the system;
  • osteocondrose of the spinal column;
  • hematoma retroperitoneal;
  • the pathology of the neuro-endocrine regulation.

Self-diagnosis to aid diagnosis

To reduce a little the list of pathologies that can cause pain under the ribs, it is necessary to have maximum detail from discomfort:

  • Define how they can be more exact location of the starting point of the pain syndrome;
  • Set the exact path irradiation pain – that is, a point at which it extends;
  • To set the strength of the pain;
  • Assess pain – heart attack or persistent, acute or dull, shooting;
  • Possibly, to establish the factors that reinforce the pain – coughing, sneezing, deep breaths, jerky movements;
  • Determine which reduces the intensity of the pain or eliminates it – the heat, the cold, antispasmodics, analgesics, a position of the body;
  • If you have back pain in the region of the ribs, this can be repeated with certain periodicity. You can try to define what is conducive to the emergence of pain – hour of the day, the physical activity, the relationship with food intake.

It should be added that when the back pain under the ribs, an important role during the diagnosis and other signs. This includes the increase of temperature of body, fever, nausea, vomiting.

A careful analysis of sensations in conjunction with monitoring of their characteristics, taking into account the problems previously identified, of diseases and pre-history of the development of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome can help you determine which specialist should be consulted.

In addition, it examined in detail all the characteristics of a painful sensation and describing your physician can significantly help it with direction of accuracy of diagnosis.


Possible diseases

Inconvenient twisting of the body, very drastic change of your status or weight lifting can cause low back pain, which is called lumbago. Many times low back pain is a symptom of that disease, such as sciatica.

When you do this, the pain that is caused different intensity, with a distribution in ягодицу and/or leg. In the case of rods, the cause of the pain can be from hypothermia, or physical activities. And your win more often is related to the change in body position, on the slopes.

In addition, pain in this area of the body can be a characteristic manifestation of neuralgia of inflammatory character. When such a violation, the intensity of pain will increase when deep breathing and movement.

If you are worried with the left margin подреберье

There are many options that can hurt the turn to the left, below the ribs. Typically, this is related to diseases of the respiratory system, disturbances in the work of the kidneys, остеохондрозом, kidney stone disease and other diseases.

Pneumonia in the lower part or middle of the lung, chronic bronchitis. In conjunction with the characteristic signs of respiratory disease – coughing, wheezing, increased temperature, the violation of breathing, you should consult a specialist.

The pain under the rib cage on the left side of the body may indicate renal disease. When acute or chronic, a form of inflammation in the kidney, increases, which causes the elongation of the capsule. In such a situation, the attacks are constant, it is not very strong, the more approximate the feeling of weight in the lumbar region.

Spasms gladkomyshechnoy of the muscles of the urinary tract. In this case, the pain is similar to pain in kidney. She has acute, crisis of character, gives to the groin and genitals. Retracts spazmoliticheskimi drugs and heat.

When osteocondrose of the pain may have a different character. Often patients bothers me a strange feeling after a night's sleep or a long stay of the body in a position. The attacks may be sharp and shooting.

With a deficiency in the functioning of the kidneys, you should seek the doctor when the symptoms of kidney stone disease, often responsible for visiting the surgeon. The treatment of degenerative disc disease are orthopedist and the neurologist.

In rare cases, when the acute myocardial infarction, if the defeat only in the rear-basal departments of the heart muscle, the unpleasant feelings may give in the left pane of the rib. When the myocardial acute painful syndrome is characterized by a feeling of burning, high-intensity and inefficiency of painkillers.

If you are concerned with right подреберье

As is well known, on the right side below the rib, to be the liver. Respectively, most of the issues in this place relate exactly with this body. Therefore, if the back pain on the right side below the ribs – this may indicate an inflammation of the liver, acute or chronic in nature.

In addition to an abnormal functioning of the liver, pain in the подреберье can be a sign of problems in the gallbladder bladder and paths. Especially common to diseases such as the onset of pain after the ingestion of fats and/or bake the food.

If the pain under the ribs on the right side is complemented by symptoms such as bitterness in the mouth, nausea, vomiting is a symptom of pancreatitis, or diseases of the pancreas.

In addition, pain under the ribs on the right may indicate inflammation in the lower departments the right lung, inflammatory bowel disease, or violations in the work with the kidneys.

It is worth mentioning that such a disease known as appendicitis can start exactly with the pain in the area, which gradually moves to the right side of the belly.

Therefore, before you diagnose, for yourself, for this or that disease, it is very important to evaluate the entire set of signals. Carefully, after reviewing all the symptoms, one can understand what is the nature of the attack.

Bearing in mind that, among the above-described state, there is a very serious pathology – must refer to such headaches with a lot of care. After all, the self-medication analgesics only "замаскирует" the problem, but not solve your. So, the best you can do in such cases, – to seek advice from a doctor.

Pain in the right side of the person behind, in the back of


Pain on the right side, проявляющаяся in the back is a symptom, which can point to a range of diseases, including the serious. If the patient fall into the hands of the professional time, this allows you to avoid life-threatening complications and receive appropriate treatment.

When it appears the pain?

Pain on the right side, seen in the back is a symptom of the emergence of what is possible when the following diseases.

Diseases of the respiratory system:

  • pleural effusion ("dry");
  • pneumonia;
  • pneumothorax;
  • cancer of the bronchial tubes, of the lung.

Diseases of the digestive system:

  • colic of the bowel;
  • acute cholecystitis;
  • the appendicitis.

Diseases of the urinary system:

  • zabryushinnaya hematoma;
  • гидронефроз;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • пиелонефрит;
  • abscess of the kidney;
  • renal colic.

Injuries to the spine, the spinal cord:

  • osteocondrose;
  • spondilez;
  • the hernia.

The list of possible diseases, when you are experiencing pain on the right side, behind, quite long. It is worth to pay attention to the nature of pain, other symptoms.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Pain on the right side, showing the back, belong to the number of characteristics of the pathologies of the respiratory system.

Inflammation of the pleura (pleural effusion) is ekssudativnym and dry, in both cases, can manifest themselves with acute pain, when breathing. When purulent form of strong headaches on the right is added to bad breath with the affected side. Dry the report form cutting crises of pain during movement, coughing.

Pulmonary inflammation (правосторонняя pneumonia), accompanied by symptoms such as increased temperature, wheezing in the lungs, cough. The intensity of pain is different.

Spontaneous pneumothorax gives sudden acute pain that is felt in the blade.

Lung cancer, bronchial disease, which are peculiar to the pulling pain in the back, to the right, it is also possible to capture the scapula, right shoulder. The syndrome is activated with the increase of the tumor, in the process of movement, coughing, breathing.

Diseases of the digestive system


The pain, which focuses on the back right side, it may indicate problems related to the digestive system.

Acute cholecystitis – the disease in which the pain is concentrated on the right rib, can give the area above the shoulder, scapula, right shoulder. In some cases, also joins the burning sensation in the back. The length of the heart attack, can last from a few days up to several hours. Additional symptoms – increased temperature, episodes of vomiting.

Acute appendicitis is also capable of causing pain in the back right side. This rare a symptom appears, if appendikulyarnyy part is located behind the cecum, increased in size.

Diseases of the urinary system

Many kidney diseases can cause pain in the back on your right side.

The glomerulonephritis, гидронефроз, kidney abscess, and other pathologies are marked тянущими, obtuse, and acute pain. The pain increases, if the pressure in the lumbar area.

Renal colic gives a sharp pain, this same symptom can indicate a thrombosis of the renal artery.

The problem of the spinal cord in the spinal column

The hernia, osteocondrose, pinched nerve roots, all of these problems can cause strong pain, to the right, on the back. To not confuse the pathology of the vertebral column with other diseases, it is worth exploring the other signs. In the back a feeling of stiffness, painful heart attack increases during the movement, give in the chest, members of the area of the groin. It is also possible the occurrence of numbness, "chills".

Expresses the pain can occur when переломе the shovels, and the ribs on the right. It is activated when an infected person cough, deep inspiration, movement.

How to calculate the "sick of authority"?

Many times people feel pain, концентрирующуюся on the right side to the back, do not represent the which expert search, with the that the body is related to a problem. Of course, the exact diagnosis is able to decide the expert after the completion of the full examination.

However, something about what can count дислокация, the intensity and the nature of the pain attacks:

  • To the right below the blade. Perhaps, the problem is neurological in nature, it is the total crushing of the nerve. Can also be suspected of lung disease: pneumonia, pleural effusion, lung cancer.
  • Under the ribs. Here are the liver and the pancreas, is the gallbladder. Pathology of any of these organs can serve as a source of pain. The long pain, the liver is checked in the first place.
  • To the right, in the central part. Most likely, the problem is related with kidney disease.
  • In the lower part of the back, to the right. The pain of seizures may indicate a pathology and an injury in the spine, herniated. It is also probable failures occur in the urinary system. In the latter situation, the pain has not decreased in any position.

The back pain right side may bother the person in the morning. Likely problems that cause sensations of pain, after waking up, the wrong mattress, muscular dystrophy.

If you need to call an ambulance?

There are diseases that require emergency treatment, in some cases, it is surgical procedure. Many times the life of the patient depends directly on the speed with which assistance is extra-territorial. It is worth to call an ambulance, if appear the symptom such as strong, sudden pain felt in the right side of the back. For more symptoms of weakness, fainting, dizziness.

In any case, can not be self-assigning himself the medication, not passing a medical visit. As a last resort, you can use a painkiller for the workaround for the symptom. However, if you completely get rid of the pain is possible only after the elimination of causes of their emergence.

Most of these chronic problems, and the patient is already accustomed to make any sensation in the back part, explain the worsening of a chronic condition — degenerative disc disease. As a rule, so it will be, however, there are other reasons.