Pain loin – what to do? Why can lower back pain?

Low back pain occurs quite often. The patients say, "I have a pain in the loin", "pinched lumbar", "apparitions in the waist". If the pain inconsiderate, you can say "the bottom part of the back are aching", "pulls on the lower back", "whining loin". Sometimes, the pain is described as a burning sensation in the back.

Lower back called the lower part of the back - where you end the ribs to the coccyx. Perhaps, a single word to refer to the waist took merely to indicate the place where it hurts. After all, if the pain in the back, in most cases, the pain is the loin.

back pain

Which can be chronic low back pain

Often, back pain occurs suddenly, abruptly, and takes them serious. In this case, speak about low back pain (legacy rise to the popular name - appearances). The pain is described as sharp, "shooting". The movement bound, sometimes, even impossible to straighten the back. When any movement, the pain intensifies.

An attack of pain can last a few minutes, and can continue for a considerable time (up to several days). It may be that the attack pass, and the pain is already not going to remember, but often the pain returns and the person becomes accustomed to that the loin can hurt.

Low back pain can be not only an acute (sudden), she can use pulling the character and to be chronic. Off, but constant sensations of low back pain are sometimes aggravated by, for example, during physical exertion, an infectious disease, hypothermia, and t. p., are called lumbar region. Sometimes the pain, but lower back is unless restrained, the patient experiences discomfort.

The causes of low back pain

Low back pain can be caused by several reasons, however, the statistics here is the following:

  • in 90% of cases the pain is caused by a problem with the spine and the muscles of the back;
  • in 6 % the cause of the pain is the kidney disease;
  • 4% - diseases of other internal organs (urinary system, intestinal).

In the part of the spinal column represents the majority of all cases of low back pain, and this is not by chance. A person has the centre of gravity of the body is only at waist level, and during the walk the entire load almost exclusively in the lumbar spine (near animals, walking on four legs, this is not an issue). And when a man goes down, the vertebrae, lumbar and sacral experience the same force of pressure, with which the diver weighs 170-metre layer of water. Of course, that this area is particularly vulnerable.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system that cause pain in the back:

  • crushing of the sciatic nerve. The roots of the nerves that leave the spinal cord, squeezetXia the vertebrae adjacent. When this occurs, as the sharp, shooting pain. As a general rule, is pinched nerve root, it becomes possible due to the degenerative changes in the vertebral column (osteocondrose): intervertebral discs, separate the vertebrae from each other are destroyed, the space between the vertebrae narrow and brusque movement (tilt, rotation) can cause clogging of the division of the branch;
  • sciatica (pain sciatica). The foothold of the roots of the nerves can become inflamed. The inflammation of a nerve root is called ridiculetOhm (from the Latin. .- "label"); to designate inflammation of the sciatic nerve is sometimes used a special name - the sciatica. In injuries of the sciatic nerve can be observed lumboischalgia - back pain, spreading also to the buttock and the leg motion of the sciatic nerve;
  • herniated disc - bulging fragment betweenpsonatnogo disk psonechny channel. Occurs in consequence of injuries or degenerative changes in the spine (degenerative disc disease);
  • miozit of the lumbar muscles. Miozit is an inflammation of the skeletal muscle. The reason miozitand of the lumbar muscles can be hypothermia or pronounced stress.

Also the low back pain can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the degenerative сandкрonилeиt, osteoporosis.

The prevention of back pain

The occurrence of low back pain, often caused by carelessness in relation to their own health. The pain can be caused by:

  • long stay in the same position (for example, sedentary work);
  • incorrect posture;
  • low mobility;
  • excess physical activities.

All of these factors contribute to the development of diseases that manifest with low back pain. The risk of occurrence of pain may reduce to comply with the following tips from the doctors

  • watch out for the posture;
  • avoid postures uncomfortable when you are sitting. Preferably, for the knees were a little above the hip joints. To do this, use a low chair or on a support under the feet. Dig a small pillow between phasniza and the back seat;
  • when sedentary work must stand up to move around. Make every hour, five-minute breaks; how correctly to lift weights
  • sleeping preferably on the optonpeдичeскOhm mattress (elastic and enough disk);
  • lifting weights should be due to a bending knee joints, and not of the back. That is, you should sit down, bending the knees and then straighten them, keeping a straight back;
  • the displacement of the load must be evenly distributed between the two hands, to use all the load on one hand (a heavy bag);
  • every day you should do a set of exercises, aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles and back.

Low back pain with kidney disease

When the low back pain it is important to define what is its cause and pathology of the musculoskeletal system or kidney disease (and also other internal organs). The diagnosis should be the physician. However, there are signs that allow to assume that the pain can be caused by problems in the kidneys or (and) other organs of the urinary system. With the onset of symptoms appropriate directly to the doctor-urologist. Kidney disease or more - of the urinary system), may be suspected, if the lower back pain accompanied by:

  • common deterioration of health (apathy, drowsiness, weakness, fatigue);
  • swelling century, the face. Swelling, especially, expresses in the morning, after waking and falls in the evening;
  • the increase in body temperature, chills, pontливonсtd;
  • loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting;
  • quick or painful urination;
  • the characteristics of the urine (it can become more concentrated color, or vice - colorless, contain mucus or blood);
  • the increase in blood pressure.

It is also an important signal that the lower back pain is caused by a problem of the internal organs, and not of the musculoskeletal system, is its independence of position of the body: from the change of position of the body and its members the pain does not increase and does not decrease. However, along find yourself in the position in foot pathology check the pain may intensify. Has the value and the location of the pain. When the kidney disease, the pain is more likely to occur on one side (since, typically, has only one kidney). Renal, pain may not be limited to phasniza, and she will spread her errors throughout the movement of the ureter, in the groin, outside the sex organs, the internal surface of the thighs.

It hurts the tenderloin: what to do?

Back pain is a symptom of a disease, that requires treatment. Therefore, you should consult your doctor. But in the case of a sudden heart attack, acute pain ("pрonсtрeлand", typical of when ridiculete), first of all, it is necessary to weaken the pain that is caused. Doctors advise:

  • use easy heat. Пonвяжиte in the waist of a wool scarf or wool belt;
  • take a pain killer;
  • you must adopt a posture that allows you to relax the muscles of the back. It is recommended if you lie down on your back, on a flat surface (plate); the feet should be raised and folded in the lap, for them, it is necessary to put a battery blanket or pillow. (On the ground of ir is undesirable, you can divert-draft).

The proposed posture - not a dogma. The patient should feel relief, therefore, are possible and other positions; for example, lying on the table to put his knees bent, holding between them the pillow. You can try to lie on my belly and stretch the legs, ponдлonжив cushion under гonлeнonсtonpныe joints. If the severity of pain was able to withdraw, this does not mean that the doctor is no longer necessary. Without the due treatment of seizures will be repeated, and the general situation - to deteriorate.

It hurts the back of what to do

What is the doctor to deal with a complaint of low back pain?

When back pain is best to consult a doctor-family doctor, because first of all it is necessary to determine the disease of any organ causes pain. Depending on the result of inspection, it may be necessary to the consultation of a specialist doctor. Can be assigned to:

  • the advice of a physician-neurologist - to assess the state of the spinal column, the muscles of the back and nervous system;
  • the advice of a physician-urologist - in case of suspicion of the disease urinary system;
  • the consultation with the doctor the gynecologist - if there is a suspicion or presence of chronic diseases organs female genital system;
  • an analysis of common blood and shared a urinalysis to confirm or delete the character to the inflammatory disease;
  • radiography of the spinal column ;
  • Ultra-sonography of the hip joints ;
  • and other studies.