The pain in the lumbar region

With the lower back pain a sign of almost all. Such diseases, as sciatica, appearances, are frequent causes of temporary disability, especially people involved with the legwork. More often that back pain is related to the changes in the lumbar-sacral department of a vertebral column, which should be taken very seriously. Although the sensation of pain in the lumbar region may be the consequence of congenital anomalies of the spine and its ligamentous apparatus, acute and chronic infection, intoxication, or even a tumor.

The low back pain are sometimes very strong, and sometimes the person transfers quite easy. The fact is that the reactions to pain are individual, the influence of mental age and other factors. In old age the pain when the sciatica pain very strong, although, generally, the perception of pain in people of advanced age loose. And in patients with mental illness, sensitivity to pain is significantly reduced, even in pain sacral pain sciatica.

Pain - the complex adaptive mechanism, is sometimes called "guard dog" of health. Caused by an external agent or problems in the body, it signals danger. After receiving a painful signal, the body includes protection mechanisms against adverse effects. Thanks to the pain of a number of pathological processes are discovered, before you are experiencing any external symptoms of the disease. As soon as the pain plays a positive role: they give to know that it is time to act. If you have low back pain and sacrum, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Record to eastern wisdom: "- Delight, a mild illness, to not have to deal with heavy".

A third of the people infected with low-back pain caused by dystrophic changes in the vertebral column, which lead to the general name of "osteocondrose". Osteocondrose complex changes of the bones and ligaments of the spine due to degeneration of the intervertebral disc. In addition, when osteocondrose of the spinal column can form bone growths - osteophytes, which bother us the back of the nerves and sensitive nerve endings in the spine and its ligaments, causing the stupid aching pain in the back.

The Intervertebral disks represent a biconvex lens, a corresponding small grooves in the surface of the vertebrae. With age the disks lose moisture, blow-dry, they appear cracks, breaks, and cracks. As a result of a bell becomes mobile and can slip with the disk, which will lead to a narrowing of intervertebral holes, and for compressions passing here the spinal nerve root. The vertebrae lumbar more animated and, however experience the maximum load for lifting weights. Therefore, disks, among them are more susceptible to deformation.


Suffering lumbar osteochondrosis experience pain, and the reason for this is not only the mechanical irritation of nerve roots: when the rupture of the membranes and the walls of the intervertebral disk free of irritating substances pain receptors.

In the more advanced stage of the disease, disk bulges, forming the so-called mezhpozvonkovuyu hernia, which usually occurs in people middle-aged and elderly. More often the affected discs of the lumbar spine, as the intervertebral bore between the IV and the V lombaru the vertebrae and between the V lumbar vertebra and the sacrum - the most narrow, and the them of the roots of the nerves - the more massive. mezhpozvonkovaya hernia is very dangerous. And it's not just the fact that it squeezes the nerve roots, causing pain type of pain-sacral rods. It is a huge herniated disc pressure on the spinal cord, which can cause loss of feeling or even paralysis of the legs, and also for the violation of urination.

To herniated lumbar disc are characteristic of the following symptoms: "spacers" - sick when the increase in forced to count with the hands on the knee or a chair, in order to reduce the work load to hit the disk; the "rest" - the inability to lie on the belly, do not place under your pillow; "the landing" - sick, trying to lift something with the floor, not leans, and squats in the squat.

One of the main causes of degenerative disc disease of the spine - infringement of fats, and salt the exchanges of substances. Sometimes, the osteocondrose, occurs as a result of development anomalies of the intervertebral disc, their innate inferiority. The external factors, inappropriate development and aggravation of degenerative disc disease, relate to: high humidity, changes in temperature, drafts; the large and prolonged, the tension in the muscles and the bone, and ligamentous apparatus the lumbar-sacral column; mechanics of injuries and chronic infections.

The most frequent diagnosis in the case of severe back pain - sciatica pain. For a long time it was believed that this disease is infectious. However, the practice shows that patients usually do not increase body temperature, does not increase the number of white blood cells in the blood and in the cerebrospinal fluid. Sciatica pain do not become ill children. It means, in most cases, it is unlikely that the cause of rods can be an infection.

Actually, sciatica is one of the most common manifestations of degenerative disc disease. The pain in the loin-sacred, when the disease can be acute, and obtuse. She, generally, of a side, gives the buttock, posterior surface of the thigh and the outer surface of the tibia. Pain when sciatica, can occur when the change in body position, walking, coughing, sneezing, straining. Sometimes, she combines with the sensations of numbness, tingling, crawling, chills, burning, itching. Increases the sensitivity of the skin, are painful muscle lower back, glutes, legs.

The symptoms of rods quite pronounced. The patient has to change of gait, posture, appear signature moves and posture. While walking, he bends the trunk to the front and to the healthy side of the foot. In the standing position a problem on the bent leg, which reduces the voltage to the trunks of the nerve. The movement of the body in the lumbar spine are limited. On the patient side, the muscles of the back dorsal. When sciatica pain many times of alignment of the spinal column. The patient sits healthy and buttock, throwing the trunk backwards with a tilt on the healthy side of the foot. If he needs to raise the matter with the floor, he squats in the squat or incline the trunk forward, setting in motion when the affected leg. In the prone position a problem in the leg normally folded.

Mild forms of rods practically do not limit the patient's movement. If the disease progresses, the muscle tone decreases, you may receive muscle weakness, patients bother to itching, a feeling of "crawling chills". Lying in bed, suffering hours can't find a comfortable position. They often feel cold, dryness or, vice versa, moisture stop. The skin on the feet of pales or acquires cianótica shadow and fine-tune. But when you see these symptoms you must not put yourself hasty diagnosis of "sciatica". A similar picture give pannikulez - inflammation subcutaneously in the soil of a sharing violation of the adipose tissue, as well as injuries of the joints of the feet.

In addition to recurring rods is very common that the acute form of the disease the lumbar spine, such as lumbago, or appearances. When lumbago if irritate back nerves, and receive a sharp pain. It occurs most often in people occupied with heavy physical work, as a consequence of surge of the lumbar muscles, and a lot of times when hypothermia. But, sometimes, an attack of lumbago may cause acute and chronic infection, it can also be one of the manifestations of the rods. The pain usually cease after a few days, but sometimes last two to three weeks. Until the attack will not let go, the patient is best to save the home.

A special form of lumbago develops, when, after a physical effort heavy happens the tear of beams muscle, tendons or bleeding in the muscles. This type of psoriasis manifests itself contributes to the pain of the back, for the entire length of the spine and an overall feeling of muscle fatigue.

Must emphasize: if you have the loin, this does not mean that impressed with the vertebral column. The cause of lumbar pain can be myositis (inflammatory process) of the lumbar muscles. The disease lasts a long time. Muscle pain is not so strong as when lumbago, boring, annoying. When this muscle sealed, are painful when the feeling and the stretching. In patients with chronic infections and metabolism disorders myositis of the lumbar muscles can be combined with pains in the joints.

It hurts the tenderloin: what to do?

Back pains are so strong, that, without treatment, is indispensable. Regardless of the reason that caused the heart attack, in the early days, you must stay in bed. In the days that followed, as the pain calms down, the patient let go, and, initially, preferably in crutches, to relieve the spinal column. Accommodation accommodation must be tight - thin mattress, a shield of wood.

For the local heating in the area of greatest pain to apply ointments irritants, as well as mustard, or spray adhesive. Bring relief warm scarf wool, electric heater, a bag with the pre-heated sand, the leeches. Well help grinding, such anti-inflammatory and analgesic means. When miositeax help hot compresses.

The analgesic effect have elektroprotsedury: percutaneous elektroanal'geziya, sine-modulated currents, diadynamic currents, electrophoresis with novocaine and other. With the same purpose reflexology (acupuncture, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, laser therapy), and novocain the lock. When sciatica pain, called the displacement of the intervertebral disc, apply traktsionnuyu therapy - traction trunk in the bed or under water. These treatments should be carried out in the hospital environment. Effective balneotherapy - sodium chloride, radon, sulfide, turpentine, bromine bath, naftalan, mud appliques low temperatures.

One of the emerging types of therapy of back pain has become the method of "biofeedback". The principle of justified national prominence physiologist P. To. when you enter the wrong path, still in the 30's of the last century. The method provides for the education management functions of your body. This is his application for the treatment of back pain. Before the patient is placed the task of maximizing the relax the back muscles. The patient sees his own elektromiogrammu, reflects the tension in the muscles, on the screen of the monitor, and, when they shake heavily, you will hear a beep. When relaxation amplitude electromyogram decreases, the sound disappears. In the result of the patient formed the motivation for the decrease in pathological muscle tension. Typically, the results are obtained immediately. To which the patient learned to relax and control the weak muscle, it is necessary to perform five to six sessions. In the future, patients are able to manage the relaxation of the muscles of the back alone.

Of great importance to eliminate the pain and the prevention of crises has wearing outer support devices - orthoses: corset, the corrector posture; reklinatora (a type of corset, reducing the slope), with key, knee, as well as time: an elasticated, time exalts or installer. They all warn that the deformation of the vertebral column improves venous and lymphatic output, give way to thinness. Well, if the composition of the material of which it is made the belt, is included with the wool.

You should only consider that if you do not comply with the doctor's recommendation, the regular wearing orthotics can cause damage. In the first place, using your need of top of the undergarment, to prevent scratches. Much additional tightening orthotics makes it difficult to breathing, digestion and blood circulation in the lower half of your body. If you do not go out with them, nor day, nor night, can atrophy the muscles of the lumbar spine. Orthotics are useful during long periods of sitting, heavy physical load, ride public transport. The rest of the time, it is better to stay without them - the muscles should work. The ideal against back pain have been and continue to be the lessons medical physical exercises. Own muscular "corset" is artificial "support" for the spine unnecessary.

Sometimes, to remove the painful heart attack, patients have to rely on the acquisition of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. When very strong pains are most effective in the form of intramuscular injection. Usually prescribe analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-tool . Anti-inflammatory non-steroid means to abuse her also not worth. Contra-indications to its use are a stomach ulcer and 12-duodenal gut in the acute phase, so-called disturbances in liver function. To avoid complications, it is necessary to take only a reasonable price amenities short courses of 5-7 days, and pre-taking-the taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

In the elderly (above 65 years), hypertension, heart failure, or an ulcer, non-steroidal medicine is best to replace the so-called inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2. These medicines practically do not irritate the gastro-intestinal tract and does not have other side effects. Good to do a course of injection of vitamins, especially the group On.