Back pain: what to do when very strong, scary, pain

Back is called part of the body, that is between the bottom of the back and bottom of the department of neck. Back pain accompanies many diseases. And so common that the number of occurrences in establishments occupy the second place after the DRA.

The common causes of headaches

What to do when back pain? Of course, consult your doctor. The treatment of the back are neurologists, orthopedic, a common practice, manual medical. They analyze the true cause of the disease, to choose a course of treatment. The cause of headaches may be:

  • osteocondrose;
  • spondiloarthrosis;
  • of ankylosing spondylitis ankylosing disease Ankylosing);
  • lumbago;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • pregnancy;
  • congenital and acquired curvature of the spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis;
  • professional factors;
  • long exercise with the tension of the muscles of the back;
  • tumors, metastases in the spinal column;
  • the pain in the back in some diseases of the internal organs.

The main diseases that cause pain in the back can be grouped into several groups: degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory, myofascial, a rare disease. Separately, the pregnancy is considered as a physiological state of the body.

Degenerative diseases of the spine

Osteocondrose and spondiloarthrosis – frequent disease, accompanied by pain in the back. The reason is pathological changes of various structures of the spine. The similarities and differences of honey with two of diseases the following:

The name of the disease Cause pain Causes
Osteocondrose The defeat of the cartilage, intervertebral discs, from the gel of the kernel. Suffer from the body to adjacent ones, with the formation of osteophytes of hernias. The injury, the fall, the physical and the static load, the age.
Spondiloarthrosis or faceted arthropathy Disturbance in the function small (facet) vertebrae, with the formation of bone growths. The renaissance fibrous rings of the intervertebral disc, the pathology of the ligaments. Osteocondrose, bodily injury, physical activity, disorders of the posture and function of the foot.

Sciatica, lumbago, intercostal neuralgia, radicular syndrome is synonymous of a disease. It is the consequence of degenerative disc disease, complicated hernia. Hernia irritate, pinch nerve roots, causing tension and spasm intercostal muscle. As a consequence, appear a strong pain in the lower back, which can give in the foot. Not cured the disease results in paresis. The patient feels a "drag-axis, numbness, decreased sensitivity of the member. The foot is difficult to pick up and straighten. Terrible pains appear while sitting, an attempt to stand up or straighten the affected leg.

If the rotation became ill due to degenerative disc disease or spondylarthrosis, seriously tough involving the treatment. In the initial phase, especially the young, the disease is reversible. Otherwise, you agree duration a chronic with periods of exacerbations and remission. With time, the frequency of exacerbations will increase, and the pain of the back, only increases.

Inflammatory disease

Ankylosing spondylosis

It, however, the disease Ankylosing, – a heavy defeat in the joints of the spine. Has a genetic predisposition. Most affects young maintenance men in the prime of life. Sooner or later, the disease leads to disability. Spondylosis begins with changes in the disks. To the extent that the development of the disease passes to the vertebrae, which securely communicate with the other connective tissue in the property to structure (bamboo stick). The spine is fully enters in a stationary state.


In the morning, you will receive stiffness, dull pain back, you lose the flexibility of the column, immediately contact your doctor. The development of the disease can still pause and prolong the time of physical activity.

The Disease Kümmel-Verneuil

As the disease Ankylosing, refers to a group of nonspecific spondylosis. Only occurs after the injury. The tragedy of the disease is that traumatic pain to go soon. The disease of "stops" for an indefinite time. The victim, believed to be perfectly healthy. The disease unexpectedly manifested necrotic changes of the vertebrae, fractures, frequent relapses, terrible pain.

Of ankylosing spondylitis

Specific and nonspecific inflammation of the spine caused by different reasons. Specific ankylosing spondylitis are called:

  • tuberculosis vertebrae (disease Pott);
  • syphilis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • brucellosis;
  • intestinal, bruchnotifozna wand.

Disease accompanied by the destruction of the vertebral bodies very strong and constant back pain, deformation of the spinal column.

Myofascial pain

The name suggests that the disease reaches the muscle and fascia back. With excessive muscle tension, injury, violation of posture, when osteocondrose in the fascia and muscles are formed the points-trigger. It is dense, painful education in the form of clumps or bands. When the pressure point and massage occur severe pain.

Trigger zone there are assets and liabilities. The active zone is the site of increased sensitivity and excitability of the muscle, the fascia. Dramatically react to the slightest movement of the muscles. Passive areas of pain only appears after pressures.

Internal medicine

Pneumonia, pleurisy cause aching low back pain. Heart disease the pain can get under the knife. The kidney disease accompanied by long pain in the lower part of the back, lumbar. But for somatic illnesses, in addition to headaches in the first place, and defended by other symptoms. For example, pneumonia, pleurisy appears, cough, fever, shortness of breath, and t. d.

Physiological pain

Pregnancy – physiological state of women, the wombtth frequent back pain. In the period of gestation of child in a woman's body falls to the radical hormonal restructuring. Increases the load of all the organs, systems, not excluding the vertebral column. Changes the psycho-emotional state of pregnant women.

pregnant of a girl

Low back pain in early pregnancy, occur when the threat of abortion. They pull, the aching, sometimes schwatcobrasnake. Pain at a later date associated with an increase in the load on the muscles of the back and spinal column. The woman is changing the posture increases lumbar lordosis – the cause of pain pregnant.

When the threat of abortion need immediate medical attention. To reduce the load on the spine, it is recommended wearing dOrodovogo knee brace. This responsible important time of all, even the height of the high heel, it should be small.

Other causes


Benign and malignant tumors, with metastases in the spine when the adenoma of the prostate, bcg disease are the cause of carriedtjeremih terrible headaches in the spine and back.

Osteomyelitis of the spine

It is a rare disease, caused by infection and inflammation of the vertebrae, the microbes: staphylococcus, pseudomonas wand, and streptococcus. Reaches the different departments of vertebral column. More develops in men after 40-50 years. The disease occurs with acute pain, the victim of a department, high temperature, intoxication.

Paget's Disease

Or OStSWdIPtrope, occurs when a violation of the synthesis and recovery of the bone tissue. Appears in the middle of auto-immune diseases, when ankylosing spondileza, after the fracture. It is characterized by fragility and increased ломкOStd the bones of the spinal column.


If the pain in the back, it is necessary to thoroughly examined. First, the doctor examines quickly in the patient. More the diagnosis is based on clinical findings and performance tools.

During the inspection, one discovers the nature of pain, location, time of the appearance of the night, when changing the position of the body during the exercise, in peace, and t. d. it is sensitive to the presence of co-morbidities that can cause pain in the back, – pneumonia, pleurisy, tumors, mental illness, back injury. They are then carried out other studies:

  • biochemical and general blood work;
  • radiography in two or more image planes;
  • Computed tomography of the spine – ct scan;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine – magnetic resonance imaging;
  • the bone scans – obtaining 2-dimensional image after the introduction of radioactive isotopes and other types of research.

The doctor it is better to hurt to know what are the types of diagnosis to do. Sometimes, to find out the cause of the disease, the sufficient x-ray. Sometimes resort to an additional, more informative types of research.

The tactic of treatment

Depending on the type of disease and severity, is chosen as a necessary means of conservative treatment or surgical. Patients with acute pain and severe illness are treated at the hospital, the rest of an outpatient clinic. The operation in the column happen rarely. Preference is given to treatment options, that affects the underlying disease. Pain shows:

  • non-steroidal medicines;
  • synthetic hormones the adrenal glands;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • synovial prosthetics.

Acute pain shoot novocain blockdAMI, injections of hydrocortisone, painkillers. Outside the aggravation shown ointment, massage, therapeutic exercise, visiprisedURS, manual, and reflexology. Gives good results stay in a sanatorium. To temporarily download sick spine, take special fastening for corsets.

The pain is not only a source of unpleasant sensations. In the early period of the disease acts as a protective reaction, suggests that the body is going wrong, and you need to take measures.