About what they say about simultaneous back pain and stomach

Surrounding abdominal pain and back

The man begins to worry about his health in times when the body gives signals of danger. Strong pain in the back and in the stomach can cause a strong concern, as well as to understand the true cause of discomfort.

Surrounding or abdominal pain in the back can be related to different factors, and indicate the presence of diseases of internal organs or the spine.

Often enough, the reason lies in diseases of the stomach. The pain of the ulcer, gastritis or pancreatitis may reflect itself in the region of the back. But, there are back-quotes situation, when the abdominal pain triggered by diseases of the spinal column. A closer look at all of the causes that cause pain in the belly and on the back at the same time.

The causes that cause pain in the belly and on the back at the same time.


The worsening of an ulcer is often accompanied by an acute pain in the stomach and in the back. There are typical symptoms of the plague, referred to in:

  • The belly begins to hurt dramatically, many times, directly after the meal or early in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • Come symptoms of nausea, after vomiting in the mouth is the bitter taste and comes to a drastic improvement of the state (the more exact symptom of ulcers);
  • Nausea, abdominal pain and back is added heartburn;
  • The patient experiences relief, adopting the posture of an embryo, the physical activity exacerbates the condition;
  • The sensation of pain may spread in the chest and the lower part of the belly.

Abdominal pain left, giving on the back and the chest – a reason to not postpone visit to the doctor, with 95% confidence one can speak of a worsening of the ulcer. The specialist will be able to assign therapy, aimed at the resolution of the inflammatory process and relieve the pain threshold of the syndrome.

After trying out the tuning forms of the disease, the patient shows a special diet and medication treatment. The modern medicines, the action that is directionally in the healing of wounds, is quite effective. But, only a correct mode of life and regular check-ups from a doctor to help alert the relapse of the disease.

Perforated ulcer

Strong stomach pains, giving back can indicate a perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer. When the pain how strong a person with the difficulty of dealing with it. The deterioration of the state takes up even trying to do a complete breath.

Location of pain – region of the umbilicus and in the right-hand side, the time extends to the whole stomach. In some cases, it may occur pain in the right shoulder and collarbone.

Another characteristic symptom perforated ulcer – accentuated the muscle tone of the abdomen, the belly becomes firm. In the idle state, the tone does not decrease significantly.

How to distinguish the worsening of an ulcer perforated ulcers:

  • In the first case, the point of attack begins with the ingestion of food, and the second after the meal, comes the some relief;
  • After the "acid" of vomiting in the case, comes the complete relief, and when perforated the case of an improvement in the condition of little.

The only way to cure perforated ulcers – the surgery emergency. Therefore, with the manifestation of signs of disease it is worth to consult a doctor immediately. Than previously, it will start the treatment, the greater the chance of full recovery.

The acute pancreatitis

The acute pancreatitis

Pains in the abdomen and in the back of the right, may indicate inflammation of the pancreas. When back pain is acute, express, and the feeling of the stomach – painful, arching.

The acute pancreatitis the pain may be reflected on the blades, the lower back, the area of the heart. On the distribution of the effect, which is the plot of the pancreas inflamed.

When painful feelings are added attacks of vomiting, do not bring the long-awaited facilitate, the probability that this is the reason in the episode of pancreatitis, increases.

Other symptoms of pancreatitis:

  • Belching;
  • Long hiccup;
  • Feeling of dryness in the mouth;
  • Difficulty in breathing;
  • The increase of the temperature of the body;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • Paleness;
  • Tachycardia.

When the chronic form of the disease can be a violation of the functions of the gallbladder and the manifestation of signs of jaundice. Treatment of inflammation of the pancreas is to ease the patient's status and the notice of the occurrence of complications. Pancreatitis applies to incurable disease.

Colic liver

Acute pain in the stomach, giving on the back and on the right-hand side can be a symptom of colic of the liver.

Colic liver

The discomfort manifests itself suddenly, and the attack can last from a few days to several hours. Independent attempt to improve the state through the ingestion of drugs to the gastrointestinal and analgesics that have a low efficiency. The pain may spread in the region of the scapula, the clavicle, the neck. Is enhanced when on the move.

Other symptoms of colic liver:

  • The frequent stabbing pains painful vomiting;
  • Sweating, chills, bleaching of the skin covering;
  • Acute, wavy pain in the hypochondrium;
  • The swelling, the muscle tone abdominal, pain during palpation or click on the lower ribs;
  • The change in colour of urine and faeces.

With the manifestation of signs, pointing to a colic of the liver, you should immediately contact your doctor. Is not valid in the reception of medicines without the prescription of a specialist. After the onset of symptoms of colic patients is not recommended to drink water or eat food.


The dull pain in his belly, giving back can be a symptom of gastritis acute. The power of pain depends on the stage of the disease – if the inflammatory process does not develop in the stomach, but also of other organs of the digestive tract, the pain can be very intense.

The complexity of the diagnosis, when the gastritis is that its symptoms are similar to the outline of the degenerative disc disease. And the location of the pain is the same. Therefore, if you have stomach pains and on the back must abandon the self-diagnosis and consult a specialist.

In spite of the similarity of the symptoms of degenerative disc disease and gastritis, there are differences:

Osteocondrose Gastritis
The pain intensifies during the exercise The pain intensifies after the consumption of foods
In the idle state, the state of improvement Even in the state of rest, observed the muscle tone abdominal
The character of the pain – acute, throbbing The character of the pain – annoying, irritating

The treatment of gastritis is based on the reception of medicines and a strict diet. To fully cure this disease is not possible, but here is to achieve a state of reception of the remission is likely.

Myocardial infarction

Pain in the lower belly and back, to the left, occur when a violation of the heart, in particular, acute myocardial infarction. If in addition to pain in humans can occur palpitations, loss of consciousness and drop in blood pressure, which requires immediate hospitalization.

The cunning of myocardial infarction is that its initial symptoms completely match the many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

And if the person has a problem of diseases of the digestive tract, it can charge the emergence of pain in your aggravation. Confused really very simple, but this kind of error can cost a life. Therefore, when you receive pain in your left side of the belly and of the back, accompanied by the increase of pulse or loss of consciousness, it is always necessary to consult a doctor immediately.



Sharp pain in right side of stomach and back can indicate inflammation vermiform kidneys cecum. Typically, the discomfort becomes manifest after 4 to 6 hours after a dinner or the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

In addition to pain on the right side of the abdomen, which extends in the back and the hand, manifest and other symptoms:

  • The increase of the temperature of the body;
  • Chills;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Increase in heart rate.

In some cases, it is possible to remove the inflammation of the appendix the doctor, and some require emergency care and operation. In any case, when there is suspicion for an inflammatory process it is necessary to consult a doctor. Overflow from the part calls rapidly progressing peritonitis, which can cause a blood infection and death.

Pain in the lower abdomen and back in women

The cause of the occurrence in women concurrent pain in the stomach and in the back can be:

  1. In the period pre-menstrual disease;
  2. The curvature of the uterus;
  3. Fibroids;
  4. Adnexitis (salpingoophoritis);
  5. Endometriosis;
  6. Move suddenly on the legs of the cysts;
  7. Ectopic pregnancy;
  8. Difference ovarian;
  9. The threat of abortion;

Complications in pregnancy

Pain in the lower abdomen and back, and in women during pregnancy point to the development of complications – detachment of the placenta, the increased tone of the uterus, to change the state of the fruit, and more.

This symptomatology may indicate a danger not only to the fetus, but also for the life of the mother, therefore, should immediately go to an appointment at the gynecologist and to pass the exams.

Variant, when the pain in the belly and on the back in women in early pregnancy occurs because the fetal egg has not reached the uterus, and settled in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy – is a rate for an emergency surgery. When the subsequent identification of possible serious consequences to your health or lethal.

Diseases of the organs of the urinary system

The pain in the back and in the lower part of the abdomen can indicate an inflammation of the bladder, appendices, or cutting the infection in the pelvic organs. Many times painful sensation accompanied by frequent urination, burning, the emergence of secretion, increase of body temperature.

The therapy may be selected only after making the diagnosis, so the appeal to specialists as necessary.

Pain in the lower part of the belly and the back in men may indicate prostatitis, groin hernia or infection of urinary tract.

Because the same signals have pathology, requiring immediate treatment, such as, for example, appendicitis, it is not recommended that self-medicate. Timely visit to a specialist will facilitate the state and to avoid complications. If there is no possibility of causing the ambulance, then it can be a little painful to pull off the attack, taking the dose antispasmodic and go on a health-care unit of your course.

Obstruction of the intestine

Excruciating abdominal pain, reflected on the back and, less frequently, the groin, may indicate a bowel obstruction. Other symptoms of the pathology:

  • Cramps, spasms;
  • The increase of the temperature of the body;
  • Nausea, vomiting – vomit mass of foamy, have a smell of feces. Thus, they may be present stool;
  • Cal lean, subtle, or completely absent for a few days.

Intestinal obstruction is treated exclusively surgically. The cause of the pathology may be adhesions after previous operations, gastrointestinal diseases, tumors, metastases and other phenomena.

The pain in the back and abdomen of the baby

The pain in the back and abdomen of the baby

The feeling of the pain of the child, which does not have a particular location, can be associated with the conventional muscle stretching, indigestion, stomach or serious health problems. It is unacceptable for the attachment of the heater, the reception of medicines and other methods of self-medication – only the medical examination and complete diagnosis will help to establish the true cause of the pain.

Not worth the wait for the manifestation of other symptoms or a deterioration of the state – a simple visit to the pediatrician will help maintain the health of the baby.

To summarize,

Reasons for a sore belly and back, simultaneously, infinitely. It may be trite to stretch the muscles, not taking the risk of life and health, and the rupture of the appendix, the threat of sepsis. Picking up the self-medication, the person runs the risk to aggravate the breakout of the disease or even to part with life.

Identify the source of the pain is able to doctor. Physical examination, diagnostic tests and activities will not take much time and effort, but it will help you to find the answers to all the questions. Timely diagnose and competent therapy is essential for good health and well-being.