Exercises for the direct retrieval of posture

The man with a straight back attracts admiring glances in any company. Exercises for posture at home can help any person can become the same. The lessons do not require large financial costs and tiring work. The secret of correct posture lies only in his desire to achieve perfection.


Poor posture can be the consequence of hereditary diseases or injuries to the spinal column. But it is more likely that the cause of the pathology found in a wrong position of the back during the work, sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. The group most at risk are pupils, students, staff, knowledge workers, seamstresses, drivers professional.

Pros and correct posture of your verification method

Benefits of correct posture are evident. The straight line of the back, shoulders and neck perfectly, it looks aesthetically. She not only speaks about the physical health of the person, but also about their discipline, ability to work on yourself, respect yourself and others. Companion lisa's posture is "real" gear. Optimal spin, which gives self-confidence and brings in more competitive advantages.

Искривленная the back and when hanging belly say about the laziness, or complete indifference to the world. It is not only ugly it looks, but it is dangerous to the health. Even a small curvature of the spine can cause:

  • for the dangerous pathologies of the internal organs;
  • violation of breathing;
  • slowing down of blood flow to the extremities;
  • hypoxia of the tissues of the brain;
  • under the nerve endings.

Correct posture is characterized directly by the position of a body in a vertical plane. The shoulders are at the same level of height, slightly deployed and left out. The chest and the back may be issued to the front. A person can, without problems, to straighten up the knees, not harboring discomfort. When the intelligence together, they should be absolutely straight, and knees, heel and hip — to enter into contact with each other.

To verify the regularity of posture there is a very simple method. Must touch the back wall and totally no wise lift up herself. The doors should be kept together, the hands go down along his body. The head is also pushed to the back of the surface, view to front.

Someone near, you should place the hand between the wall and the bottom of the back. If the palm of the hand passes freely, means the correct posture. Otherwise, you can occur the curvature of the spine. Loose, the abdominal muscles sway back to back, not allowing her any way to straighten.

Lessons for beginners

Corrects posture begins with the execution of the exercises easier. To begin with, it is necessary to learn the correct way to sit with your back straight. The loading can be carried out directly in front of a computer, to develop the habit of:

  1. We sat in the front, the blades together, chin tilted to his chest. Such a position must hold at least 30 seconds.
  2. With straight backs we perform the movements with the hands, as if to swim crawl.
  3. The slope to the front, hugging the ankles with the hands.

To correct the wrong position of the vertebral column as well suited for exercises with the objects and materials at hand. One of them is performed with the help of several books. They must put on the head and go to the opposite side of the wall. The books should not fall. To complicate the exercise, you can look like a ladder.

Correct posture trains, if the pass hands behind his back, of different items. Therefore, the well-developed shoulder and joints in the lumbar region. Initially, the transmission is made with the left hand on the right shoulder, then the side changes. This movement needs to repeat 15 to 20 times.


Another exercise is carried out on foot. We raised the maximum in the front, pulling my head up. With the feet together, the hands are along the body. The inhalation in no wise lift up on the rope, and at expiration, the slope, making the lower back round. We make the emphasis on the breath. Repeat 10 to 15 times.


The prevention of diseases back and restore the correct position of the spine in the early stages of scoliosis effectively performed with the yoga. The followers of this doctrine assert that the person is young and healthy, until they fold their spine.

Consider 3 of the most suitable asana to relax the muscles of the back and relieve pain:

  1. The "cat". Simple and a very useful exercise. To correctly align the posture, it is recommended to study your photo. The initial position of the body — on all fours. The inhalation is done in a deep depression, at expiration, the spin is round. We do daily 15 to 20 times.
  2. Lie with the face down, the knee is drawn to the chin, the other leg is pulled out to set his finger long ago. The forehead and the palms of the hands touch the ground. The exercise is repeated several times on each side.
  3. Sitting on your lap, lift the hand. Buttocks fall on the heel, and hands pulls to the front, sliding over the ground. In this position, you should relax for a few tens of seconds.

It is ideal for the correction of posture the following structure:

  1. Let's go to the back and pull your knees to your chest with your hands. Push the hip to the abdomen and powerful, exhale. Relax, listening to your breath.
  2. Initial position — lying on his back, feet in the width of the hips. While exhaling slowly, extend the hands behind the head and, supported on the shoulders, lift the pelvis and hips as high as possible.
  3. At expiration, omit the thigh and push the feet to the chest. Fully exhale the air.
  4. Inhalation of hands go behind, on foot you have to lift at the right angle. Выдохнув, again press the knees to the chest.

This load is well trained spine through a relaxation of the belt strap. Exercises for posture beautiful are performed by 8 times.

Relieve back pain and remove the clamps will help you with this complex:

  1. Initial position — lying face down, with the forearm both hands in front of you. The left leg is bent in knee, the same name with the hand, you should pick up in the rear by a foot.
  2. Прогнувшись back to back, simultaneously вытягиваем leg. Putting the left hand forward. We maintain this position of 6 cycles of breathing, and then repeat the exercise for the other side.
  3. Hands to tighten bracelet back of the ankle on both feet. Tearing of the floor chest and, to mix the shovels, and the customers as strong as possible. Lightly swing forward and backward in the rhythm of the breath. To maintain the posture for 8 breaths-выдохов. Then, the two times we repeat border.
  4. Lying on his back, in the press of the knees and hips to the chest. You can float one side to the other, removing the clips with the muscles. Pinch bracelet right knee with the right hand and the left — left. Slowly вращаем 3 times in a clockwise direction, and both — in the opposite direction.

Japanese method

It is a very interesting way of correction of posture in adults developed by japanese doctor Fukutsuji. It is based on the return to the spine it anatomically correct position. Specialist japanese states that, for the direct acquisition of position only 5 minutes per day. The exercise is done with a roll of towels.

As a result of daily activities the man learns to keep the back smooth as sitting, and during movement. The spinal column is corrected, the gait gaining confidence. In addition, noticeably facilitates breathing, improves sleep, psyche.


The technique Fukutsuji provides for the realization of the following procedures:

  • sit on the carpet, aligning the feet and the lower part of the back;
  • lie on your back, placing the cushion at exactly the level of the umbilicus;
  • feet to push about 25 cm, with the thumbs touching each other, while the heel turned to the side;
  • the hands are behind the head with the palms of the hands down and мизинцы contact;
  • to be in such a position for 5 minutes.

When you are in pain all the time of the lesson, it must be cut off, and then gradually increase.

Exercises with the stick

This type of fitness is ideal for everyone, but is especially popular among women. Classes with a shield lead in toning the muscles of the back, take off the clamps and align the posture. Start with small loads, gradually increasing.

To the practice of using the rod with length of 120 см. the size allows you to carry out the exercises in all positions: sitting, standing, and lying down. Each movement is repeated 10 to 20 times, depending on the level of training of the man.

Here are the most popular of the year:

  1. From a standing position the hands removed, keeping the projectile from a wide хватом. Stick spinning in different directions, to twist members.
  2. Keep the projectile vertically, through him, perform swing movements with the foot.
  3. The retention of balance on one leg. Stick when it is placed on the other. The posture is maintained a few seconds, and the feet are changing.
  4. Jumping on one leg by a projectile, mounted parallel to the ground.
  5. Starting position — on your lap. Stick raise both hands and draw the vulnerability of a circle. Movements perform only the trunk.
  6. In the upright position and holding the stick behind the head, made you tilt to the front. Another option of exercises — with a shield, опущенным behind their backs.
  7. With a focus on the stick that stretches the hands are made to swing up and down.
  8. Let's go to the back and keep the projectile to the front, so that it extends the hands. Feet to bend and pass under the stick.
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Can't do all the exercises at once. Therefore, it should develop gradually, moving from the simple to the complex.

Exercises on the horizontal bar

This projectile is able to bring great benefits to the formation of a posture beautiful. Today, there is a climbing wall for children in any park, in many backyards, and any person can install it in your home. Typically, such occupations are addicted to men, but the basic exercises are very helpful and the girls.

The main exercise for the back is normal vis on the lintel of the door. Through such exercises posture aligned, and the load on the column is reduced. It is advisable to sleep of 1 minute to several times a day, as much as possible, relaxing the muscles. Thus the intervertebral disks necessarily fit in with the place.

In case of need, the exercise may complicate matters, раскачивая feet and trunk. The other option is to simulate walking, doing by combining the movements of the lower limbs. When the osteocondrose it is recommended the suspension cross-legged on the щиколотках. But in this case, before the classes, you should consult your doctor.

For strengthening the muscular corset and the direct training of the back, it is recommended to do push-ups. It is important to perform the movement without problems, synchronizing it with the breath. Grip should be firm, thumb side. The elbows preferably to keep in parallel to each other.

Thus, each one can choose the exercises according to the level of training and your own taste. However, before you start the class you should familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications and consult a doctor.