Can be found around the inflammatory bowel disease

The human body – a complex organization. The disease of an organ can lead to a pain of other. That goes for the gut. It occupies a large part of the abdominal cavity. Her illness have an impact on the whole body. Thus, it can be found around the gut? Maybe.

Can be found around the inflammatory bowel disease

The mechanism of pain

The cause of the intestinal disease may be an infection, and it parasites, for example, intestinal worms. May fail because of malignant and benign tumors, disorders of the endocrine system and other things. Sometimes, a violation of work caused by hereditary causes. Example – the lack of any enzyme.

The gut occupies a large part of the space in the abdominal cavity of man. Usually, the affected area of the intestine expansion in size. That is why it puts pressure on other organs, including the spine.

Very impact and increase the load on it causes the functioning of the spine and ruptures of the musculoskeletal system. The same goes for the aches and pains from the affected area moved to other parts of the intestine and of the digestive tract in general. They are sent in your spinal column, leading to the appearance of back pain.

What is the danger?

Inflammation and other reasons lead to the ulcer of the intestine and peritonitis – violation of the integrity of the sheath of the affected area. If the bowel is damaged, the abdominal cavity of the man reaches the intestinal contents (food remains, which do not digest, hydrochloric acid, enzymes). The abdominal cavity of them are not protected. There begins the purulent inflammation. It results in damage to the internal organs and is common, infection of the blood of the body. If time does not reveal your, the time of death.

In addition, disorder of the bowel and back pain can talk about the patients disease. For example, colon cancer.

What is the danger

Other causes of back pain

However, the pain can be caused by other causes. Need to sort out the symptoms. For a clear find necessary that they are all analyzed. Sometimes, they resonate with each other and can talk about different types of diseases. Need solution of general problems of the organism. Therefore, when any pain, you should consult your doctor. Only he is able to provide a clear diagnosis. Zapuskaniya the disease can lead to serious consequences and death.

The disease, which can twist the loin may be different. This can be an inflammation of the appendix, inguinal hernia, intervertebral hernia, kidney disease, prostatitis, infection, osteocondrose and others.

For women in order to menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual syndrome, diseases related with the violation of hormonal, damage to reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy. Each one of them your symptoms. If you self medicate, you can put a wrong diagnosis, and, instead of reasons to fight against its consequence. For example, if you have an inflammation of appendicitis involve the treatment of the back, allowing the cm and the heating, you can run the disease and get peritonitis.

There were cases, when the patients of pain in the column, it was suspected of disturbance of the digestive tract and would heal me. Timely contact your doctor allowed us to identify osteocondrose. In other cases, the persons, making self-medicate, leave of patients who suffer from a disease of the intestine. A total of a kind of self-medication and the mania of the people of medicine may bring irreversible damage to health.

Location of the pain

Location of the pain

The location of the back pain can talk about any disease. For diseases related to the stomach is going to ache next to it the upper part of the waist. In addition, there will be dyspeptic disorder. There is going to hurt, and to the disturbance of the pancreas. The pain will be accompanied by an increase of body temperature, swelling, pain in the lower part of the chest and abdomen.

Diseases in the kidneys, pain in the back and will focus around them — in the middle and lower lumbar spine. In addition, to increase the frequency of urination.

The process can accompany the rubber bumpers, that are caused by movement renal the stones and salts, their allocation to these causes, and pain due to the intestine can easily be distinguished from the rods. In this case, the defeat is exposed the spinal cord of man. The symptoms will only play in the musculoskeletal system. They will manifest themselves in places that are related with it. It is worth considering that sciatica can manifest itself in a coupe with other diseases. This can create a completely different look and feel of the disease.

As it hurts the gut

The bowel is located in the abdominal cavity. In the first place, the pain should appear there. The bowel is divided into two parts, perform a variety of functions, thin, and large intestine. The intestinal symptoms, headaches depend on which of them was wounded. Several different diseases, the impact on pain in the spinal column.

As it hurts the gut

Starting here, the disease of the bowels will influence other parts of the body. The difficulty is that, in the early stages of the disease to note difficult. It can be taken for mild discomfort. For example, due to an excessive acceptance of food or alcohol. With the development starts to feel the pain as in the intestine and in other organs. They may be different in character:

  • Cramps;
  • Aching;
  • Pull;
  • Sewing;
  • Bites.

The disease can be accompanied by a lack of a chair or an increase of its frequency, nausea and vomiting, changes in diarrhea and constipation and t. p. diseases of intestine pain are concentrated in the affected area of the intestine. When you post the structure of the intestine, which can cover the entire area of the abdominal cavity, and reflect on both sides of the body. If the phase of the injury is small, the pain will be there. This is the cause of the difficulty of diagnosis.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diseases of the back need urgent treatment to the doctor. In such cases, they can assist the gastroenterologist, the proctologist or oncologist. The direction it emits a therapist after the surface inspection of the patient. Must be assigned to a series of tests. After them will be obtained from the global picture of the state of health of the organism.

Diagnosis of the disease

The analyses include x-ray, ultra-sound, computers, and mri scans, urine testing, and blood, endocrine system. It is common for the diagnosis of an organism, in which the search exposed to all the possible causes of back pain. Whatever the disease, it if manifest. Your doctor can do that. According to the results of a particular diagnosis and is assigned to a course of treatment.