Pulling pain in the legs and back

This type of pain interferes not only live, but even to walk. How is that pain irritation, appeared on his back, is able to penetrate into the leg and lead to lameness? While the source is far above, we feel its effect on so great a distance: pain in the back, but you were born to me and drag your feet. As the pain in the back gives you in the foot?

foot massage

Causes screaming pain in the legs can be arteiro, osteocondrose, hernia, tumors, and stress

This happens thanks to nervous reflex nature of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome, its ability to spread throughout the entire length of the nerve that exits the spinal cord. If this nerve where it irritates, occurs remote from the counter reaction.

One of the possible causes of leg pain can be an inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Pain sacral department is plexus of nerve fibres, which came out of the vertebrae l4, L5 and S1 — S3. This plexus is called the sciatic nerve ganglion. Leaving the muscle in a pear shape, it is, literally, the crossroads on the thighs and ankle muscles and the joints, being the most powerful and long nerve in the human body.

The inflammation of the sciatic nerve suffers so in the lower limbs. The pain, which appeared in the back, and is given in feet, called lumbosciatica. Usually suffers (pain or pulling) a foot, on the side of a nerve, but sometimes in two-way reaction, in which both feet hurting.

The pain is not limited to, patient and pursue other sensations:

  • The feet kolyat, you lose the sensitivity, pulled, or numb

If the nerve is struck at the level of the sacrum, taking advantage of the gluteal muscles and thighs, pain that is caused of the sacrum and the walk called the domestic.

Many times, people share the pain in the back and the foot in two different categories and not see the underlying cause. "I have a pain in right knee, numb foot. I can't step on the walk and go up stairs", — to describe in detail they the status of its members, forgetting about the pain in the back, that this whole preceded it. I ask also to the "incompetence" of the doctors, that, instead of treating osteoarthritis of the knee joint, suddenly, start to involve the vertebral column.

But it is the spine of its complex nervous system, muscle-ligament and the vascular system is the original cause of the sciatica pain.

By hurt, pulled, and feet

  1. The Normal current of air may be the cause of low back pain the lumbar spine, give in the foot. The same effects can result in a seat on the cold surface swimming in cold water, and similar reasons. They can unite under the term "hypothermia"
  2. Osteocondrose — dystrophic degenerative process pain sacral department periodically leads to acute pain of the head, giving in limbo. The reason — the deformation of the disk, touch nerve fibers, and cause its inflammation
  3. Education boss and the intervertebral hernia can cause pain that is caused far greater intensity, when this occurs, a tightening of the nerve. Point impulse extends on an area of the nerve supply with the speed of the current. Interestingly, the sensation in the affected side, also, symptoms similar to defeat weak electric shock: Tingling sensation, burning sensation, crawling chills, feeling cold. These symptoms are called paresthesia. If the legs do not hurt, but just for you was born for me, then this can mean that, due to long term compression of the nerve fibres, they began to atrophic processes
  4. Other diseases (ankylosing, spondiloarthrosis, spondylolisthesis), lead to the restriction of mobility, and stagnant phenomena in the bone, tissues, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, which stimulates inflammatory processes
  5. Tumors of the spine and tuberculosis can also cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve and the feeling that pull, and means on the members
  6. Stress is not an innocuous phenomenon and never goes unnoticed, especially where there are involved the nerves

Classification of the starting point of the pain syndrome of the back and legs

the pain-of-giving-in-ft.

In its rise to all sorts of aches and pains in the back, giving in limbo, can be set arbitrarily in three main groups:

  1. The first group is related with neuroreflex nature of the starting point of the pain syndrome and pathological processes of the spinal column.

    Here you can place all of the MDC, degenerative-dystrophic processes), reason by which are violated all of the metabolic processes of the tissues and their power, and also the infectious, inflammatory diseases and dysplasia congenital of the spinal column. The threat to the nerve fibers here double:

    • They are a direct mechanical abrasion of the side links of the spine
    • Dystrophic changes begin to occur in the very fibre of nerve
  2. The second group is related to the muscle dysfunction in the legs or back. The reasons of their time, are different. This is:
    • The scoliosis of the vertebral column, to which is resistant to asymmetry of the muscle groups situated on both sides of the bow
    • The increase in the load on the muscles right as a result of posture problems or a physical surge
    • Muscle myositis caused hypothermia, infectious processes, or defects of pathologies
    • The pain in the legs often occurs for the fairly banal reason, to walk of high heels, the Cause of the pain in the legs can become inconvenient high heel shoes
  3. Autonomic dysfunction — the third type of source of pain sciatica

    Vegetative-visceral violation is a huge symptom, which includes all of the violations in the work of the internal organs and body systems related to difficulties regulating the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

    The autonomic system is closely related to the central principle of direct and feedback:

    • Failures in the CNS, sites of damage to spinal nerves and fibres generate interrupts in the ANS
    • Vegetative violations, which include response the nerve in the CNS, including in the area of the nerve supply of which they are

    Many times the problem with the feet can occur when vegetative cardiovascular violations in the region lumbar-sacral department of a back. The bad supply of blood can cause an armbar sit in the back and limbs, muscular dystrophy of the legs.

Summarizing what has been said above, we can conclude:

Know, hurt, pulled, and legs numb because of the pain, starting in the back, is possible only after a careful diagnosis:

  • Data of anamnesis
  • Radiology computer and magnetic resonance resonance search of the vertebral column
  • Angiography of the blood vessels
  • Research laboratory and t. d.

The treatment of pain in the back and in the legs

The treatment should be entirely adequate grounds for disease.

construction-the nerve
  1. If the pain caused drift of the MDC, is this:
    • Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
    • Traction methods (stretching of the spine using turbines of devices)
    • The chiropractic and acupuncture
    • The application of currents of low frequency, is the magnetic therapy, and other hardware techniques of physiotherapy
    • Exercises physical education medical
  2. When the muscle dysfunction caused by scoliosis, in addition, apply:
    • Special corrective exercises
    • Wearing corsets
  3. The treatment for myositis is successfully in progress:
    • Irritating ointments (if miozit is not called the infection)
    • Massage, physical therapy
    • In some cases it may be necessary to the therapy
  4. When VEGAtososdIPtOh dystonia prescribe the full treatment:
    • Vasodilators tools
    • Angioprotectors
    • Vitamins and stimulating exchange processes
    • Sedatives and smooth tools

The treatment reflecting the pain is always a process of long duration, as they typically occur when chronic SaaStareleh diseases, as reflected in the human nervous system

Therefore, if the patient is spin, try to determine the cause of the pain and start the treatment without waiting for the time when they begin to hurt, NEMAtü or pull your feet.

If the pain in the back gives the rhythm, in the first place, they think about low back pain (sciatica) or RAdecolite. Especially if the numb toes, and the foot ноet. The more often that happens. And few people remember that this symptomatology may be and other diseases, such as, for example, the acute аппeнdircte.

the pain-in-feet-and-back


  1. The most common reason is a pathology of the vertebral column (osteocondrose, scoliosis, sciatica, sciatica, and intervertebral disc herniation, ankylosing, spondylolisthesis, and other degenerative diseases, and character, and also picttRAвмаtandчewithкande complications of a tumor and infection in the process);
  2. Pathology of organs in the lower departments of stomach (urolitíase, cystitis, withалüпandнгоофорandt, adhesive process of inguinal hernia, appendicitis and other).

Important: On rare diseases, the result described in the syndrome, should not forget.

The pathology of the osteo-muscular structures

Pain caused lumbar spine, associated with disease of the spine, and spreads over the lower limb, called lumbosciatica.

When degenerativasm process in the lumbar region of the spinal column, the pain most frequently develops due to compression of a nerve root and gives a lower limb on the main nerve lumbar-plexus sacral — sciatic ganglion, which is divided into peroneal and tibial. The last gives in atdколeннOh fovea the early nerves of the leg.

Withdавлeнande nerve roots occurs with destruction of the intervertebral cartilage in the background degenerative-dIPtрофandчewithкandх reactions. When this decreases the distance between the adjacent ones and, consequently, become less holes for the root of the spinal nerve. When intervertebral hernia they irritate directly the protrusion hernia, when the tumors by pathological tissues, neoplasms, when withatнdandлeзe — KOst, growths, which are called OSteофandtAMI.

In the midst of a disease process always develops an inflammatory reaction in the form of edema and changes in the function of surrounding tissues, worsening the circulation of blood in the affected area, угнetAyutXia normal metabolic processes. And the consequent increase of the muscle tonus in the area of the nerve supply strangulated nerve root, which leads to the increase of the pain threshold of the syndrome.

The development of changes in the spinal column, usually marked with the order of processes оKOsteнeнandя of approximately 25 years and is considered the physiologic normal of the phenomenon. Is early aging bone and cartilage structures, you can pause, to respect the principles of proper nutrition and strengthen the back muscles with specific exercises.

A different character starting point of the pain syndrome

Diseases of the spinal column manifested in the following types of sciatica:

  • Injuries to muscle-tонandчewithкая — expresses-strong accentuated by a spasm, when this develops компeнwithаtорноe the curvature of the spine, of the movement for the lumbar spine is limited;
  • Vegetative-vascular — pain caused burning character, accompanied by a feeling of numbness in the area of the foot, can appear a sense of зябKOstand or heat in limbo especially when you try to change the position of the body. So it reacts the vascular system in a pathological process;
  • Neurodystrophic — evolution of the flaring spasm especially in the evening, sometimes of leather on the pathological nursery tunes.

Important: most of the times pain that is caused mixed. While a form of sciatica pain in its pure form, is rarely observed.

The clinical manifestations of some diseases of the spine

  1. When osteocondrose of the pain that is caused can be acute and chronic. The acute pain occurs after a sharp move or raise the severity. Many times, when you were born to me, both feet, find the area of the hip joints and the lumbar drastically limited.

The chronic pain is almost constant companion of life, to which you almost become accustomed, as well as the clear period is very small. If you pull in the lumbar region, and in the course of the branches of the sciatic nerve.

  1. When intervertebral hernia, located in the lumbar region, pains of the head may not be much, but impaired function of the pelvis: most pulls "the small to the bathroom", you may develop urinary incontinence, legs, is celebrated the tingling and "drag chills".

With the development of a starting point of the pain syndrome may develop paralysis of the lower limbs, due to the complete withdавлeнandeм propulsion nerve root. But often such serious consequences pathological process still is not enough.

  1. When RAdecolite appearances in the back gives the rhythm, when you do this, you will receive claudication, the muscles are aching and pulling. You can decrease the sensitivity fordнeбоковOh of the surface of the leg and the back part of the foot. Relief comes in the down position, back to back, in this case, you must be is relaxed. Sometimes, the pain that is caused attenuated in the "fetal position".

Pathology of the internal organs

Many times low back pain, giving on the walk, are the manifestation of a pathology of internal organs. Member when this means, and along the nerve pulls, and the pain can also give in the groin.

  1. Urolitíase can manifest if described sintomaom, when the stone is going to мочetочнandку;
  2. When adhesive disease of the nerves, they may press the points;
  3. Withалüпandнгоофорandt, uterine fibroids, endometriosis also manifest discomfort in the lumbar-sacral segment and the foot side of defeat;
  4. The acute appendicitis when нetandпandчном the location vermiform of the kidneys (retroperitoneal flank the cecum) manifests itself tянущeй pain in lumbar region right side, which gives on the right foot. If, in the position lying on his back trying to lift a direct leg right, it will automatically fold and unfold out.

Such phenomena are explained by features of the nerve supply pelvic organs and legs.