The unbearable pain in the back, blades — that is the reason?

When you have a backache in the neighborhood of the reed, one should not smear various creams, lie down at home and wait for a miracle of healing. This symptom can indicate completely different from each other diseases that require timely diagnosis and treatment medical expert of the neurologist until pulmonologist or cardiologist.

back pain

The causes of pain in the blades

The pain of the blades can occur illnesses and injuries own blades, and in certain diseases of organs in the thoracic cage and the thoracic spine.

  1. Injury to the scapula. It is more common with direct trauma. This is what happens when a person falls back on the floor, or you receive a blow with the fist or the foot in the region of the scapula. Very rarely shovel is broken when the direct incidence with the hand. When fractures of this flat triangular bones, lower otlomok it under the action of traction of the muscles is shifted downward. In the zone of fracture when there is swelling and edema.
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  3. The case of paralysis of the front gear, trapezoidal and diamond muscle, when neuroinfections and injury of the nerves of the back, and when myopathies develops the so-called acquired pterygoid blade. The cause of his so it may be an injury to the area of the shoulder girdle or damage to the long thoracic nerve.
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  5. The scapular of crunch when active movements in the shoulder joint, accompanied by moderate headache and unpleasant sensation of discomfort in the region of the scapula. It is driven by exostosis blades or chronic inflammation Mandrel synovial pouches.
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  7. The osteomyelitis develops after any open injuries on the blades and accompanied by symptoms of intoxication and pain in the region of the scapula. Often appear deep intermuscular purulent tracks. The forecast of when the disease is almost always favorable.
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  9. Tuberculosis scapula occurs very rarely, and only in adult patients.
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  11. Tumors blades are benign (osteoma, osteochondroma, osteoblastoklastoma, chondroma) and malignant (chondrosarcoma, reticulosarcoma). Diagnose them when radiology study. When necessary, carry out puncture biopsy to check the nature of the tumor.
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  13. Cervical or thoracic osteocondrose, which irritate the back of the cervical-brachial plexus, and appears a pain in the shoulder, sometimes giving in the upper limb, worried and day and night, and prevents the full opening of the bed. The movement of it is limited.
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  15. Burning pain in the left panel of the scapula can be a manifestation of such terrible diseases as myocardial infarction or an aneurysm in the thoracic aorta.
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  17. Pain in blades and chest can occur during pneumonia, pleurisy and lung cancer.

What to do when the pain in the back of the blades?

In a variety of reasons, we find, now, is understood as self-medication, sometimes, can harm more than good. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe the examination and the appropriate treatment.

  • When lesions of the blades rely on the application of analgesics (Movalis, has Ketonal) and the setting of a member bandaged. Often turn to physiotherapy techniques (electrophoresis lidazy and novocain, the ultra-sound), which stimulate the bone formation of the corn and relieve the inflammation in the zone of fracture.
  • Neurological diseases healing the neurologist. It is widely used in this massage and electromyostimulation.
  • When osteomyelitis is assigned the therapy, apply the surgical technique: an autopsy and sanitation purulent home.
  • Tuberculosis patients are hospitalized in a specialized oncology clinic, where is performed the specific treatment.
  • When the tumor process shown surgical treatment: the implementation of the interscapular -thoracic resection of choice, with preservation of the upper member (subject to availability).
  • When osteocondrose are assigned to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Movalis, diclofenac), good help in this case, the acupuncture, balneological treatment and therapy manipulative. A good therapeutic effect, can occur when you apply an applicator Lyapko. This applicator was developed by a physician Reflexologist, to reduce pain in the back, when this occurs, the gain circulation in this area and are activated anti-inflammatory drugs. The method is based on the teaching on Nulla exposed to certain points of our body.
  • If suspicion of myocardial infarction, the patient need extremely hospitalized in a cardiology hospital, where he is assured of full peace, when it is performed anticoagulant therapy and fibrinolytic means. Painful is interrupted by an attack of narcotic analgesics.
  • Disease broncopulmonar system are treated in the pulmonary the post office. In inflammatory processes apply antibiotics, mucolytics, expectorant drugs, physiotherapy, inhalation. The centre for cancer research during the shows special treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation).

Therefore, to reveal the true cause of the disease and assign the appropriate treatment can doctor. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it's not worth pulling an appeal for medical help, one of the steps, which is the passing of examinations of magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine, which allows to determine accurately the disease and its specificity.

To pass by a magnetic resonance examination — the most safe and harmless way to get the correct diagnosis. In this type of survey the health of the patient is not at risk, but it can reveal any reasons for the negative symptoms. In large part, the accuracy of the diagnosis depends on the clinical equipment. In some centers use powerful computerized tomography Siemens 1.5 Tesla. High resolution of the received images is sufficient to detect even the early stages of the disease.