Why back pain in women

Dear readers, as many times when you are prompted to back pain, we think that this is the osteocondrose. But will it be? Osteocondrose - a widespread disease and one of its symptoms are just pain in the back. These pains occur when the damage to the intervertebral disk , which, in the future, cause damage to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Pain in the back, of course, there are in men, and in women. For women causes for headaches, maybe even more and at times, they do not give to live a normal and full life.

back pain in women

So, if it is not a disease, degenerative disc disease, and back pain there is to do in such a situation? Let's analyze the problem and find out why the back pain in women and you can get rid of back pain, without the use of drugs intervention? Learn the tips.

Back pain - causes

There may be several reasons. Is the misalignment of the spinal column, hormonal imbalances, bad posture during sleep or by the table, jerky movements. The details, let's analyze all these moments.

Your spine is the axis of the body of the man who performs a supporting function and participates in the movements of the trunk. Your spine has curves, it is low - part of the spine, which curved to the front (cervical and lumbar) and thoracic part of the spine, curved back (chest and sacral department). The curves of the vertebral column contribute to the person's balance, serve as a kind of shock absorber, softening the tremors that occur during the motion of a body.

If these curves physiological change, occurs stretching ligamentous apparatus, the displacement of the vertebrae, resulting in headaches. Normally, the change of the curves occurs during the prolonged and the wrong position of the spine.

The causes of back pain - using weights

Heavy bags

heavy bags

The misalignment of the spine is more likely to occur because of the carry weights. How many times we see the image, when the woman goes with heavy shopping bags, the weight of which sometimes reaches 8 to 10 kg! The men, whether knights: after you see the woman with the heavy shopping bags, help-a.

Even if you don't take into account the shopping bags with the products, sometimes, bags weigh no less! What's in the bag: cosmetics, a variety of creams, medicines, hygiene items, wallet with money, the phone There can even be and a bottle of water (suddenly drink you want) and a pack of sandwiches Yes you, woman, you know that there is and that still is not enough.


No less serious is the child, which sometimes is many times what you have in your hands. At home, when the child is acting up, the only way to calm him down, this is when the child takes in his hands.

As the growth of your baby increases your weight. They say that the burden does not pull. But, sometimes, some mothers in both the time leading to the day of his son, who, under the night does not feel the rounds of pain.

In the journey of a child can plant, or warm the chair. That is, now, these devices -backpacks to explore with the children, kengooryatniki, very comfortable for the parents, as well as the weight of the baby in the sling evenly is across the back of an adult.


In the second half of pregnancy in women are often observed on low back pain, in the end, they are already of a permanent nature. The cause of these pains is the following.

During pregnancy, under the influence of the hormone relaxin occurs rest ligamentous apparatus. To the extent that fetal growth equilibrium is disturbed because of the increased of the stomach, which is accompanied by a muscle strain, lumbar and the impact on the spine.

To eliminate the back pain during the pregnancy, the second trimester, it is recommended to use a bandage, which fixes not only the pain, but it is a good prevention of stretch marks on the skin of the belly.

Women chest

Now, the fashion for women and girls, have a large and lush bust. But you know, men, as a heavy burden?

In this situation, occurs a redistribution of the center of gravity, occurs the weakening ligamentous drive and the tension of the muscles of the back. To prevent this from happening, you need to very carefully approach the choice of the bra. Not important factor are the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest.

Flabby belly

Flabby belly for many, it is hated because it does not seem beautiful, but because it can also occur back pain. The reason is simple. Accumulation of fat in the waist area and the belly leads to a displacement of the vertebrae the lumbar spine, with the age of the load on the spine increases, the pain increased.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to strengthen the glutes and the muscles of the back, when they stretch and trained, they are so, muscle toning corset, that does not change cervical vertebrae.

Wearing high heels

high heels

Constantly use high heels, it is dangerous, not only because of the risk of occurrence of the flat feet and the education of the bones of the feet. This is another reason for occurrence of back pain. Back pain due to wear high heels can appear not only fine, but and women with overweight.

This is due to the fact that when the use of shoes with high heels, you increase the load on the feet, changing gears. Trying to keep the balance and more beautiful than the walk of a woman, without knowing it, lean walking a bit forward, thus shifting the center of gravity. From here, and back pain.

For this not to happen, try to walk in shoes with a little heel will, generally without it. And nails let for parties.

The subarrefecimento

Many times I see a picture, when it comes to a young girl, that the discrete line of pants, yes, in addition to the short coating. And on the street noel! Spin stripped and, therefore, super-cooled. And the result is that you myositis - inflammation of the muscles of the back, or worse - inflammation of the kidneys.

Sometimes, when such pain between the treatments of different drugs and ointments is not enough, you need to urgently run to the doctor.

The hormonal imbalance

This is one of the causes for back pain. The hormonal imbalance that usually occurs on the eve or during menstruation. It can cause the change of the threshold of pain, usually during the month of threshold of pain increases and the pain is sometimes icy.

During the menstruation in women in the body occurs retention of liquids, the body weight increases, there occurs a displacement of the center of gravity, the load on the muscles of the back, which leads to the appearance of a shrill of pain.

The posture is incorrect

Incorrect posture of the spinal column can be extended and monotonous position, for example, during sleep, when he sleeps in the belly. For your spinal column has not suffered, during the sleep, try to keep a position as physiological of the spine. To do this, simply put a pillow under the belly.

Incorrect posture during sleep can be, when you sleep very soft bed. Hence the conclusion: to save it in the mattress moderate hardness.

And there as we spent a long time behind a desk in the same position, say many. Repeat I'm not going to say that but interruptions should be every 40-60 minutes. Or are we going to suffer from back pain.

Sudden movements

This is really not like our vertebral column, that is, the force of sudden movements. Is trained athletes can afford to dramatically jump, but, sometimes, and them sudden movements, can harm. And what can we say about ordinary mortals, that the last time we went to the academy of physical education classes in school.

Rising, especially in the morning, with bed try not to make any sudden movements. And by night, all the muscles relaxed and in need of some time to they agreed. Get out of bed slowly, gradually.

What to do to not have back pain

  1. Strengthen your muscular corset, thus strengthening the muscles of the chest, waist, back stretching exercises. This does not allow for all situations change cervical vertebrae.
  2. When used weight remember that the weight of these weight does not exceed 10% of its own weight.
  3. If you feel that you are not go back pain, then this is a reason to look for a doctor. Do not self-medicate.