Why back pain: causes and ways of treatment

Almost one in every two people aged 16 to 18 years old periodically complains that he had a back pain. In recent years, such issues have become characteristic, and even for adolescents, the frequency of complaints among adults of back pain, and it grows and grows. When coming to the accesses only the fifth part of them. Others prefer to "deal" with their own forces, leaning on painkillers and the hope that the unpleasant sensations disappear.

back pain

Each would be worth to check the exact by cause of the back pain in your specific case, because this symptom may experience serious health problems.

The causes of pain

It has relatively young, healthy people the pain in the back, usually non-standardized congestion. Is that they are the reason for spinal headaches, with complaints that doctors treat 85% of patients. Does not need to be a weightlifter, do the legwork in force professional specificities, or to be enthusiastic about the country-most proud of the way it works, to get the problems in the back. The constant presence in the same pose, for example, when working on the computer, it provides the over voltage, which becomes the reason for the back pain. The recommendations of doctors rely on the backrest of the chair and perching on it deep have a good reason. Heavy bags, migrated from the supermarket to home, can give the same effect.

The diagnosis of "fatigue back" in medical terminology does not exist. The pain of having lightweight nature, are cast as "without a cause" and peace treaties and right of embark. More attention to them is given, if the feeling does not disappear within two weeks, accompanied by additional symptoms, or have a frequency. To determine why the pain in the back, you will need a variety of hardware research and advice of doctors from different specialties.

Compression fracture

If you believe in the data of the World health organization, up to 4 % of all age groups of patients who strongly back pain, suffer a compression fracture. Under this diagnostic implies the crack, which is formed in the vertebra without the need for a strong external influence. This fracture is common in the elderly; among the young age group it tend to patients osteoporosis of the spine. Reduction of bone density reliably confronts the severity. The fracture can happen, even under the influence of the weight of the patient, and he will not perceive; it is only mark that the pain in the back, so it does not to understand. For this reason, fractures of compression the traumatic consequences do not apply.

What to do if the back pain due to this damage, it is in the details that will doctor. The situation save the complete rest, strict rest, and induced the course, able to reduce the pain.

The problem with the sides of the vertebral column



It is a chronic disease that can strike people of any age, social position and sex. With the development of degenerative disease of the disc height of the intervertebral disc decreases, decreases the mobility of an entire department of the spine, with time, the complications not only from the side of the mountain, but also on the part of the internal organs.


This disease suffer up to 7 % of the population. And here is diagnosed spondylolisthesis very rare: many patients, up to the last moment ignore the signaling of acute pain occurring in the lumbar region. In principle, the disease can affect any department of the spine, but most often affects the fifth the lumbar vertebra. His deformed foot, because that starts the repere under him, bulging with either back or to the front. Figuratively speaking, when spondylolisthesis spine stops to remember the post – it is more like the ladder.

The disease manifests itself in the fact that the back pain, the pain can spread to the buttocks and, in some cases – to the lower limbs. However, if the disease is not very start, the feeling of not very sharp, which allows patients to ignore them.

Ankylosing spondylitis

He same disease Ankylosing. It affects predominantly men, and of any age. Female patients constitute the 16 to 17 %. When of ankylosing spondylitis inflamed joints with pulleys; the disease leads to a character. Usually begins with the lumbar region, but in the absence of response, that is, of a suitable treatment, enough, rapidly spreads to the chest, and then – and cervical segments. That is, it is affected all the way around: if the pain in the loins, soon, the whole body will be left aside.

The first symptoms of stiffness, lower division of the trunk, accompanied by a sharp armbar syndrome. Notice that the tension of all the muscles back, which is permanent and not until the end of the disappearance, even during a long holiday period. Almost all of the patients whine of the thigh; with the time the disease Ankylosing affects the connective tissue of the cardiovascular system, lung and kidney. Medicine describes some cases of ankylosing spondylitis likely to be affected, even the eyes.

The herniated disc

This pathology of the intervertebral disc is considered to be very much appreciated. More often with the issue head on for people to mature, 40 years, but can be developed and much more youthful. Promote the emergence of a herniated intervertebral disc can:

intervertebral hernia
  • excess weight – is it that in the last few years is the most common provocative factor;
  • heavy physical work or training with the weighting;
  • injury appropriate department of the vertebral column;
  • the long-lasting presence in the sitting position (especially if the workplace is organized correctly, with the violation of orthotics recommendations);
  • trigger the disease: dysplasia of hip joints in childhood, scoliosis osteocondrose.

The mechanism of developing a hernia is the degeneration of the tissues, such as connective and muscle. Not compatible with one of the muscularis corset spine begins to sink, disks – simulat and squeezed out of the boundaries of the position. As a result the patient has much pain in the back, especially during weight lifting or when the wheel in inclinavit position. The pain are also reinforced when you sneeze or cough, extreme or unusual movements. Among the most symptoms — numbness, tingling, or wattage feet, crawling according to him, "scary", and other not very pleasant sensations.

The osteomyelitis

It is one of the most rare of reasons, of which pain in the back. Such a diagnosis is only about 0,01% of the patients, speak in the physician. Begins to osteomyelitis due to penetration into the spine of the infection, she often gets with bleeding of the urinary channel. The cunning of a disease that develops slowly and silently, about the frail health the patient learns, when a back pain and increase of temperature, sometimes to dangerous indicators.

However, it is worth saying: if you find the lower back or shoulders, and the thermometer, which confirms that you are ill, this does not mean that you osteomyelitis. Is the same clinical picture may occur in many infectious diseases, even the flu, for example. So that if a strong pain in the back, what to do, has to deal with the doctor. Otherwise, you can begin to suffer from infection of the spinal column, at the time, how to handle needs of the most familiar of the disease.

Back pain can be connected and strong scoliosis, and sciatica pain (in your case, its intensity can crescere until the indicator is "unbearable"), and still many other problems with the spine. If you care about the question of what to do to relieve back pain, shift your focus and anxiety, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis. Only the expert can understand, in any course of treatment that you need.

Not only the vertebral column

between blades

How to get rid of back pain? Many people believe that you only is able to count orthopedist or spine. However, this part of the body can occur in and on the problems with the internal organs, which is the backbone of any relation has no:

  • if the back pain on the left side, in the upper part of the trunk, has aching, but sometimes rapiente nature, this symptom may be the harbinger of a heart attack. Anyway, with the heart explicitly been discord, so that to visit a cardiologist worth as soon as possible;
  • pain, affecting the lower back and datum usque in the leg, often reveal inflammatory processes, which came in the kidneys or organs under the jurisdiction of a gynecologist. Description of sensations – pulling, strong, pulsating. Sometimes the pain is transmitted, or in the groin;
  • the sensation of pain in the region between the blades often speak about the diseases of the digestive system. Some of them are given in the lower part of the back – and the patient begins to treat non-existent it sciatica;
  • low, back pain, very dans in one of the lower limbs and growing and when the movement or in sitting position, you can talk about sciatica pain, inflammation or clogging of the sciatic nerve;
  • blind, but a real pain in the blade, migratory in the center of the vertebral column and the increasing in the curves of the body, or when the breath – a clear sign of lung problems. In cases like this show-if heart disease.

If the treatment of back pain, which is recommended for most patients with vertebrate diagnostics, there is ineffective, if the intensity of the pain depends on your position (sitting, standing, lying), it is likely that the problem has not, at its peak, and in some of the internal organs.

In all these cases, the psychologist must assign treatment. The pain in the back, not for physiological reasons but because of internal disorder. And, while it will not be deleted (or patient with he is not humble), the discomfort is not able to fix. Even analgesic drugs will act, sometimes weaker than planned.

Therapeutic fundamentals

The main issue for patients is the same, it is a sacrament: what is the cure? The back pain is a symptom that must be removed, so that it does not stop her to live and work. However, it is very limited vision of the problem. Removing the symptoms solves the problem temporarily. If you do not deal with the disease, which has caused its development, the pain that is caused will come back again and again.

If the back pain are caused by problems with the spine, typically, applies a standard set of therapeutic, reviewed according to a particular diagnosis and the individual characteristics of the patient. It includes:

the treatment of the back
  • anti-inflammatory drugs nonsteroid of a series. The same time eliminate and back pain, and of ortum or generandi them of the inflammatory process. If the pain that is caused very strong, something which the drugs are introduced intramuscularly; in more difficult cases they are complemented by narcotics and narcotic substances and substances. How to support the therapy uses complex vitamins, relaxing muscles, intensifying the action nonsteroids, anti-histamines. If the back pain caused by some the origin of the disease is attributed to a rate of cure for it – and it is applied since the first days, regardless of the intensity of the starting point of the pain syndrome;
  • physiotherapy. She is assigned, when an acute attack anchored, and the procedures may not cause exacerbations or complications. Among particularly popular and effective impact — electrophoresis of magnet therapy, acupuncture. In recent years, particularly recommended by doctors hydrokinesotherapy — stimulating elongation of the spine, performed in a swimming pool with heated water;
  • kinesiotherapy. Without it, it is indispensable in practically all the diagnostics. The deformation and degradation of the spine will progress, if you regularly to do not force you to take the correct position. The gym should be part of the life of a patient, and after you resolve spinal headaches.

If the back pain caused by a developing illness of some of the internal organs, the treatment regimen will change dramatically. The first phase remains the same, not to be, that will only include analgesics (if the inflammation has not managed to establish itself in the body of the patient). In the second phase, the treatment will be directed to the resolution of the pathology, primary treatment, cardiovascular, digestive or genito-urinary systems. It is justifiable, after all, the back pain does not have anything to do with your physiological state.

Cases psychosomatic problems in the column to the right may be considered to be the most difficult for the patient. It will have to pass a comprehensive examination and obtain advice from an expert, to cut the chance of not only vertebrate diseases, but also problems with internal organs. And after having a conversation (and not a) with the professional psychologist. In our country, this doctor is perceived as something unpresentable. Unfortunately, without your help the patient will have to accept the fact that he is always with a back pain: get rid of the internal problems of self-transforms read in units of patients.