What are the causes and what to do if the pain in the right side of the back?

Listen to your body and determine exactly where you have a pain, to where it gives pain, and if there are more symptoms. In the case of back problems or chest pain occurs in any part of the back, and depends on the location of the problem. Many times it situation, and occurs after exercise, or discomfort in body position. Acute inflammatory processes of the internal organs, generally, are accompanied by additional symptoms: weakness, nausea, cough, increase of temperature. In the early stages of the disease may not be special manifestations, in addition to the starting point of the pain of the syndrome, therefore, for early detection of the disease is important to consult a doctor.

Pay attention!

The pain and crunch in joints, with time, can cause terrible consequences - a full local or limitation of joint movements to the disability. The people, taught by a bitter experience, in order to heal the joints enjoy a means, that is recommended by the rheumatologist.


The causes of low back pain in women

 the lower back pain in women  
  1. The upper part of the back, the right under a blade. Here are shown a disease of the respiratory system and spine.
  2. The middle part of the back of the right side, under the ribs. It is an area of lower departments of lung, digestive system, pancreas, gall bladder, liver.
  3. The lower part of the back, right about the waist – area of the urinary system with the kidneys.
  4. The loin of the right – possible bowel problems, gynecology, urinary system.
  5. All the rotate to the right – the digestive system, backbone, muscles.
If the pain appears only in the morning and goes for an hour, note the place of sleep. Maybe, you are sleeping in an uncomfortable posture or it is time to replace the mattress.

Possible causes

Respiratory diseases

The resource – gain-pain during deep inspiration or exhalation. For the treatment refer to a therapist who, if needed, will refer to the pulmonologist.

  1. Pleural effusion – inflammation of the pleura. The pain is thrust or cutting nature, is enhanced when the deep breathing, jerky movements and weakens you, lay on the side. To get more symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath. Is diagnosed radiography, ultra-sound. For the treatment antibiotics are used, several medical manipulation, sometimes a surgical intervention.
  2. Pneumonia – an inflammatory process of the airways in the departments of lung. The pain is felt under the blade or under the ribs, worse when breathing deep, cough. In rare cases, in the initial phase of the disease to other symptoms, more so when the temperature rises, appears the cough, the selection of the sputum, weakness. It is treated with antibiotics, which will adjust the doctor. Pneumonia
  3. Pneumothorax — accumulation of gases in the pleural cavity in the lung. The pain is very strong, acute, stabbing, gives the hand, the shoulder, is enhanced when breathing and coughing. A man who wants to sit down or take polulezhachee position, appear shortness of breath, and the cold sweat, the panic. It is diagnosed by radiography and puncture of the lung. Need urgent the help of a doctor!
  4. Cancer of the lung. Unbearable and constant, the pain occurs only in the last stages of a cancer, if the tumor germinate in the pleura.
  5. Myocardial easy – necrosis of the parts easy and the impregnation of this body of blood when the obstruction of an artery of blood clots. The pain is very strong, sharp, cut to the right, below the shovel. To get more symptoms: shortness of breath, tachycardia, and hemoptysis. Need to urgently call an ambulance!

Diseases of the digestive system

Are accompanied, usually, with the symptoms: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. The therapist may refer you to gastroenterologist.

  1. Flatulence – accumulation of gas in the intestine. The dull pain, pulling, accompanied by swelling of the belly. You receive after the ingestion of some foods (beans, soda, and t. d.), as a consequence of intestinal disease or a neurosis. The painful symptoms are fixed spasmolintthe ICA, CorbentAMI .
  2. Appendicitis – inflammation of the appendix. If the part is to the blind gut-the sensation of pain occur in the stomach, as happens in the majority of cases, and in the lumbar region lower left. The pain intense, constant, gives in the leg, groin, pelvic area. If the lie on the left side – it becomes stronger. To get more symptoms: nausea, weakness, sometimes, the temperature above 38 degrees. Requires urgent surgical intervention!
  3. Colic intestinal – spasm of the musculature of the intestine. Pain in the lower part of the waist burning: is reinforced, that is to say reduced, after some time getting into the area of the belly. To get more symptoms: weakness, increased urinary frequency, nausea, diarrhea. Possible causes: intoxication, stress, bowel disease, gastritis. When intestinal colic take antispasmodics and apply the heater.

Strong painful spasms in the gut can indicate serious illnesses, that in no case is it possible to use the heater, and the urgent need to call an ambulance!

  1. Acute cholecystitis – inflammation of the gallbladder. Pain in right side of abdomen, atdreverie, gives the area below the scapula. You can go alone after some time (an hour and a half). Occurs more often during the night or early in the morning, after the consumption of fatty foods or alcohol. Additional symptoms: bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting gall, a white coating on the tongue. It is diagnosed by analysis of blood, urine, stool, ULTRASOUND of the gallbladder. Is treated with surgery or medicines, you must follow a diet.
  2. Acute pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. Pain on the side of the belly, gives the lumbar spine to the right. In rare cases, the sensation of the side of the belly lack, and feel-in only in the back, in the central part to the right. The dull pain: is reinforced, it weakens. To get more symptoms: nausea, vomiting, and without facilitate, the person acquires a tint of greyish, abdominal distension. When reinforced headaches, call an ambulance! In the doctor's waiting, you can take antispasmodic. In chronic pancreatandte occurs dull pain in the right side of the back after you eat compulsively or intake of alcohol.

Diseases of the urinary system

The biggest cause of pain in the back side, if it is not related to the spine and the muscles. Therapist direct you to a urologist or nephrologist.

  1. Retroperitoneal hematoma or retroperitoneal hemorrhage – internal bleeding when damaged abdominal organs. Occurs as a result of the injury: a fall, hit to the abdomen. The pain in the back and in the stomach depends on the extent of the damage: the absence of symptoms until a painful confrontation. It is diagnosed by the results of ultrasonography, computed tomography and radiography. Requires medical intervention!
Sometimes, the onset of the disease of the kidneys and the urinary system manifests itself only armbar syndrome in the lumbar region, without symptoms!
  1. Нeфропtoz – offset of the rim. At the beginning of the disease the pain in the right side of the back fickle and blunt. Appears in a vertical position of the body, especially after coughing or physical load. Goes, if you lie down. In the future, the pain accumulates, can occur renal colic. It is diagnosed by palpation, ultrasound in the prone position and the foot, magnetic resonance imaging. Nephroptosis The first degree of omissions of the kidney treated in a way conservative methods: gymnastics, bandажAMI, the treatment in the sanatorium, massage. The second and third degree may require surgical intervention.
  2. Renal colic – occlusion of the upper urinary tract. Strong pain in the area of the waist on the right, gives in the area of the pubis, later extended to the whole of the lower part of the back. Can rise the temperature of the body, occur vomiting, abdominal distension. Before the arrival of the doctors of the ambulance can take a drink or ucolotü antispasmodics. If, in addition to the pain there are other symptoms, as well help the hot heater. In the doctor's waiting should lie down for the kidneys were above the bladder (atлуwithanddячee the position of the body).
  3. Уролandtandаз – urolitíase – the formation of stones in the urinary system. Depending on the location of the stones, the pain can occur in different parts of the back: renal failure cup – dull pain deep in the liver, kidney, pelvis — gives the right atdreverie, in the departments of the ureter – acute, unbearable back pain during the movement, can spread to the area of atdрeбeрüя up to the groin. If you have stone in the lower part of the department of ureter – severe pain in the lower part of the department of the waist with the transition to the genitals. It is diagnosed by urine analysis, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging. Treated way conservative or operational method the choice of the doctor). Many times doctors prescribe herbs: fennel, violet, калeнdUlu, leaves, lingon, st. john's wort, sage, rosehip, and others. In the pharmacy selling special herbs renal rates.
  4. Гanddронeфрoz – extension of the renal pelvis. The excruciating pain, does not depend on the position of the body. The urine may darken and painted in reddish hues — is the sign of the presence of blood. The excruciating pain, sometimes, if you do feel the symptoms of renal colic, weakness, nausea. It is diagnosed through an ultra-sound and x-ray. Treated in a hospital environment, is required the excretion of urine, to reduce pressure on the rim.
  5. Пandeлонeфрandt – bacterial inflammation of the kidneys. The excruciating pain, deaf, sometimes surrounding does not depend on the position of the body, may be similar to renal colic. Additional symptoms: a frequent need to urinate, swelling of the face and of the extremities. Is diagnosed by analysis of blood and urine, ultrasonography, computed tomography, x-ray Is treated with antibiotics, which should prescribe the doctor about the results of the analyses.
  6. Abscess of the kidney – the purulent inflammation. It is rare: as a consequence of pyelonephritis or renal stone disease. The acute pain, acute. The symptoms are similar to пandeлонeфрandt, in addition, you can have the cold, the thirst. It is necessary to call the ambulance and the surgery emergency!

Problems with the spine, the spinal cord

A characteristic of this type of pain is that they increase or decrease in function of the movements and position of the body. The doctor can guide the optonedy, нeвропаtology, therapist.

  1. Osteocondrose – dandwithtрофandчewithкande breach in the articular cartilage. The dull pain, depending on the location it gives to the shoulder, arm, or leg, the sacrum and buttocks. A person difficult to bend, straighten up the back. Osteocondrose During exercise, sudden movements, long static posture sensations are heightened in the peace — cease. To facilitate the state to relieve the muscle spasm and inflammation. In the treatment apply anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, exciting ointment, often the doctors prescribe фandзandопроцedURS: paraffin appliques, phonophoresis, laser therapy. When the osteocondrose is helpful therapeutic massage.
  2. Spondylosis – deformation of the vertebrae because of the proliferation of bone tissue. They contact withdавлandваюt the surrounding nerves and cause aching, tupou, the pain, which does not depend on the position of the body and the time of day. If by palpation to exert pressure on the painful, acute appearances. When the lumbar spine form, sometimes, there is numbness of the feet. It is diagnosed through an x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging. It is treated with analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines, beneficial massage and electrophoresis.
  3. Intervertebral hernia – a bulging intervertebral disk. It is characterized by a constant tянущeй, nagging pain, which is strengthened at the end of the day. When sudden movements perhaps the feeling of проwithtрeла, acute all the pain. Sensations are exacerbated when the curves of the hand, slopes, and pass, in the reclined position. To facilitate the state can take a painkiller (paracetamol, analgin, novocain). The treatment aims at the removal of pain and inflammation, prescribed therapy for exercise and massage. Operational intervention — rarely, and serious reading.
  4. RAdandкулопаtandя (sciatica) – the defeat of the nerve root of the spinal cord. In most cases, is a consequence of degenerative disc disease, intervertebral disc herniation or stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal). Strong pain — acute or deaf, gives in different departments of vertebral column. Characterized the loss of sensitivity of some areas back muscles, this process is accompanied by numbness or tingling, a burning sensation. The treatment aims to identify and address the causes of the appearance of symptoms. To improve the state of health take medication for the pain, do massage, enjoy special ointments . The remedies help the steam and the attachment of natural wool to where it hurts.

The pain has a different character, occurs for all manner of reasons, not always easily defined.

Important – the quickly consult a doctor. Many diseases are cured much easier and less time expensive and cheaper in money, if identified in the early stages of the advent. Take care of your health!