8 reasons for back pain. For each problem – your treatment

Each person has at least once in their lives, of time in time, the pain in the back. More often than not this symptom, it does not cause any type of concern and self-passes. But there are cases in which ignoring it is not so simple. The pain in the back, to the right may indicate more serious illness than the normal physical surge. In each case, in order to prevent the disaster, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes of back pain, and, if necessary, consult the doctor.

back pain

The reason is the first. Uncomfortable position during work

Asymmetric position of the spine during the operation, the tension of a few muscles at the expense of others, or even simply too long "sedentary" mode – all of this can result in regular back pain after work.

Solution. For this to happen, the chair, in front of a desk must have enough hard seat and straight back. Sit-if it needs exactly, keeping your back straight, without bending the shoulders and tilting the head down. The height of the table is chosen to back on it the hands are bent in elbows at a 90° angle. If you wear glasses, they should not make him lean into the table or, vice versa, to recline the head back.

The house also needs to avoid the "dangerous" postures and movements uncomfortable. Do not wash in the bath, bending over her three perdition: use the basin, which must be not less than the level of the elbow. It's not worth washing the ground "in a posture of crab" (folded) – only a sponge mop, and quite long. You can't get somewhere, it is best to kneel down.

The house is worth to attach to the wall worth it. Installed on the bathtub, and beside the toilet, which allows you to sit, getting up and leaving the water without excess load on the muscles of the back. At the same time, it will not slip on the slippery tiles or enamel.

When you brush your teeth and wash, don't stay on top of the sink the curved back. It is better to sit on a stool or lift the sink of the bathroom at the same time ideal – under the elbows.

The reason for the second. Spin tires of overhead

It is reasonable to give back a small rest, when fatigue has not yet manifested itself with full force. Even if the comfortable posture, the muscles, that long time in the same position and low voltage, after all will be to exert pressure on the nerves and cause discomfort.

Solution. If the fatigue is caused by a long or permanent seat, the pleasure is in first place in the change of posture. Task – to relax the muscles. It is good to lie down, raising the foot. And if this is not possible, walk quietly for five to six minutes.

The third reason. The muscles of the back weakened, and with the difficulty of dealing with the vertical position

The muscles of the back if you need to train, so that they kept the spinal column, without effort, with the age, when sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly difficult.

Solution. The easiest way to walk. If you are a long time ago that we were not going to walk, start with half an hour for the excess does not get tired. For the help and special gymnastics complexes for back muscles, yoga, swimming, not for the speed and for the pleasure, aerobics. But, with the exercise equipment, it is necessary to use very carefully – they can give not a load.

The reason the fourth. The discomfort is called the inconvenient posture, night, during sleep

The bed should be comfortable, allowing the muscles to relax. If they don't rest at night, still keeping the same bending of the spine, who had to "hold" the day, the pain may appear in the morning.

Solution. Sometimes, pain in the lumbar back help pillow or cushion – just flexion of the spinal column, which causes the muscles of the back tension, and they rest for the night. If the pain in the back regularly, can not do without an orthopaedic mattress – it was successful reduces the stress on the back. It's not worth saving, it is better to buy a product from a company renowned for proven quality. You can and to check that the mattress is not false: put on it a big plastic bottle with mineral water and sit in to a distance of 30 to 35 cm away from it. The jar must not fall. There are also anatomical, take the form of the body of the mattresses. They are fine to unload the muscles, although very expensive. However, they are destined not to sleep, but not long after lying down.

The reason fifth. Heavy bags

When sudden or excessive column suffer first of all, the discs of the spinal column: they are compressed, sometimes by pressing the back of the nerves. The pain infernal and the best to consider at once, that such an experiment is not for you.

Solution. Raising of the ground gravity, you can't do that is stupid, with the legs straight. Then, all of the weight rests exactly on the bottom of the back. Before a heavy object should sit down, straighten the back and is already so, with a straight back, perfectly "take the weight". When you need to bend over for the, the foot must flex your knees slightly. Bow in direct feet is also dangerous to the loins. Reduce the risk of special the belt, elasticated lumbar support. If you are still unable to avoid the pain, will have to heal quite a long time: take pain relief tablets, hit neuralgic point of ointments. It is best to do this after being advised by the neurologist. Help and physiotherapy and massage – not in the first days of aggravation, and a little later.

The reason Friday. Pregnancy and childbirth

In women during pregnancy and childbirth load on the spine increases by 2 to 4 times. Then, the boy has grown strongly gets all the time to my mother. And one year, as a rule, is from 12 to 14 pounds. It is not surprising that the back does not survive.

Solution. During the pregnancy, must, necessarily, use a bandage for support, the style of which it is best to discuss with a specialist. And after childbirth, should not be neglected dressings, and sometimes a special with the belt, fixing complement, the lower part of the back. They, in fact, a good idea to use in any physical work. When you perform any household tasks, especially with the baby in arms, young mothers useful hedge through elastic suspenders, that you turn away slightly to the back of the shoulders.

The reason is the seventh. The back pain during the month of

the pain in the back month-to-month

Location of internal organs, due to the increased size of the uterus has changed, respectively the muscles, which normally support the sacrum and in the back, tighten a different way, which is felt as a nuisance. And bloated uterus or on other organs exert pressure on the back of the vertebrate nerves, which can be very strong pain. If you order the load on the muscles and ligaments, related with a long walk (especially the high heel) or the sports and exercises, the back does not stand up to the end of the day.

Solution. Critical days, have mercy on yourself, don't exercise, limit the locomotor mode. It is also important to use shoes without heels, and opportunities 2-3 times a day, take a horizontal position at least 5 minutes. Not if you should drink plenty of fluids, and if there is a tendency to edema, during this period, take an infusion of bearberry.

The reason the eighth. The subarrefecimento feet

If for a day or two before you resembled with bare feet on the cold floor or on the earth, went out to the street in fine pantyhose or soft shoes, the pain may be associated with inflammation of the ovaries or pyelonephritis. Here without a serious intervention of a gynecologist, or nephrologist not to do. If the pain, added to the sudden burning sensation when urinating can cystitis.

Solution. If before you were inflammation of the ovary sign, it was probably from there, because the pain from the lower part of the abdomen can scroll to the bottom of the back. Have to go to a gynecologist, who will prescribe treatment, anti-bacterial, candles, or tablets that you need to take a week a half or two. In the future, you should consider that when the weather is cold it needs more warm to wear, better to opt for pants and closed-toe shoes.