By hurting the muscles of the back and how to treat it

Virtually every person appeared pain in the muscles of the back. It occurs as senior citizens and young people. His appearance may be a harmless phenomenon, or indicate that the person develops a serious illness. Regardless, for some reason she appeared, the person must medical opinion. Appropriate to contact a professional to help ease the pain and prevent the spread of the disease.


By hurting the muscles of the back

Back — more a large part of the human body. She closes virtually all internal organs, muscles, joints, bones. And the appearance of pain in it, must warn the person. Often unpleasant sensation cause infections and inflammatory processes, overvoltage, excessive sports activities. All of these factors make the muscles of this region are expanded or reduced, the structure of the spine is changed.

The pain in her back as something very difficult to be described. Its appearance is associated with the sign on the muscle of lactic acid. She was the person must appear swelling, pain of variable intensity.

Doctors point out that muscle aches and back pain are divided into a few types:

  • weak,
  • sharp
  • strong headaches.

The acute pain usually appears as a result of the development of the inflammatory process, infectious diseases or in diseases of the internal organs.

Patients highlights several groups of pain. Pain that is caused, in your opinion, what happens:

  • periodically;
  • permanent;
  • loose.

Causes of pain in the muscles of the back:

For the development of diseases of the muscles of the back: scoliosis osteocondrose, osteoarthritis, rheumatism. They all make the muscles tired and causes the person to have discomfort. Because of the diseases unpleasant sensations appear in the v-belts and muscle longitudinal.

The development of diseases in internal organs. For example, the pathology in the area of genito-urinary and cardiac systems, organs of respiration, stomach and liver, blades, upper back and chest.

The distribution of inflammatory processes. Frequent of the disease, surprising, and the muscles of the back is миозит. It starts with the penetration in the organism of infections, after connective and muscle tissue. Because of this, the individual appear purulent chronic. Миозит often occurs due to the fact that the man was sweating and came out in a current of air. Many times it manifests as a complication of chronic forms of diseases, localized in the organs of respiration and lung. In addition, it appears when the injury and injuries, the development of rheumatism, intestinal worms, diseases of the CNS, bad heredity. During the initial phase of inflammation can pass alone. However, if, in the later stages is not treated, the person may increase the pain, dramatically increase the temperature of the body, the infection goes to other areas, occurs muscle atrophy. In which the man does not receive the unpleasant sensations in the muscles, but also your двигательная activity compromised.

The presence of mechanical damage and various muscle injuries. Usually they appear in athletes after a hard physical work. Due to excessive physical activity, often such people occur the breaks, надрывы, they appear in the inflammatory processes in the trapezoidal muscle spasms and pain throughout the back.

The overvoltage of the body, and sedentary lifestyle. In this case, the pain of having the person that may appear, then, when there was a lot of time was stopped and produced some type of action. In the group of risk includes the office workers. They are constantly in an uncomfortable position. As a result, they often appear aching muscles at work.

Many times hurt the back muscles, after a training of individuals involved in sporting activities. This includes citizens, often placed on ships and people traveling with tents and backpacks. This is due to the fact that the muscles of the back when such loads much erased, which appear to be mechanical trauma, arise muscle pain. Often the mechanics of lesions appear in children. This is due to the fact that their bones are particularly mobile, and they can't assess your physical strength. Because of this, parents need to accompany their children to the exception of rupture of the ligaments.

The presence of a person defects from pathologies. For example, in the syndrome of short legs of a man deforms the column, and occur pathology in the intestine. The pain lead to the unpleasant character, and they appear periodically, but due to the fact that the pathology has developed rapidly, then the pain in humans are amplified.

Held a massage or a treatment facility. Often patients indicate that the pain arose after the procedure. They can occur due to the fact that it is done correctly. For example, a person named as a relaxing procedure, and it had a stimulating effect or timely impact. The unpleasant sensations may occur due to the fact that, during the procedure, there was an increase in muscle tension. The pain can occur when the person procedure was contraindicated, and you did, or he didn't know what you do. Often the pain will appear when the person develop chronic diseases. If they was done the procedure, then after 1 to 2 hours, may appear pains in the region of the back. The presence of low qualification that an employee can lead to the appearance of pain. Remember that when the massage is done correctly, the pain, and after him, will not arise.

Other causes of muscle pain, is considered to be the human development of special anatomical features. For example, the scoliosis causes the failure of the symmetry of the vertebral column, the плоскостопию, the reduction of the lower limb, the development of innate asymmetry in the bones of the pelvis.

What to do if you hurt your back muscles

With the development of the disease patients appear not only to muscle pain in the back, but, and the following pathology:

  • disturbed posture;
  • decreases the mobility of the joints and spine. For example, a person can not straighten your back or turn in the direction of the head;
  • decreases overall sensitivity of the skin.

Doctors point out that the hurt the back muscles and the vertebral column can, due to the advancement in the human body, the serious illnesses of health. Most of the times, the development of degenerative disc disease. He suffers approximately 85% of the population of the Earth.

Osteocondrose amazes:

  • the vertebrae;
  • межпозвонковые disks;
  • the spinal cord;
  • the trunks and roots of the nerves nerves in the spinal;
  • the veins and arteries;
  • the capillary vessels, ligaments and muscles.

In addition, the osteocondrose develops in the background:

  • спондилита;
  • disease Ankylosing;
  • arthritis;
  • of osteoarthritis;
  • scoliosis.

The danger of degenerative disc disease is that it leads to the appearance of various lesions and destruction of bone tissue, the intervertebral disc and cartilage of the joints.

The reasons for the development of degenerative disc disease of the following:

  • heredity;
  • intake of wrong products;
  • the excess weight;
  • the injury could, in the future, lead to the development of serious diseases.
  • the roots of the nerves, soft tissues and muscles, and vessels;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • excessive overvoltage of the physical body of the work;
  • frequent stress.

The occurrence of pain in the left side and lower right blades says about the development of the hernia and nonalgia. Many patients resigned with the advent of them weak, uncomfortable, recurring back pain, and consider it normal. But this is wrong. It is important to consult a specialist and identify the cause of the pain.

More often that back pain shows clearly the marked location. This can be:

  • The appearance of pain in the trapezoidal muscle. She is more vulnerable, as well as its fibres are on the shoulders, and control your mobility. Typically, the pain is greater and more broad muscle of the back of the workers of art and the dancers, that many times, she is strongly stretched. In addition, pain from this muscle may appear due to the психоэмоциональных problems.
  • Pain in the trapezoid muscle occur even after the resolution of the source of the disease accompanied by headache. For this pain are characteristic the following symptoms: the person is not usually possible to move the head, sensations of pain are distributed in the region of the shoulders and neck of the department. They use to be unpleasant, of a permanent nature, and most of the times you can give in a handle of the department.
  • The emergence of unpleasant sensations in a large diamond muscle in the back. The pain of a person is not able to actively move the neck and shoulders. The pain in a certain area may occur due to the fact that the man is not correct lifts heavy objects. This occurs due to a displacement of the location of the blades and of the human development masterful.
  • If appears a pain in the muscles of the back, to the left, that says about the development of degenerative disc disease. With them, the person often feel dizzy, disturbed vision, appear discomfort in the upper limbs.
  • If you hurt the muscles in the back along the spinal column, it says about the development of the hernia and scoliosis. The pain arise from the nerve roots exposed to the pressure, and part of the spinal column to change its usual position.
  • The onset of degenerative cervical disc disease is characterized by pressure on the veins and arteries, the pain appears attack. He stinging, and throbbing. It is located in the back of the head or in another part of the head. The symptoms of oxygen fast: dizzy, nauseated, you may receive a migraine, falls dramatically the vision, decreases the sensitivity in the upper limb and handle of the belt, occurs lack of air, reduces the activity of the cervical spine. If a person is of adult age, he may suddenly lose consciousness, and if the disease became chronic in-phase, appears парез and paralysis of the upper limbs.
  • The emergence of breastfeeding, degenerative disc disease characterized by the occurrence of acute pain with lumbago, gradually increasing. It is located in the area between the ribs, on the blades and in the upper part of the abdomen. The patient plagued with a cough, a lump in the throat, appear difficulties at the time of глотательных action. When slopes, elevation of upper limbs — increases with pressure, and appear sensations of pain in the region of the heart.
  • The appearance of degenerative disease of the lumbar disc is characterized by the formation of pain in the lumbar region. She suddenly with lumbago. Hurt the muscles in the lumbar region and legs. When you in the groin and in the pelvis. If the vertebrae are converging, so it can become smaller, or across a chasm. When the patient has a feeling of numbness of the skin, парез and paralysis of the upper limbs. In men, issues appear to visit to the bathroom. Women interrupted the menstrual cycle.
  • The appearance of pain in the muscles of the back of the right talks about the development of degenerative disease of the disk, rods, scoliosis, tuberculosis, and lesions in the spine, inflammations of the muscles. If the patient has pain in the muscles of the back of the right side, it may indicate that the body if you develop the disease, which violate the structure of the internal organs. This says about the development: appendicitis, peritonitis, pyelonephritis, pancreatitis, панкреонекроза, duodenal ulcers, the emergence of kidney stones, cholecystitis, infarction, angina, and pneumonia. If the discomfort appear in the women, that says about the development of them аднексита, эндометрита, fibroids and cysts.

Diagnosis of the disease

Muscle pain in the back treated by the surgeon, невропатологом, occupational therapist, and spend the exact diagnosis and prescribe the treatment. Initially, they see the patient and ask about their complaints.

At the end, the diagnostic methods used in the identification of the person has the symptoms of a disease, applies to:

  • The radiograph defines the disease, localized in the bone system.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging — diagnostic — assesses the area of muscle injury.
  • Needling — is parasitic loss.
  • With the ECG can evaluate the working heart of the system.

The patient will need a blood test and urine. With your help, it is possible to identify the evolution of the inflammatory process in the body.


Treat pain in the muscles of the back can be one of the following methods. They all deal with the source of the pain:

  • Remove sharp sensations of pain in the problem area of the patient to prescribe ointments and gels with anesthetic. In this case, the appropriate ointment, which includes red pepper. In addition, you can use the ointment, which includes the venom of a serpent.
  • Of myositis, you need to use non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory. In addition, the doctor may prescribe a based cleaning of corticosteroids. Remember that to apply them, should the course and only in accordance with the purpose of your doctor.
  • Hernia межпозвонкового of the disk are used for relaxing muscles, that are able to quickly remove muscle spasms.
  • Parasites, you can take медикаментозные methods of treatment.
  • The purulent myositis, the patient to prescribe antibiotics.


To avoid the appearance of pain in the back, the patient needs to perform the following steps:

  • To maintain the correct posture while walking and sitting in the chair. To store it, need to get up flush to the wall and pulls him затылком and jumps. This position should remember and save in everyday life.
  • If you want to stay for a long time the doctors advise every 10 minutes to change position, shifting the body weight from one leg to another.
  • When you need to sit a long time — it is necessary to take the muscle fatigue. For this purpose it is necessary to bend over backwards on the back, stretch the arms to the front and deep breathing. Then you must embark on socks, lift your hands up and good stretch for them. Such a movement needs to run multiple times per day.
  • It is recommended to hang the periods to the buyer.
  • Watch out for the fact that the man eats. You need to eliminate fatty foods. It is best to consume foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Dress according to the weather and avoid draughts and cold.
  • Each day to practice sports.
  • Don't lie for a long time in bed. More short intervals of holiday exclude the possibility of the occurrence of muscle atrophy.