The pain in the back beneath the scapulae

People often complain about pain in the back under the blades, and the causes that the cause can be varied. Usually, the authors of such sensations become diseases of the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory systems, as well as problems in the spinal column. In addition, this symptomatology can be caused experienced injuries and mobility of the nervous system.

Among the list of possible causes of particular occupy a place of pathology of the vertebral column. This is due to the fact that the andes mountains had to keep all of the weight of the human body, thus providing the bipedalism. Frequent pain under the scapulae also explains the anatomy of the field. The shoulder is an articulation of the humerus with the clavicle, and to it are attached the muscles responsible for the mobility of the shoulders. In addition, together with the steel structure of their ribs, it protects the vital organs.

Types of headaches

The pain, under the shovel

The pain under the shovel can be very diverse in different patients. It that split into several groups:

  • According to the location of the pain (under the right/the virgin with a shovel, in the middle, at the bottom or at the top).
  • The nature of pain (acute, pulling, nagging, burning, throbbing, shed, spasmodic, giving).
  • Duration (long or short heart attack, a beginning or reasonable gaining intensity, the frequency of occurrence).

It turns out that the back pain (backache) occurs after a long stay in the posture problems or a strange movement. Usually, this sensation rush without effect, so there is no reason to sound the alarm. But if that backache has become constantly bother and with this there appeared another symptoms, then it is possible that these are incorporated serious diseases. Ignore that feeling, it is not possible to retrieve the time did not lead to serious consequences.

Along with backache in the Chuck zone, the patient should alert the symptoms:

  • feverish conditions of operation (temperature above 38 degrees);
  • the appearance of a complex of symptoms "sharp belly";
  • swelling of the hands and fingers;
  • violation of sensitivity in the limbs, tingling sensation and "chills";
  • shortness of breath, cyanosis the skin of the integument;
  • vomiting;
  • backache does not pass even in a state of rest;
  • reduction in blood pressure, bradycardia, syncope state.

In this case, to postpone the visit to the doctor can not be, because you must resolve not only are available for painful symptoms, but the causes that led to their manifestation.

The left side of

The pain in the shoulder

Among the complaints of patients very common — driving to the left sharp pain under the shovel. It may be such reasons:

  • Shoulder-scapular bariatric with the right-handed location. It is an inflammatory reaction, which affects the tissue, adjacent to humerum common. The main symptoms of the pathology are pain of a different nature, that affect the area of the neck, shoulder and scapula. The pathology most often appears in the background of the injury.
  • Torakalgiya (pinched, inflammation of the nerve processes in costarum space). Usually, she has herpes character, but often strongly gives in the subscapular area on the left side. Usually, the symptoms increases with the change in body position, or, when more physical effort.
  • Intermittent pain in this area are characteristic for ulcers of the stomach. The intensity, generally, is growing rapidly, with the patient sick, and he opens vomiting. An attack may occur after a meal or on an empty stomach. The first sensations are observed in the epigastrium, then the patient complains of the appearance of pain on the left, below the articulation of the humerus with the clavicle and the front on the left side under the ribs.
  • The defeat of the tissue of the cartilage of the intervertebral disc mountain range in the cervical region or thoracic. In addition to the starting point of the pain syndrome bright symptom of this pathology is expressed dizziness and weakness and numbness of the upper limbs.
  • Left subscapular pain may be called vegetative crises. Patients who suffer panic attacks often complain of pulling, aching pain under the shovel on the left, are accompanied by anxiety, tachycardia, and a sudden weakness.
  • Impetum angina or myocardial infarction. The pain mainly observed behind the breastbone, but has also been reflected in the subscapular area on the left side. When the patient feels numbness of the limbs and nausea.

Not in all cases, when patients complain of pain under the shovel, has a problem of bone system. More of a symptom that points to the neuralgia (are surprised with the peripheral nerves) or myalgia (hypertonus muscle cells in a state of tension or relaxation).

The right-hand side

Pain under the scapulae right can occur for the reasons:

  • Colic hepatobiliary zone. They appear in the middle of difficult output of bile from the body, or spasms of the smooth muscles. Sharp, cutting sensations of pain felt in the Chuck panel to the right, or collarbone, and also revolve around the hypochondrium, depending on the reason for your education.
  • Subphrenic abscess. This is usually secondary to disease, which complicates any primary disease in the abdominal cavity. For this pathology is characteristic for the hiccup, as well as the expressed pain that is caused, which is also felt in the Chuck panel to the right, and increases with inspiration.
  • The acute form of the inflammatory process in the kidneys. An annoying pain, irritating side defeat in the lower back or at the bottom of the pallet. Patients usually the symptom following the completion of the fever state, nausea and vomiting.
  • Myofascial syndrome. It is a pathological state involves a reflection from a spasm, which can occur in a variety of muscles. And the feeling of pain made themselves known as the point of spasm, then, and along the muscle fibers.
  • Pityriasis versicolor. The causative agent of this disease is the herpes virus ⅲ type. It is more common to form, which begins with the febrile state, accompanied by a strong pain in locations of future eruptions. And dermatology component only occurs after 4 to 12 days.
  • Right pneumonia. If the inflammatory process affects the right lung, the pain caused can be distributed in any part of the chest, and he can give the back, neck, under the scapula. The pain is usually constant and annoying, and when any sudden movements, deep inspiration or cough is enhanced.

Colic urine-excretory and hepatobiliary systems are often accompanied not only shed the pains in the peritoneum and dyspeptic phenomena, but also the piercing pain under the right articulation of the humerus with the clavicle at the proximal segment of the right hand and even on the right side of the neck.

Irradiating pain

Irradiating (giving) pain under the ribs can be caused by such reasons and the pathological state:

  • duodenitis and peptic ulcer duodenal;
  • colic hepatobiliary zone;
  • an attack of angina pectoris;
  • the necrosis of the heart muscle in the middle of the thrombosis of the arteries of the heart, atherosclerotic plaque;
  • cardiovascular disease, which is characterized by the presence of inflammatory processes in the outer shell of the heart;
  • saccular the bulging of the aorta;
  • a spontaneous stagnation of air in the pleural fluid, the area of the thorax;
  • inflammation of the pancreas in the form of sharp;
  • colic in the kidneys;
  • osteocondrose of the cervical spine.
"If a strong pain that is caused, even under the action proven the pain does not go away within 60 minutes, so you should not postpone to call an ambulance".

Backache in the Chuck area can be very varied. The dull pain usually appears when the pathologies in muscle and connective tissue parts, connecting them with the bones of the skeleton. Excruciating pain may indicate moderately expressed processes on the summit, in striated and smooth muscles and in the internal organs. Such symptoms can not be ignored, it deserves to pass comprehensive for the diagnosis and choose the proper healing of the tactic.

In pregnant women


During pregnancy, the child expectant mother experiences a considerable burden on the ridge, therefore, she can suffer from backache, even under the articulation of the humerus with the clavicle. And if a woman has, even before fertilization has been diagnosed osteocondrose, the recent cycle of life, the situation only worsens.

In addition, the emergence of a starting point of the pain of the syndrome can cause factors:

  • pressure or irritation of the intercostal nerves in the midst of stressful situations, increased physical activity, or migrated, ARI;
  • slow inflammation of the lungs or pleural sheets;
  • with the increased level of relaxin', the excessive relaxation ligamentous apparatus;
  • the muscle tone, caused by the change of the center of gravity when the increase of the fetus;
  • aggravation of pathological processes of the kidneys.

In any case, regardless of whether the patient is pregnant, or someone, if the pain in the Jaw area is quite intense — it is a chance to ask for help in a health facility. Although with low frequency, but this can be a sign critical state of an organism, that it is absolutely impossible to ignore.