The low back pain to the right: causes for that pain in the right side of the back, treatment

Low back pain on the right behind the women and men indicate about the problems in the column or system, genito-urinary, kidneys or bowel. For this reason, alone, one can hardly determine the true cause. Very wise when you are unpleasant of the symptoms, see your doctor.

pain in the right side of the back

The doctor use?

When the sensation of discomfort in the back, to the right, in the area of the waist, you must enter into consultation with the family doctor. He shall appoint the necessary research methods, as well as will refer the patient to a specialist:

  • The podiatrist, neurologist, to determine the pathologies of the vertebral column.
  • The nephrologist – if problems with the kidneys.
  • To the urologist — if there is a suspicion of irregularities in the urinary system or the reproductive search.
  • Women recommended to consult a gynecologist.

Among the clinical blood and urine tests, the patient to name a series of manipulations to find out the cause of the pain on your right side in the lumbar area.

  1. Biochemical analysis of blood.
  2. The analysis of urine Nechiporenko, day-to-day experimentation.
  3. Ultrasound of organs of abdominal cavity.
  4. X-ray.
  5. Computerized or magnetic resonance imaging.

In each case, to use a particular diagnostic technique. You should listen to the recommendations of doctors, in order not to run the disease in time to start the treatment.

The distinction of types and kinds of pain

In a matter of to determine by what appears a pain in the back below the waist, to the right and above, the important thing is its feature. The length of time, intensity, place of location of pain indicate factors, its cause. Pain is:

  • Dull and acute.
  • Cutting, piercing.
  • The entire year, unpleasant pulling.
  • Place of occurrence – above and below the waist.
  • Observed in a part of the body, or give away to another place.
  • Periodic and constant.
  • Intense and bearable.

Pain that is caused connect with unbalanced power and / or physical tension or chronic illness. He calls to a number of factors.

Why it hurts loin the right?

Pain, perceived by the man in the lumbar region, are considered to be characteristic manifestations of all kinds of diseases. Most often they point to inflammatory processes in the development of the body. Should not be ruled out and the pathology of these muscular, skeleton, nervous system, gastrointestinal, and other systems and organs of the body. The pain of the right low back can occur in people regardless of gender, age, social and professional differences.

You can indicate several groups of diseases, the patient feels pain in the back, on the right:

  • Nephrology pathology.
  • Gallbladder disease and biliary paths.
  • Pulmonary disease.
  • Irregularities in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Gynecological diseases and pregnancy.
  • Diseases of the spinal column.
  • The injury.

Nephrology pathology

When the back pain in lumbar region right side, you should check the state of the kidneys. It is a very common alteration in your work cause that is similar to the reaction of the organism. When glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, chronic renal failure, kidney disease, stone probable that the characteristic feeling of pain.

In addition to the pain, the man grieve:

  1. The swelling, especially in the morning.
  2. Changes the color, density, specific weight, and the daily amount of urine.
  3. The red blood cells and the presence of protein in the urine.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. The increase in the index of creatinine.
  6. Unpleasant sensation when urinating.
  7. The increase of the temperature of the body.

Disease of the gallbladder and biliary pathways

If pulling the pain that occurs in the lower part of the belly radiating to the back, goes to the bottom of the back, to the right, there is a high probability that the person has a change in the functionality of the gallbladder. Other signs are:

  • The bitterness in the mouth.
  • Increased flatulence in the stomach.
  • The instability of the chair.

When it occurs the formation of gallstones occurs the overlapping, develops a colic of the liver. In this situation, it hurts, very much concerned with the right side of the waist, the person needs to have urgent pharmacotherapy, then the operation.

Pulmonary disease

the disease

The inflammation in the lungs and pleura are often the reason of emergence of pain in the back, to the right or to the left, on the other hand, where there is defeat. It is especially enhanced during breathing and coughing.

In addition, the person increases the temperature, you may receive dry or expectorant, cough, weakness. To listen the lung, the doctor hears wheezing noise.

If you have set a pleural effusion, the patient becomes more easy when lying down, the patient side.

If the pain in the right side of the back, then, perhaps, the reason is with intestinal problems. The pain occurs in conjunction with flatulence, rumbling abdominal, disturbances in the regularity of the chair. More often than not has a direct relationship with the consumption of some products: rye bread, milk, fresh fruit, vegetables.

Gynecological diseases and pregnancy

If the pain in the lumbar region the right, occurs in young women, the causes of its appearance can be related to gynecological problems. Many times these symptoms point-if women during cycle disorders, as well as diseases of the ovary, of the uterus: endometriosis, adnexitis, myoma, and Dr. in Addition to the pain, may disturb you:

  1. Irregular, scarce or abundant monthly.
  2. Vaginal discharge.
  3. The increase of the temperature.

Low back pain on the right, the women can appear during pregnancy are more likely the third trimester of gestation. The reason — the increased load on the spine and weakening the abdominal muscles. The inconvenience increases with physical activity, sometimes, even with the walk. In this situation, the physician will recommend that to limit the load of work and more frequent use of foods that contain calcium.

Diseases of the spinal column

In this case, if a person has a pain, many times the back and on the right side, it is important to you in a timely manner to check the pathologies of the spine: degenerative disc disease, lumbar spondylosis, intervertebral hernias and a few others. The most common cause of pain, in this case, a tightening of the nerve endings or excessive tension of the muscles. The pain may be observed as a particular place, and descend to the right to give rhythm, the buttock. Shown are also the following symptoms:

  • Change the reflexes.
  • You were born to me feet.
  • Decreases the sensitivity.

When osteocondrose difficulties in the execution of habitual actions, the pain moves to the groin, posterior surface of the leg. Especially brightly it is manifested after the physical activity, long stay in the same position, during a stressful situation.

It is more common for this problem among people of advanced age. Although it sometimes occurs in young adults. To the extent that the development of the pathology, change own joints. They become less elastic, cartilage tissue thins. The main terms of occurrence are considered drawbacks inherent in the spine, traumatic injuries, as well as the need for a long stay in a sitting position, improper physical activities. Patients point to the pain in the back to the right, below the ribs of the back, radiating down the body. She repeatedly resumed, if the patient does not comply with the recommendations of health professionals. When a heart attack occurs can help you reduce the stretch, stretch the legs.

Acute pain in the back, right above the waist feel a person suddenly. For example, when you try to lift something very heavy or when you run a slope. If it gives in foot, and so heavily, that the patient is difficult to move, then, is, probably, that their cause became lower back, sciatica. Help a person can guarantee you a complete rest and analgesic medications.


If it hurts loin the right rear, this may be a consequence of an injury. Damage to the spinal column is possible due to:

  • Over exertion of the muscles of the back.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Won the fall.
  • Shock.
  • Non-technical compliance of execution of gymnastic exercises.

In some cases, it occurs internal bleeding. With a inspection a doctor, pay attention to the swelling, bruising. Necessarily prescribe radiology study. Pain to a traumatic injury is acute, unexpected.


Why the pain in the back of the man, and the

If there is pain on the right, on the backs of men, their causes can be various in nature.

  1. Inflammation in the testicles, caused by sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to intense abdominal and back pain on the right, the patients are observed to increase body temperature, nausea.
  2. Tumors benign and malignant neoplasms also may manifest painful reaction.


Once the person feels, because he had a pain on the right side, and also the loin, you need to consult a doctor before passing on the assignment of a diagnosis and then treatment.

The treatment is usually assigned therapeutic, to remove the pain itself caused. Most everything depends on the principal diagnosis, t. e. is treated the pathology, that caused similar to the reaction of the organism.

At home, you can take some measures:

  1. To ensure peace.
  2. Taking analgesics to lessen the pain.
  3. Try to eliminate triggers.


To prevent the occurrence of pain in back right side should have attention to your health, to comply with simple rules:

  • Abandon bad habits.
  • Keep up the posture.
  • Practice available types of physical education.
  • To comply with the principles of a healthy diet.
  • Not pepecooltSya.
  • Sleeping on a bed hard.
  • To avoid muscular fatigue of the back.
  • In a timely manner to undergo medical examinations.

Do not forget that the causes, which occurs back pain on the right side, you can serve as a wide variety of factors. Alone, it is not possible to determine with absolute certainty what exactly caused it. In addition, it is not always possible to determine where they originally appeared: in the belly, side or back. The most prudent exit – time to consult a specialist and take a course of treatment.