Back pain: causes and treatments

The foot and the hand is easy to practice, and performing everyday tasks. Spin even remains virtually passive. In this case, when it begins to hurt, leave things to take their course the disease is not the case. And people often turn to the doctors about what to do when the pain in the back.

back pain

Why are there pain in the back? This question should be answered by a doctor first, which will then examine it, sick back, and they will gather the required tests, the history. After the usual is the elevation of the exchanges or of clearing house can pick up a round. In such a situation, many run online, where they acquire different gels and ointments. However, the funds rarely help, the reason becomes their drug-free application.

The manufacturers only need to sell a product. If this tool does not apply the curative, so no effect, he will not. In addition, if the back pain is being cause of serious diseases, so it should be treated the illness and not the pain.

The site introduces readers to the fact that the back pain can be caused by many different factors. Defines the doctor in spite of feeling that they can be just the pain:

  • Intervertebral disc an inguinal hernia.
  • The defeat of the spinal column.
  • To stretch the muscles.
  • The disease of the organs of the thoracic cavity.

Some of these factors, need surgical treatment, others can be cured of various ointments and massages. You should consult the doctor, which will determine the character of headaches and will appoint the correct treatment.

First of all, he discovers the reasons that led to the emergence of pain in the area of the back. Must be considered here:

  1. Osteoporosis.
  2. Pleural effusion in acute or chronic form. It is accompanied by wheezing, fever, cough.
  3. Pyelonephritis, urolitíase and other diseases of the urinary system.
  4. Metastases from cancer of the spine.
  5. Intervertebral disc an inguinal hernia.
  6. Osteocondrose.

The common causes of the onset of back pain are the two opposites of a factor. The first of them, the sedentary lifestyle. The work of many people is that they always sit. Some willingly spend days in the reclined or sitting position. In any case, the back pain can occur due to unnatural loads on the tendon and small joints.

I was always in a position, occurs the workload in some departments of the vertebral column and the muscles. When you do this, other groups of muscles, and the vertebrae may be involved. If the person suddenly starts to move, then the muscles will start to get sick. A sedentary lifestyle also leads to different deformations in the spinal column, which will appear later in the pain.

The second cause are the physical activities. Many may be surprised that the sport or physical activity affects appear back pain. In fact, if the person a long time not trains, but, suddenly, it starts to perform a variety of physical operation, then it is natural to become pain. The muscle should be trained, and not all of a sudden the loading. Then the pain will not.

Without a doubt, the movement is a useful work to the ligaments, vertebrae and muscles of the spine. However, you must make a movement moderate. Do not need to constantly sit in the same place. Static state are devastating to the back, as well as the excessive load. You should moderately move, often involved for all the departments of the vertebral column.

What to do if you are with back pain?

Back pain appear when the weakness of the muscles of the spine, of different diseases, injuries and injuries, physical activity and sudden movements. You should listen to your body to maintain control when they begin to arise the sensations of pain. What to do if you think your back is what hurts?

  1. Give the holiday back. Roughly speaking, it is necessary to comply with bed rest, until a spin fails to stop hurting. Here you will have to take a comfortable position. This can be the posture of an embryo or put a cushion between the legs, when the man lays on his side. Get out of bed when prohibited.
  2. Take advantage of pillow corset or a belt. This way of helping those who can't lie. Back necessary in this case to keep. Making a motion, you still need to move slowly, not sharp, not lifting weight, do not twist the spinal column and the long time to stay in the same position.
  3. To take the medication. Here are the analgesic and anti-inflammatory . Pills take after eating, washed down with milk to prevent an upset stomach.

It is better, if the drugs are prescribed by a doctor. Here he can prescribe medications:

  • To relieve the muscle spasms.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Enriched with vitamins In.

To eliminate the acute pain can make use of ointments and gels.

The choice is quite extensive, which allows you to choose exactly the tool that will really help in the removal of back pain. It should be remembered that self-medication need to stop and consult with your doctor when such symptoms:

  1. The pain does not go away even after the use of anti-inflammatory drugs within 3 days.
  2. On the feet areas appear with bad historical sensitivity.
  3. It is not possible to get a posture in the sitting position.
  4. Problems arose with urination: retention or urinary incontinence.
  5. Appeared weakness in the legs.
  6. Increased body temperature up to 38°With.

Avoid medical assistance must not be, because if you can go about the disease in the spine, which is not treated in this simple way.

Gym to relieve back pain


For pain in the back, never the tormented, you must constantly seek to moderate physical exercises for strengthening of muscles of the vertebral column. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then, you must do the exercises, when you turn your back to change the posture and relax. Here is suitable for the gym to the back:

  • Up to 5 seconds to exert pressure on the blades on the backrest of the chair, and then in 5 seconds, and relax.
  • Lowering and raising your shoulders several times.
  • Aggregate and produce the shoulders several times.
  • Press the lower part of the back on the backrest of the chair for 5 seconds, and then at the same time to relax.
  • 4 seconds to exert pressure on the back of the chair neck, and then in the same time to relax.

Such exercises help to relax during the day. They can be diluted with other exercises. The important thing, for they committed before that, appeared as back pain. You can also do along with your work colleagues or family.

With the standing position, you can do these exercises:

  • Inhaling raise the hands to the front and top, then lower and relax.
  • Put your hand on your waist, making soft tilts back and forth, each time returning to the initial position.
  • Hands positioning over the shoulders. The inhalation of take them back, at expiration, the elbows close to the front of the chest.
  • Dynamic to go on location, keeping the hands on the waist.
  • Put your hands on your waist. Up on tiptoe, and then fall gently.
  • The hands position themselves on the side. Inhalation of pick them up, on the expiry omit.

Well combine the exercises with sports classes of 2 to 3 times per week. The exercises must be moderate in charges. We must give heed to the feelings in the spine.

The need must take the recommendation of the physician, who will prescribe a special ingredient complex of treatment of exercise, if the pain in the back are already present and bring discomfort. In this case, self-medication is best not to engage further himself, not to do evil.