The pain in the back between the shoulder: causes and treatment of pain

And very rare is the pain between the shoulder blades, the reasons that most of the people are not known. Many consider it as only the "misunderstanding", which is soon to pass by itself. And many then ask, when confronted with serious diseases. The problem is this type of pain is rarely very strong, especially because this department of the spinal sedentary. And the people, in their majority, prefer to ignore it, instead of going to the doctor. But the reasons that cause this pain that is caused, the most serious. So what can be a reason for the onset of pain?

the pain between blades

The disease, leading to the appearance of pain between blades

In the first place is certainly a problem for the spine. The most common causes in this case are:

  • the thoracic kyphosis of the spinal column;
  • kyphoscoliosis;
  • protrusion disc thoracic spine;
  • osteocondrose of this department of the spinal column;
  • scoliosis;
  • spondiloarthrosis;
  • shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

But the spine is not the only possible cause. The pain of this type may appear in diseases of other internal organs. So, often the cause of so much pain is coronary artery disease and angina pectoris. It is understood that, in this case, the disease attempt to treat the spine-if the nothing take, the reason of the pain completely in another place.

Also the pain that is caused between the blades can cause diseases such as the severe illness of the lung and pleura, diseases of the liver and gallbladder (hepatitis, cholecystitis), peptic ulcer disease.

It is worth mentioning this because, as "diseases". In this case, the problem is related with the characteristics of the work, or more precisely, of low mobility and sedentary work. In this case, they are faced with the weakening of the muscles and ligaments of the back together with a long tension of the muscles located in the handle zone. This is a common problem of digitizers, operators of the PC, designers, seamstresses, drivers, and t. d.

Note that, in general, thoracic, department of spine, very sedentary, consequently, the different dIPtroticheskie processes that it may develop frequently. In other words, the spinal column itself, it is very rare that becomes the reason of emergence of such pain. Much more of what this pain says about the problems of the internal organs, and the most common cause is a muscle spasm, which are located on the milupatintramural area, as well as problems with tendons and ligaments.

When the pain is caused by problems with tendons and ligaments, it is different rupture feelings, that do not disappear immediately when a change in body position. When the pain has the property of spreading in almost the whole vertebral column and, in some cases, gives the area of the heart. For this reason, sometimes, problems arise with the definition of the exact location of the pain.

The complexity of the diagnosis

As you can see, the reasons for the emergence of pain in the back between the scapulae too much, which seriously hampers the diagnosis. To establish a medical diagnosis, often have to perform a lot of research, which at first sight have nothing to do with each other. For example, many do not understand, why behind RentGeografia and magnetic resonance tomography, they have to be sent for examination to the cardiologist and make an electrocardiogram. And all because the doctor has to eliminate all possible causes of pain, calling attention to the most serious of the possible diseases of the heart, osteocondrose, herniated intervertebral disk, and t. d.

When the cause of pain more often than it is exactly in the muscles, which the doctors know, but they are only obliged to exclude all other possible diagnoses, especially if the treatment that you receive and does not bring quick results.

The treatment of pain in the back between the blades

Of course, that the treatment of pain in this case, fully set delivered the diagnosis, and, therefore, can be completely different. But, as we have already discovered that the most likely hidden muscle, let's understand exactly with this option.

In this case, when the source of pain are the muscles, it manifests itself by a burning sensation (burning pain) and the weight between the blades. But enough to shake the shoulders or repeatedly waving hands, and the pain decrease, and then, usually, will pass. Worse, when the pain "gives" in the heart area and then to modify the body is not immediately pass such characteristic symptoms of the disease thoracic spine and the heart.

The zone of risk

As we have already said, most commonly, the disease the people suffer, that they lead a sedentary lifestyle, or this is a specific characteristic of their profession. In particular, office workers, home PC users, programmers, boxes – all of them are forced to spend a lot of time in the same position (back a little bent, the head is omitted, and only work the hands). The result begins to lose the posture, weaken the muscles and ligaments of the back, the risk is the development of scoliosis, which (according to age) is not so easy to cure.

Characteristic is the fact that often a variety of diseases of the vertebral column were progressing in people who lead a sedentary life. Just cause pain is another – osteocondrose, spondiloarthrosis, and t. d. in this case, The person, a priori, will have to go through the long period of treatment. So do not forget the old adage that says that the movement is life.

What to do and how to treat it?

Unfortunately, almost none of those listed above, the disease is not cured simply in the popular house means. Analgesic medicines give only temporary and quite deceptive effect, not being, in fact, the treatment. And therapeutic gymnastics, which is the basis for the treatment of many diseases of the vertebral column (it applies to the treatment of muscular problems), is also assigned to a doctor. In addition, the doctor should choose the exercises for your specific case, otherwise, the therapy for the exercise will be ineffective. So, in any case, the visit to the doctor needs.

Probably, will be attributed to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the various procedures of physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise. However, therapy by exercise is assigned only to decline starting point of the pain syndrome.

Also worth a stop for various procedures of physiotherapy. This method of treatment is an auxiliary, composed of electrophoresis, ultrasound treatment, magnetic therapy, various types of elektRhotERPII, chiropractic, reflexology, and spa treatment. These methods can rarely eliminate the root cause starting point of the pain syndrome, but as well resolve the pain itself, to facilitate the life of the patient.

So that when you are prompted for the pain between the shoulder blades, you should immediately consult your doctor. In this case, you will need to consult various experts – tRaumatAloha, neurologist, against rheumatism showed thattAloha and a cardiologist. In the future, you may need help of massage and the chiropractor.

The prevention of pain


The only and more reliable for the prevention in this case is an active life style, the lack of a excess load and bad habits. Need support for a certain physical activity, always attentive to the posture, sleeping in proper conditions and the correct move. Yes, this prevention requires constant vigilance for you and your way of life, but it is much easier than treating a variety of diseases of the spine, muscles and ligaments of the back.