How to treat back pain: causes, means of

How to treat pain in the back, if you do not have time to go to the doctor? Because we are all very busy, we have a mass of chores and concerns, we are always in a hurry and constantly end. And we never have time to do the treatment seriously, until that we won't be in an Ambulance.

the treatment of the waist

And, still, let's try to talk about the common problems that cause pain, and about the methods of treatment at home. But still, we ask that you consider that any "folk" methods of treatment does not rid you of the progress of the disease, and should still get together and go to the doctor.

The subarrefecimento

This is perhaps the most common reason for the appearance of pain in the back. If you win the subarrefecimento is not so difficult to do so, not necessarily very hot. It is enough will be working in a hot room, and then, wet, and enter the room where she worked actively in air conditioning. Hot body enters into a jet of cold air. The man becomes cold in such conditions, but the adaptation occurs quite quickly. But on the day that you begin to feel pain in the back, it becomes a problem stretch or climb, the pain is most often constant, and irritating, and when the movement becomes smooth. Here is a fast and silently that you gained from hypothermia, or, simply, "breathed back".

Methods of treatment of pain in hypothermia

The first thing that it makes sense to do in such a situation – to warm the back. For this reason it is the most suitable ointment, which is easy to find in any pharmacy. Oh, and if ointments that are at hand, so will fit normal alcohol. RUB lower back with alcohol, or ointment, and then bury it to the warm place, a blanket or shawl, for example. Such a procedure should be performed every day, until the pain will not pass, and, at the exit to the street needs warmth, dress-up, focusing again on his back.

If the back pain is very strong, so it is best to go to the doctor. In this case, you can prescribe injections, which are almost immediately to remove or severely weaken the pain. Typically, we use a variety of anti-inflammatory agents do not.

If the same problem of hypothermia to you is more relevant and that you find regularly, so you need to heat the belt of the skin of sheep or dog-wool, which can be found in almost any pharmacy. This time it is to be worn under the clothing of each day, the good, is subtle and almost imperceptible.

The method of treatment UHT

Today, the treatment of symptoms of back pain with the aid of the apparatus of shock-wave therapy, is considered progressive of the method in medical practice. UHT – treatment method, which allows you to return to the rhythm of work, of life, for 4 to 5 sessions. This method of recovery is the most popular among people that lead an active lifestyle, and looking to get rid of unpleasant feelings, for a short period of time.

Lumbar appearances

It is extremely unpleasant pain that appears when a serious of physical activities, and then quickly passes. This happens, for example, when you change any gravity. You will receive acute pain in the lumbar region, which, subsequently, enters in the leg and disappears. Because this type of pain enough short term, so on this with success is forgotten. Then, she repeats in case of load, and again passes through. In this case, it is useful to think about the fact that something is not in order. This type of pain is common for the lumbar-sacral rods, that the medicine has the name of "lumbago", and among the people – the "apparitions".

Treatment of pain when the apparitions

In the first place, the patient with pain must exist in relation to a hard surface. Not necessarily stack the man on the ground, if a mattress of your bed enough again – so you can lie down and in bed. To relieve the pain you can drink the painkiller, which is under the arm.

Note that a man with a pain, it is absolutely impossible to plant into a warm bath, or trying to "steam" in the bathroom – this will give the opposite of the desired effect.

The heat in this case, it is necessary to apply the "dry season", or you can use one of the ointments of back pain. Important, for this ointment not caused allergy, because in most cases, the composition of these ointments are quite aggressive. After that, the patient needs bed rest for a few days, and feed it is necessary to restrict the liquid and the salt.

With all of this pain does not pass, then you should call the doctor and get the full treatment – half measures here, you will not be able to.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc

In fact, this disease represents a 2nd phase of the rods. Wait for this "pleasant" at the moment, it is not difficult if you ignore the pain, that occur in stage 1 of the disease (short-term to migrate from the weights and the severe loads). When the hernia pain becomes constant and is dramatically increased by any movement, the easier it becomes in a state of rest (lying down).

If you specify the symptoms, the man, when the disease experiences the constant pain in her back, which gives the rhythm and intensifies when any sudden movements. It is also possible to decrease sensitivity or tingling in the lumbar region.

"Home" the treatment of herniated intervertebral disk

low back pain

To reduce pain do the following: provide the patient with the bed rest and full of peace, after giving any analgesic, you have to hand. And, after that, it is necessary to call the doctor. In the acute period of hernia of any people treatment will only bring harm, the pain will not go away from the "poultices" or "lotions", which is to be treated seriously and in depth.

As one of the other methods to relieve pain during the movement – the use of disc lumbar corset, that does not give you the possibility to move with the department of the lumbar spine. But this is not treatment, this corset relaxes the muscles of the back, which then have to recover, with the help of deal with physical exercises.

The "professional" back pain

This is a problem for people with this type of work, which suggests a low mobility or long-lasting presence in strange positions. This boxes, the operators of the PC, programmers, office workers, and t. d. In a single or the most beautiful day of these people pops a pain in the back, the muscles will start to "whine", and continues, is a state of a long time, having a chronic view. This is what they call "occupational disease". The essence is simple – due to the low mobility and lack of loads of the muscles and ligaments of the back weaken, as a result, they can not keep back in normal position, quickly get tired. The result becomes not only the pain, but also of violation of posture.

The treatment of "occupational diseases"

Given that the disease is chronic, and quicktRhodastparticipants method of eliminate the pain does not exist. Analgesics in this case is not the output, because the pain will return, as will only end up with your action, and constantly "sit" on such medicines is not possible.

The only effective method of treatment in this case is the therapeutic gymnastics, which gives you the opportunity to recover the normal state of the muscles and ligaments. But, I repeat, is not a treatment, such gym, you need to engage constantly.

Also need to keep track of the correct posture. Not only during the work, and in everyday life. It is also useful to would be like the massage to a good professional. Alone do the massage, in this case, is not the best solution.