The pain in the back below the waist: what is

Pain in the back below the waist bothers many people. By ignorance of all these events the starting-point of the pain syndrome is called "sciatica", although this is completely wrong. Pain below the waist can be caused by a variety of reasons, and wearing a different character, also has an impressive list of diseases that manifest this symptom.

Much depends on the exact nature of the pain, as well as the place of its location. Determine the reason why it hurts loin, can only specialist. But, in a first moment it is necessary to understand that the doctor use to resolve the problem.


A brief list of possible causes of pain in the lower part of the waist:

  • Osteocondrose. The disease manifests itself in dystrophic defeat of the discs between the vertebrae, as well as the vertebral bodies.
  • Spondiloarthrosis is a osteoarthritis of the joints located between the vertebrae.
  • Tumors of the spinal column. The primary tumor as well as metastasis (occurring as a result of the development of a tumor in another organ or system).
  • Fracture of the vertebral column.
  • Infection in the area of the vertebrae and discs.
  • If there are any problems in the organs located in the pelvis can manifest if you described a symptom.
  • The malfunction of the GASTROINTESTINAL.
  • Problems with blood circulation in the area of the spinal column.
  • Metabolism, general call for the defeat of the bones.
  • Inflammatory disease, having non-communicable nature.


Often, the acute pain in the lumbar region occurs when multiple sprains. The center starting point of the pain of the syndrome are long muscles of the back. Constant pain may eventually lead to limitations of movement. For this reason, the back pain, in the lumbar region, and gives pain in the legs and groin.


Many times the acute pain appears for this apparent reason, that can't be ignored: the fracture of the vertebrae. Some people think that this is rare, but, in fact, win the fracture can even with a simple fall in your feet. Especially in cases where there is already some change in the spinal column and the bones of itself fragile.

The displacement of the disk

The following is quite likely that, from which occurs the acute pain. In the lumbar move the disks in the spinal column. A symptom-very strong: a man can not move.

Facies syndrome

In principle, it rarely leads to the manifestation of acute pain in the lower part of the waist, this symptom is possible. It is called the nerve roots in the spinal canal. If there is a compression at the site of their exit from the vertebral column, the symptom manifests itself.

Epidural abscess

A serious disease that, in rare cases, it manifests with pain below the waist. More often, the disease develops in the chest, and the pain symptoms are located there. But, during the execution of the process, they can also give back in the lumbar region. The disease requires immediate surgical treatment.

Chronic pain: the less terrible, but dangerous


Chronic back pain always manifest themselves is not so strong, so sharp. But as the pain still can not be ignored: if there is pain that is caused, which means that, in the body that something is not right. Until the man ignores his state and try to somehow treat folk methods, the disease progresses.

Low back pain or read more about low back pain

More often than pain caused chronic character in this area, inherent to people with more middle-aged and elderly. But young people are also faced with this armbar a symptom. This condition is called "lumbago".

Soreness occurs in the condition of increased physical activity, even when awkward of movement. She is so strongly permeates the body, that the man may, at some time to solidify and, in the same posture in which lumbago to overcome it.

Possible causes of low back pain:

  • sciatica (but not always is it that causes the symptom described);
  • the lumbar hernia;
  • there was a dislocation of the vertebra of one or several;
  • could drop the intervertebral disk (perhaps when the intense load on the spinal column);

The pain is acute and sharp, many characterize it as "appearances" on the back. It not only prevents you from moving: even breathing hurts. Lie down and spend a little time in peace, the symptom decrease.

Pain below the waist.

Many times, the aches and pains give the rhythm and occur after heavy loads, and also, after the cold.

About that causes you need to remember:

  • sciatica;
  • hernia of the intervertebral disc;
  • the disease Ankylosing;
  • renal colic (when the pain is located below the waist with the right hand);

Back pain in lumbar region in women

As well as a number of gynecological diseases and special states of women can lead to headaches in the area, about the symptom it has beautiful women should talk separately.

Classification pain below the waist in women:

  • Low back pain. It is an acute illness appearances due to loads or hypothermia.
  • Lumbodynia. The pain of this type is constant, but clearance nature. It can also occur due to loads on the spine (which is of a permanent nature), and also because of the sedentary work.
  • Lumboischialgia. The pain of this type, almost always, it gives on the foot. It occurs when the hernia and requires treatment quick.
Heart attack

Important! If the pain described by the area lead to hurting the character, then they are not a symptom of a serious pathology. Although, of course, also require the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Location of pain in the lower left of the waist

In addition, that such symptom cause disease of the spine, it can be a pain, that is passed from the internal organs. With the left side of the body in this part is the kidney and the intestine, the pancreas and the stomach, the spleen. The woman also on the left side is the ovary, pathology that can cause low back pain on the left.

If the disease of the internal organs acute, which manifests itself not only of the pain that is caused in the treaty in the area. The common symptoms is the increase of the temperature of the body and chills, urine abnormal were color, abdominal pain (for women, the failure of the menstrual cycle).

Important! If the examination did not reveal problems with the internal organs and systems, it is necessary to make additional examination of the spinal column.

Two types of pain and their causes:

  • Nagging and aching pain indicates chronic during spondylarthrosis'. More often than not a symptom manifests itself after a long period of seats, after a good night's sleep.
  • The strong and fiery. Sharp appearances connects movement and is accompanied by a drop in temperature of the body. The pain can appear after a bath, or even massage.

The transition of the pain in the leg or buttock

Pain below the waist often gives the buttock or leg. If put need a medical diagnosis, necessarily, takes into account this fact. This phenomenon suggests that, perhaps, surprise you with of the roots of the nerves in that part of the spine.

Also the pain, which is passed from the leg and the groin, belly, talks about the possible serious damage to the upper vertebrae. Sometimes, the pain leads to numbness of the foot and the loss of capacity of motion, is indicative of inflammation of the sciatic nerve. More often than not it can occur, such as the syndrome of muscle in the shape of a pear.

What causes the appearance of the pains of a woman

If a woman has in life, lack of exercise, and so she starts the pro-weeding of the beds, or simply resolved to wash the floor of the entire house, so it is unpleasant pain below the waist you can receive. Frequent the slopes and the tiredness of the back lead to the appearance of pain, because skeletal muscle is not prepared for such works.

Interesting! Exactly for the same reason, beginners fitness can experience described view point, the initial pain of the syndrome. And even professional athletes that give each day excessive, atypical load.

The innocuous causes of pain described, the location can be assigned:

  • a sedentary lifestyle (especially in the case of a posture);
  • wrong weight lifting;
  • excessive load to a certain lady;
  • hypothermia (currents of air or light clothes quickly to make known);

Pain due to gynaecological problems


Infectious diseases of the reproductive system of the woman may cause pain. Gynecologists emphasize that, in such a case, the back pain is not hurting the nature, she is sharp and affects to regulate the vital functions of the woman, the league.

For various gynecological reasons, the pain may lead to permanent aching in nature. In any situation, to make an accurate diagnosis for the specific case can only the doctor.

Possible gynaecological problems, cause pain below the waist:

  • Critical days in the body increases the amount of substances responsible for the sensation of pain. For this reason, may occur to pull a lower back pain, and also in the lower part of the belly. Need to checked out by a doctor, but in any situation of emergency in such a situation, there is: it is necessary to wait until the pain will pass.
  • During pregnancy, especially in the last cycle of life. Everything is clear: the pressure on the lower back increases with increasing fetal weight. In addition, the hard body produces the hormone progesterone, leading to a weakening of the joints and ligaments.
  • If the pain appeared in the early months of pregnancy is a dangerous condition. He points to the fact that there is a risk of peeling the fetal eggs. Many times the pull back pain when such a threat, accompanied by brown discharge.
  • Dysmenorrhea. The shell of the uterus has a mucous membrane structure, in that cling to a variety of inflammation. So, if this happens, the symptoms become bright and without a visit to the gynecologist is essential.
  • An ectopic pregnancy, a cyst or apoplexy scrambled eggs – the cause of a strong pain in the lumbar region. The pain is located in the lower part, requires immediate hospitalization.

If the person have low back is not necessarily a manifestation of sciatica. There is a huge list of diseases of the spinal column and other pathologies of organs and human systems that cause exactly the type of syndrome. To accurately determine the cause of the pain is able to only a doctor, depending on your location, the nature and other related symptoms.

Do not try to put the diagnosis. You should always consult a doctor, for example, to the doctor and talk about your condition and pass the corresponding analyses. Take care of yourself and do not self-medication without consulting a doctor, because many times this kind of interference in their health leads to tragic consequences.