Why the pain in the back and neck

We have enough of that already heard about the fact that the most dreadful back and neck pain can occur through the fault of the intervertebral hernia, and if a strong pain that is caused, we go to the doctor, waiting for the terrible sentence. However, the myths about the impending pain when the hernia is exaggerated: hernia, it is often not the cause of pain in the back and neck, although many older people in the still image, simultaneously, even some 3-4 mm of hernias. And where there is then a strong pain in the back and neck, even for young people?

Pain in the neck and in the back

Causes of pain in the back and neck

The pain in the back and on the neck appear more commonly due to muscle spasms, and joint subluxations vertebral. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of muscles and joints is done of us is not good enough. The smaller of the hernia and protrusion immediately identified through computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, while subluxations and displacement of the vertebrae remain often unnoticed. Electromyography may reveal the explicit different of muscle tone, many times, is not nothing.

How and why that can occur muscle spasms, abnormal or subluxations vertebrae? It may be that they are only possible weight lifters or only occur after the injury or injuries to the spine?

The fact is that this can happen to absolutely every one, and almost imperceptibly.

Muscle spasms can grow throughout life, in and of themselves, lead to biases in the spine and sprains

Cramps in the muscles of the back and neck

The impetus for the muscle spasms can be completely everyday things:

  • Permanent uncomfortable strenuous posture in the sitting position
  • The second reason is a sharp move and disproportionate to the physical load (refers especially to lovers of independent repairs and jealous of the cottagers): muscle spasm thoracolumbar department back can occur due to transport cargo that extends to the front of themselves the hands; pain and tension in the muscles of the region lombo-sacral occurs due to attempts to lift the heavy from the tilt position
  • The third reason — muscle inflammation (myositis) for a reason elementary hypothermia. Probably, everyone is familiar with low back pain in the region of the neck or back, resulting from the devastating currents of air. Interestingly, this happens more often in the summer than in the winter. The reason for this is correctly located on the running air-conditioning with billing so wrong heat (very large difference between the outside and the temperatures)

The symptoms of pain in the neck and in the back

  1. Neck myositis (sometimes called the neckband sciatica) flame low back pain, running shoes, a side: the top of the head through the ear, shoulder, and arm
  2. Low back pain in the thoracic backbone are given in the ribs in the form of intercostal neuralgia. The location, on the left side of the chest leads to the simulation of a heart attack
  3. The lumbago (lumbago) are given in the thigh. When inflammation of the same sciatic nerve occurs sharp painful heart attack "sciatica", in which the pain spreads from the gluteal muscles and the following for all of the back of the thigh and leg, literally until the soles
Pain in the neck

The mechanism of occurrence of muscle pain

Why the pain that is caused, which arose in the muscles is often treated is not easy, given that the first attack is able to pass to yourself? And why do the muscles ache?

The pain is so insidious phenomenon, which resembles the beast, which woke him up. While he sleeps, everything normal. But it's worth it to wake up, the problems do not end.

If there was a muscle spasm in the region of the back and neck affects passing through the muscles, the nerves, it is connected to the reflex mechanism of pain, remembering the infernal boomerang:

  • Crushing of the nerve multiplies muscle spasm (this is your natural protective painful response)
  • Back muscle spasm, again, irritates the nerve and everything is the infinite circle

The pain simply can not calm down, due to the constant reflex irritation.

The treatment of muscle pain in the back and neck

Contributes to the development of the starting point of the chronic pain of the metabolic syndrome and the treatment wrong:

  • Heat packs on the pain area, bathrooms, hot bath, scrubbing the principle result, apparently, a relief, but then the swelling of the muscles of the back and neck even higher and increases the pain
  • Realization of curative gymnastics, even with the stretching exercises to the aggravation can also lead to a worsening, as a reaction and without muscles strained, under the influence of an additional load can be unpredictable. In some cases, they can relax, in others, it is becoming even more tense
  • A similar reaction can occur when the massage

Flattened the muscles very firm to the touch, and the person is extremely difficult to bend-loosen, rotate the neck, lift and place on the side of the hand.

The treatment of muscle spasms and acute headaches should be forwarded as soon as possible the rapid elimination starting point of the pain syndrome

To this is assigned to a week of rest and performed:

  1. Five celebrated in the course of analgesia and non-steroidal drugs
  2. When an extensive painful area are made to novocaine or Lidocainum lock
  3. The sessions of post-isometric relaxation — it is very effective static exercises to relieve pain
  4. The chiropractic and acupuncture, since if it is performed by qualified personnel
  5. Myofascial massage with stimulation of trigger (pain) points

Firing point and the area of the pain do not always coincide:

  • It hurts the loins, and the muscle is stuck far below and not at the back and front

The displacement of the joints of the vertebrae of the back and neck

Displacement (subluxation) of the joints of the vertebrae is not very rare. To trigger it:

  • Trauma to the spine, and even the classic households: drop, beat, inability of foot rests and t. d.
  • The steep slope, rotation of the neck and trunk, with a great angle
  • Permanent muscle spasm, withdalluaudi vertebrae

The diagnosis of dislocation of joints

If subluxation occurs after a fall or a failure of the speakers, diagnose it, you can, of a sudden, your and long lasting and does not pass on the pain. During the offset, you may hear a grinding or clicking a

  • The surprise factor starting point of the pain syndrome should let your doctor know, because when osteocondrose or hernia of chronic pain and is present over several years
  • If subluxation occurs through the fault of the muscles, diagnose it more difficult as the gradual displacement, and manifests the gradual intensification of the pain and malopodinandжнonwithtand

The displacement of the joints can and not give the bright clinical picture, except when this occurs in areas of transition:

  • Cervical-thoracic
  • GRUdonпonяwithнandчнonм
  • Pain креwithtzoom

Each department has its characteristic signs of dislocation of the vertebra:

In the cervical region:

  • It hurts and makes your head spin to the ground fainting state
  • Dimming, front view before the eyes, tinnitus
  • The curvature of the neck
  • Weakness in the arm, burning sensation and numbness in the fingers of the hands (the syndrome of cervical-brachial plexus)

In babies:

  • Dagger pain between the shoulder blades, ontdAUSA in the sternum and the belly

Such symptoms — a frequent cause of hospital admission of patients with suspected myocardial infarction, ulcers and even appendicitis.

Install, the that hurts in the chest not because of the heart, it is very easy to use: After taking inалanddonла or nitroglycerin painful attack does not pass

In the lumbar region:

  • Sharp low back pain, ontdающandе in the thigh, the lower part of the belly and the groin, This occurs when пondinыinandхе vertebra at the top of the department of the waist with a pinched nerve in the femoral artery
  • Low back pain all along the back surface of the foot, from the buttocks
  • Numbness, a feeling, that denies the foot or they have taken ofSuch phenomena speak about the clogging of the sciatic nerve to the пondinыinandхе vertebra lower lumbar of the back

The treatment of subluxations of the joints

The best treatment offset the vertebra is reduced, which is accomplished with the help of osteopathy and manual therapy. Twist will not stop until the buzzer doesn't fit into their true place

Unfortunately, the true monolinguals onwithtеonпаtonin and other professions of general practitioners, able to pass the competent reposition of the vertebra, very little.

  1. Start the treatment also needs to be mandatory to beat the starting point of the pain syndrome non-steroidal anti-inflammatory means
  2. Then, it is advisable to pass the competent body for the session of manual therapy
  3. But the therapy manipulative — not self-treatment method, and to maintain its effect, measures are needed to strengthen the patient's spine. You can do this, at the same time strengthening the muscles and restoring its balance through:
    • Strengthening of physical education medical
    • Massage
    • Electro-мandonwithtandмуляцandand

Cervical and lumbar osteocondrose

With time, the chronic neck myositis leads to onwithtеonхonнdрonзу, and he, unlike hernia, is a very common cause of pain in the neck and quite common among the very young.

  • The symptoms of degenerative cervical disc disease includes and VEGAtonwithonwithуdandwithts violation, when the pain in the neck and in the shoulder-лonпаtonчнonй area, in the hands, are added signs of brain dysfunction
  • The same pain and muscle spasms in rpydo-lumbar region — in the form pressing, in the form of chronic squeal of pain mixed with the feeling as if it was taken from the foot. The gait becomes uncertain: the man literally walks on пonлуwithonгнуts
A chiropractor

If cervical osteocondrose patients usually go to their doctor with the complaint of pain of the head, then when lower back scheduled for the cause is already far below, and to claim it is already beginning to "paralysis of the legs."

Muscle spasm in the lumbar region leads to spasm and contraction in the blood vessels, which increases the supply of blood to all organs located below the sector, including the legs. Hence the feeling of numbness in the limbs

If the pain in the region of the back and neck, despite treatment, was not very well during the week, is the basis of suspicion of more serious disease: the displacement of the joints of the spine or herniated intervertebral disk.

Pain in the herniated intervertebral disc

Finally, came the the intervertebral hernia, which is the source of the most intense pain in the cervical region and lumbar spine, and the neck even more dangerous phenomenon, since the extraordinary role of the neck as the primary "pipeline" for the anterior spinal artery.

Pain that is caused when the hernia, and quite frankly, the most painful and long-lasting, as well as is called a pinched spinal nerve. But it is a disease never occurs in an empty space, and always secondary

Usually pathology precede:

  • Long dandwithtрonфandчеwithкandе processes in the spinal column, for example, the osteocondrose
  • Violation of muscle function (the same pains and spasms in certain muscle groups)
  • Injury and other diseases

Therefore, the expression "I have unexpectedly form a hernia" wrong, although the solution for the victim is often a complete surprise. But here it takes a coincidence of several external factors:

  • The lift of gravity in the pose uncomfortable
  • A strong movement of "don't go there"
  • The fall in the foot or coccyx, and t. d.

Hernia formation does not always lead to pain:

The hernia
  • Front of a hernia point to the opposite side of the spinal cord and never affect the nerve
  • Herniated Schmorl, who like to scare the doctors, often absolutely asymptomatic, as well as when it occurs vertical indаinлandinанandе hyaline cartilage or the intervertebral disc in the body of the vertebra. It is also not possible to contact with the nerve

The danger they represent only the rear of the hernia

If the pain in the back and in the neck, pass a rigorous diagnosis.

It is very frequent, when the person to heal a hernia, and the image shows what it really is, but be the cause of the pain can not, because there is no one main reason: the compression of the nerve. The location of the hernia excludes the possibility of

But for the person with a back pain, and it is still tough dealing with "hernia" and even the treat. And the causes of pain can actually be subluxation, and the blocking of the vertebrae or a muscle spasm.