The back pain is the second most spoken, after the head pain.

The occurrence of back pain is related often with the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Some problems with the internal organs can also be given the back pain.

The nature of the back pain can be acute, pulling, nagging, strong, weak, express, shooting.

Experience the pain in the back, the person is not able to freely move, bend, move around.

This fact contributes to the moral and physical discomfort. A series of disorders brings pulling pain in the back.

The cause and location pulling pain in the back

The vertebral column

Pulling nagging pain in the back more often than is located in the lumbar or in the lower part of the back. In some cases, the nagging pain can occur in the sidebar. The pain that occurs in the back can be primary or secondary.

The primary occurs as a result of changes destructive the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, disorders of the functioning of muscles and connective tissue. The primary category of back pain are related to chronic disorders of the development of posture, inactivity, changes related to age, excessive exercise.

The secondary causes of the pain can be an injury, neoplastic, inflammatory or other pathological processes arising from kidney disease, the urinary tract, sexual dysfunction, diseases of the heart, respiratory system, intercostal neuralgia. Side of the pain arise again and again, or they may occur systematically during a long period of time.

Pull the back pain, depending on location have different symptoms:

  • pulling sharp pain in the waist area, characterized by shooting in the leg or arm, more often than signals about the injury to the spine. Generally, this type of pain has the increasing character: first, the sensation of pain are poorly pronounced, followed by pain occurring with more frequency, stronger, spread all over the lumbar region;
  • when the deformation of the individual vertebrae, characterized by headaches, which are located exactly in the area of destructive developing countries for the department of the vertebral column. When this occurs pulling pain in the back is a division occurs where destructive development. The vertebrae can bulge and have an unnatural operation. The pain can also spread to the lumbar spine;
  • the growing rupture pain, increasing when the movement is from one side of the spinal column, the other can be a symptom of an inflammatory process in the muscle of the back. The process (myositis) may be accompanied by swelling and redness in the focus of inflammation;
  • pull the pain, that appear in the sacral department of a vertebral column, characterized by the restriction of mobility, when they are surprised with the joints of the spine. The own spine becomes smaller, gradually, the pain and the limitations of the motor function are amplified. These symptoms are the hallmark of the disease Ankylosing.

In addition to developmental disorders of the spinal column, bone muscle tissue of the back, pain that can cause malfunctions of the internal organs:

  • the cardiovascular system. Pulling pain that occurs in the lumbar region left, can often indicate a violation of work of the cardiovascular system. The more severe the pain, which can signal the ischemia, the possibility of development of a state before a heart attack, appear behind the sternum, giving the area of the blades of the back, with the left hand;
  • the respiratory system. Pneumonia is caused by pulling pain on the left side of the back. This occurs due to damage in the lower part of the pleura.

Other disorders of the functioning of the internal organs can also cause the attraction of headaches: inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, diseases of the ureter, to a failure of functioning of the intestine, renal disease, internal of the genital organs, patients with tumor processes.

During pregnancy because of the load on the back and grip the fruit nearby organs and blood vessels, often appear in the pull the pain in the lumbar region.

The consequences of pulling pain in the back


It is necessary to understand, when the pain is a symptom of a pathological development of organs, muscles or the bone structure of the vertebrae. Of particular concern is the pain, which occurs because of a cancer. The appearance pulling pain, especially constantly exposed, is the subject of medical treatment.

It is crucial to reveal the reason why occurs the back pain. Resolve the cause of the starting point of the pain syndrome in the back to take the pull the pain.

If not treated by pulling the back pain, it can aggravate the disease development, leading to unpleasant feeling. In cases of abuse of development of the vertebral column is possible, the growth of bone tissue, the malfunction of the internal organs.

In the inflammatory processes cannot defeat the neighboring systems of the body. All the pain should be treated. When you are prompted to, acute pain, prolonged and constant that reminds yourself, you should avoid physical activities on the back.

Resolution pulling pain in the back

Pulling pain that occurs in the back, do not pass on the first visit to the doctor. Many times the complete treatment is a time-consuming process, especially if it is due to a violation of the structure of the spine, the tissues of the cartilage of the vertebral column.

First aid

As the first assistance of back pain it is necessary to take lying position. If you experience severe pain in the back, you can try to alone stop pain that is caused, then see a doctor.

An injury of the spinal column, the first help is the actions that can alleviate the condition:

  • you should lie down on the hard disk of the mattress;
  • to the site of injury (when there is no violation of the skin integument) to attach the pillow ice cream no more than ten minutes. This will eliminate the edema and resolution of the lengthening of the muscles;
  • you can use ice massage, which should produce several times a day.

Important! The damage to the spine can cause the development of pathological processes in the vertebrae, therefore, after the injury you should contact your doctor. Independent manipulation when you experience back pain that can not always be effective due to the incorrect to identify the cause of pain syndromes. When there is an injury in some cases, it is necessary to completely limit the physical operation of the spinal column and cause medicine.

If the pain occur systematically, disappear and appear again, this term can be attributed to chronic diseases. Only medical intervention can help cure this type of pain.



Usually, when it is particularly acute pulling pain occurs the need to take painkillers. Reduce the inflammatory process and resolve the severe and unbearable the pain can be via ointments, gels, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

The tool helps to relieve pain in time. Usually, it is necessary the systematic use of this medicine to eliminate the pain. This is the time to give up on any physical exercise.

However, it should be understood that the elimination of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome does not contribute to the solution of more causes pulling pain in the back, digging the starting point of the pain syndrome drowns the signal of a body about any violation of the body.

Surgical treatment

The causes pulling pain in the back more often that are fixed with the help of medicines, curative gymnastics, massage and other means, does not require surgical intervention.

Cases in which surgery is needed, are treated separately and refer to the category of chronic pulling headaches.

Indications for operation intervention when systematically presented or not done pain syndrome back are:

  • constant acute pain in the back, which is a consequence of the conservative treatment;
  • the scoliosis of spine (juvenile, next);
  • herniated disc in the complicated form, whose cause is the compression of the vertebrae, radicular nerve endings;
  • a tumor or a hernia of the spinal column;
  • unstable, the development of the column.

More often in diseases of the internal systems of the body, leading in pulling pain in the back, the operation is not necessary: the treatment is done with the help of medications.

Folk remedies

The use of remedies shown to relieve the pain of pulling the nature as a result of inflammatory processes in muscle tissue and superficial tissues of the back.

With the help of plants, of organic components and tools that you can prepare compresses, which help not only to relax the muscles of the back, but can eliminate the pain, reduce inflammation, relieve swelling:

  • the compress with honey, blue clay and aloe to help eliminate the pain of a herniated intervertebral disk or osteocondrose;
  • when sciatica pain help the clay with vinegar;
  • the incense and the apple cider vinegar — withdrawal of acute pain;
  • leaves and roots of horseradish help to relieve the severe pulling pain;
  • mustard, applied on a pre-greased back honey to help eliminate the pain and the inflammation.

The tool popular medical help you get up when icy pain in the back, and is also effective in the therapy complex. The use of tools popular treatment should necessarily agree with your doctor.

Therapy for exercise


Therapy for exercise, the most efficient method of resolution of pain in the spinal column. Kinesiotherapy should be performed only by appointment of the expert, as well as, in some cases, it is unacceptable to do the exercises, not only intense, but the smooth silent mode.

When pulling back pain exercises tend to be performed in the reclined position.

When this is done:

  • flexion and extension of feet;
  • create legs to the side;
  • the withdrawal of the knees;
  • the execution of exercises with the aid of the roller.

Important! If the exercises lead to an armbar feelings, it should stop its execution. It's not worth to perform exercises of outbreaks or with jerky movements: it is the execution will not lead to the result, and can only increase the pain.

Massage and self-massage

The massage can also be attributed to the pulling pain in the back. The inclusion of massage in the treatment done only after the diagnosis of the disease, as well as, in some cases, it is absolutely counter-indicated:

  • tuberculosis;
  • in oncology cases;
  • the high blood pressure;
  • when acute in inflammatory processes.

The massage should be done by a professional. He may recommend the use of techniques of self-massage that you can perform alone at home when it occurs the pain.

Therefore, the pull the pain in the back can't escape alone and they are a sign of pathological processes of the spinal column, muscle tissue, internal organs of the body. Pull the pain can have a temporary character, and can occur in chronic the execution of a form.

Resolve temporarily pulling unbearable the pain can be through medicines and remedies, but to completely eliminate the starting point of the pain syndrome (eliminate the cause of your appearance), you should consult your doctor. With the help of technical diagnosis, the doctor will determine the source of the pain.

The full course of treatment using drugs, massage, of the ministry of physical education will help to cure the disease, which leads to pain. In some cases, it is possible to surgical intervention. Eliminating the cause, the patient will get rid of the symptoms.