Which doctor to seek, if the pain in your back?

The doctor carries out a pre-diagnosis, and then forwards them to a suitable specialist. Spine will treat your problem, if the case in the health of the spinal column itself. It is worth visiting the office neurologist, if crushing of the nerve or nervous tissue irritable an inflammatory process. It may be necessary to visit a cardiologist or gastroenterologist, if the reason for the pain will find themselves in violations of the functioning of the internal organs.

back pain

Medicine in our days is highly specialized. In the beginning it will be difficult to determine which is the doctor ask. If the pain in the back and are present with the chronic disease, the first thing we learn about pain from your doctor. Different pathology cause different pain. They can be expressed continuously or to find the attacks. The pain can be stabbing, whining, foot, press, press.

Chronic pain that is caused is often called the exaggeration of expansion of bone tissue. Simultaneously, the patient feels like a numb and if they would loose the legs. Apply a visit a neurologist.

If the feeling of aching, the cause may be a muscle inflammation. Such pains are mild, but a long time to exit. The inflammatory process can be initiated hypothermia or exaggerated tension. To help him in the office of the neurologist.

Stinging say about possible pathologies of the respiratory or urinary system. In such cases, require the services of a pulmonologist or a urologist. Dent and, in cases, when the man ripped off the back. Such symptoms can talk about hernia repair or the risk of their occurrence. Here will help the neurologist or spine.

But if the back pain has emerged, and ideas, for the doctor to go, do not go to a therapist. It will tell you which exams to pass, what research to spend. By examining the data and analyze the symptoms, the therapist will decide who of the doctors that you go.


Such a doctor specializing in the study of the spine and its pathologies. He will be the general framework that determines, if the competence of a source of headaches, and give you advice on the treatment. Doctors good the same have the skills of massage and chiropractic, are involved in plastic surgery of the spinal column.

All of these therapeutic techniques help you, if the pain in the back due to the fact that:

  • You sleep very soft, or vice-versa in a solid, uneven bed;
  • Uncomfortable, stacked up during sleep;
  • Sleep artificial clothing fabrics;
  • Working very hard physically;
  • He is constantly sitting behind the computer or working in the office.

To not seek a physician, follow the following recommendations preventive:

  • Sleep only in beds of medium hardness. Very hard and soft mattresses and pillows slowly deform your spine. Day keep the correct posture;
  • If you are the driver or the office worker, always try to warm up and get up;
  • Make easy discreet warm-up. In our day, it is for this reason more often than back pain in adults;
  • Sitting behind a computer, right grab a table and a chair. The backrest of the chair should be high so as to not create excess tension in the back. The hand is better to keep constantly in the arms of the chair. If they are in weight, the vertebrae experience an additional load;
  • Get rid of excess weight. The excess weight is not only highly loads the muscle system-physical system, creates the risk of degenerative disc disease and hernias, but exacerbates the metabolic processes in tissues of the cartilage;
  • Start practicing swimming or gymnastics. The people involved bandages, physical exercise, support the muscles of your back is normal. Returns if for sport records. Heal your nasty consequences sometimes difficult;
  • Raising the severity in the house, to the back. Otherwise, torn spin assured.


Finding a doctor is not always easy. If you ask the normal to a therapist, the doctor treats the spinal column, the answer's probably going to a neurologist. The competence of neurologists does not include the number of technical treatment, which has vertebral column. But these doctors will make a diagnosis and, if you are the victim of rods, degenerative disc disease or hernia, the problem will be found, the treatment assigned.

The neurologist in their office or clinic will be able to diagnose such pathology of the skeleton, such as:

  • Sciatica (inflammatory process of the spinal nerve);
  • The Intervertebral hernia (output intervertebral hard from a stable position, and their difference);
  • Osteocondrose (deformation of the disks and cartilage tissue);
  • Osteophytes (tumors excess bone in the vertebrae);
  • The inflammatory process in the region of the sciatic nerve;
  • The protrusion (the first stages of development of hernia).

It may seem that there is a problem in the back, but, in fact, require treatment, are of endocrine organs or the respiratory system. The reason also can be found in infections or tumors.

Other doctors


Urologist. If the source of the back pain was not found to be a neurologist, and home treatments for back pain don't help, see a urologist. Your back pain may be a sign of renal or other urological pathology.

The pulmonologist. The ache in the thoracic region of the spine can cause can also, occur a lung pathology. Therefore, it is a respiratory physician to reveal the presence of infectious diseases, tuberculosis, or pleurisy. In turn, stabbing backs, can talk about the inflammatory process.

The cardiologist. It may be that stabbing pains in the chest, which the patient associated with the back, are the result of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cardiologist will eliminate the risk of myocardial infarction and ischemia of the heart.

Endocrinologist. This professional is enabled to indicate a possible lack of calcium or calcium exchange. If the problem is in the precarious conditions of an organism with this substance, they may receive the interrupts in the system muscle-skeletal system.

A rheumatologist. Examines the connective tissue and the metabolic processes. It is able to detect the risk of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, if it exists.

Traumatologist. Worth exploring and old injuries. They can give if to know through many years. And it may be that the patient tore off the back, it is difficult to work.

The gastroenterologist. Stabbing pains can be a result of gastrointestinal illnesses: ulcers or gastritis the stomach, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. Problems may occur with the output of bile, inflammation of the pancreas, intestinal diseases. The gastroenterologist will also eliminate the suspicion of appendicitis.

The oncologist. Organs deformation, manifested as back pain, can be the site of development of neoplasms. Lumbago back can be malignant or benign tumor. Diseases neoplastic much better if you provide healing in the early stages of development. Therefore, if the source of the pain can not find other doctors, it is better to prevent.

The gynaecologist. It hurts the back and many women, during menstruation. This behavior may occur due to the fact that genetically the uterus gets a little behind. The back pain can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, and inflammation of the female genital system. Even the healthiest pregnancy can be the cause of lower back pain.

Diagnostic methods

To understand who to turn to, and that the doctor deals with your problem, you may need results of the following studies:

  • Ordinary analysis of blood and urine to find out, does not exist in the body inflammation;
  • An x-ray done from multiple angles, the time to figure out, not the threat if you to the risk of developing a hernia;
  • The computed tomography is to consider your injury, if you hit the back or the tested excess voltage;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging produces an extensive and in need of a painting, but not more than once per month;
  • Method ultra-sonic, and tells him about the state of the tissue, cartilage and tendons, points to the danger of radiation oncology;