Surrounding pain under the ribs and in the back

The back pain may use a different character. One of the most painful varieties is surrounding pain. She connects the movement, which often has a paroxysmal character, and can be caused by a huge amount of reasons. And you ignore it, you can't, no way. In the midst of that causes you can receive surrounding pain under the ribs and in the back? How to defeat it?

The causes and the characteristic of the pain


If you compare this kind of pain with others, that may appear in the middle of the disease, and preparing are the most unpleasant. They may have long-term or intermittent, are often characterized by crises. As a general rule, self-identify, which is the main cause of its occurrence is extremely difficult, as well as the occurrence of such a symptom as the surrounding the pain can occur during the development of numerous pathologies associated with as most of the internal organs, and directly with the elements of the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

If the main reason for the emergence of such pain are problems in the back, is, probably, the pain in a greater degree will be felt in the back. They may indicate the development of intervertebral disc hernias, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis. Usually, when it is celebrated the strengthening of the pain with movement – tilts, curves. Gradually, begin to appear additional symptoms – burning sensation, tingling, numbness, sweating, and t. d. these experiments indicate that occurs a tightening of the nerve roots.

Attention! If the pathology of the vertebral column clearly expressed, in addition to headaches, with time, you can gain the problems with the internal organs and paresis or paralysis of the lower limbs.

Also the cause of so much pain under the ribs, many times, become directly and an injury to the bone at the site. Even a simple injury or a small crack causes very unpleasant sensations of pain, and fractures of the ribs become incessant pain, difficulty breathing, and t. d. Also the main characteristic signs are abrasions, bruises, swelling.

Attention! If you have cough with blood, probably, has occurred acute lung injury of parts of the bones.

Intercostal neuralgia

Is this disease is able to much to spoil the life. When he often feels the pain caused in the back, between the ribs, beneath them. In addition to the patient feels a strong unpleasant burning sensation, "tingling" in the skin, is not able to freely move and even breathe deeply during the time normal breathing pains became stronger, I felt and in the area of the ribs and in the back. The main reasons for intercostal neuralgia – this is the injury, stretching the muscle, the long period of permanence in the same position. By itself the disease is not dangerous, but causes a significant discomfort.

Attention! If the intercostal neuralgia has two sides, a type of injury, the pain will be all over the back. But, in general, they are usually felt only on one side.

Lung pathology


Cause the appearance of such symptoms can, and most of the pathologies of the internal organs – for example, the lung, the heart, the elements of the digestive system. It is important to remember that the pain atdreverie with the transition to the back is one of the main symptoms of pneumonia – a dangerous disease, which often ends lethal and involves a heavy treatment under the constant supervision of doctors (at the hospital). Pneumonia is necessarily characterized by other signs of high body temperature, the acquisition of skin on the nose cyanotic hue.

Attention! At the first sign of pneumonia, it is important to immediately call the emergency service. Without medical care is a disease, not to win.

Pathology of the digestive organs

It is the most frequent cause of the onset of girdling pain in the back and on the edges, although the digestive system and has no relation with the muscle system-dVigatelname drive. As a rule, the presence of this symptom, talk about the following issues.

  • Pancreatitis – usually appears of fatty foods. The pain does not cease, even if the person is in the reclined position. Usually, the syndrome is felt in the left side of the body under the ribs.
  • Cholecystitis, characterized by the presence of a starting point of the pain syndrome of the left under the ribs with the impact on the back. Also the man experiences the nausea, it can begin to heat.
  • Ulcers types of location – as a rule, established on the walls of the stomach or 12-duodenal gut. The pain is very strong, is celebrated nausea. The pain is located on the edges left and allows you to shoot the body.
  • Hepatitis, cirrhosis and other diseases of the liver characterized by the presence of a source of pain on the right side of the body under the ribs.
  • When the problems with their spleens, pain marked on the edges left and feel-in the neighborhood of the back.
  • Appendicitis is accompanied not only surrounding the pain that is moving to the lower part of the belly from the right, but the nausea, weakness, increase of temperature.

Other causes

Preparing the pain can appear for other reasons:

  • renal colic;
  • the development of tumors (cancer of the pancreas, of the stomach);
  • problems in the gall bladder;
  • the herpes zoster;
  • the infarction.

If you want to see more of, what to do if the back pain in the region of the kidneys, as well as consider the possible causes and effective treatments, you can read the article on the subject on our site.



To correctly identify the cause surrounding pain is very important. As is already clear from the foregoing, the presence of such a symptom may report far from more mild disease, and about the extremely serious and dangerous for life diseases. Unfortunately, they are more likely to cope with this task can only doctor. The expert must assign a number of studies, to reveal the true cause:

  • blood and urine tests. The blood is explored including biochemistry;
  • the research of secretions from the lung;
  • x-ray of the lung, the upper part of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Ultrasound of the internal organs;
  • Gustroscope.

The doctor will pick them based on the anamnesis. In general, it may be necessary to query different professionals – neurologist, tRaumatAloha, gastroenterologist, and t. d.

To determine the cause of pain is extremely difficult. You can try to do this, based on general characteristics of the symptom. Thus, it should be noted the source of the pain, its character (acute, boring, annoying, price, harrowing, and t. d.), reveal a number of factors, in which the pain becomes more strong (for example, breaths, cough, inclinations, muscle tension). Sometimes, it is important to know, and then when the pain disappears – when you're hot, you receive analgesics or spasmolintble drug, after meal, or before her and t. d.

Table. Possible causes, depending on the type and location of the pain.

The place and the type of pain Possible causes
In the thoracic region Osteocondrose, slipped between the vertebrae, predinfarctNoah state, neuralgia.
Under the scapulae The overvoltage muscle corset, problems with the CNS and the heart, heart attack, pathology, gastric, lesions in the vertebral column.
On the left side of the body Pathology of the liver, pancreatitis, inflammation of the gallbladder, and renal disease, including the presence of stones.
The pain of the right Cholecystitis, gallstone disease, acute pancreatitis, appendicitis.
Acute pain The pathology of neuralgia, kidney or cramping of the liver, pancreatitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, problems with the spine.


The treatment if any girdling the pain is able to assign only a doctor, especially if you have a problem with the very definition of its causes. When a series of pathologies, in any case, you need emergency help for an expert. Treatment method will be selected depending on which was the cause of the appearance of the starting point of the pain syndrome.

Attention! Analgesic and antispasmodic medications, many times resolve the symptom, but temporarily, and the pain is not necessarily return, if it is not related to the surge in muscle or reckless injury.

Doctors can prescribe the drug treatment. Usually, it is directed to remove the pain or inflammation. Depending on the cause, can be prescribed ointments, pills, injections, and t. d., In some cases, it may be necessary to the operating of the intervention.



Reduce the risk of development of pathologies that lead to the occurrence of girdling headaches, may help:

  • proper and balanced diet;
  • create an environment that is emotional;
  • a healthy life-style and the increase of the physical load (with moderation);
  • walking frequent outdoor;
  • careful personal hygiene.

How to relieve back pain?

Step 1. In the first place, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor and get advice on the treatment of headaches with it, pass the exam, to establish a precise diagnosis.

Step 2. We recommend a visit to the chiropractor, book sessions iglorefleksotERPII, if the causes of headaches are a problem with the motor system of a machine.

Step 3. To relieve the state will help and massage. It is necessary to pass a full course of therapeutic massage, pre-find a good specialist.

Step 4. Sometimes, to overcome the pain and kinesiotherapy. And sport activities to help prevent the development of a number of diseases.

Step 5. It also helps eliminate the pain mud therapy. Now go through a course you can not visit a sanitarium, and even in the city.

Step 6. It is recommended to perform a simple exercise of racestaike back. Complex may refer you to a doctor.

Step 7. Sometimes, the best doctor – it's a dream vacation. It is important to find time to sleep well and ontlyingtSya after work. It is also recommended to purchase a quality bed with the pillowtop.

Step 8. In some cases, quickly get rid of the pain anesthetic help the drug. It is worth to take it according to the instructions and not much for them to become involved.

Step 9. It is important to worry about the state of the backs during the work. Who performs a work, it is recommended to purchase a chair and periodically do an exercise for the back and neck. For those who perform hard physical labor, it is also recommended to periodically run an exercise and stretching and dispense the load of work, without forcing yourself.

Surrounding pain in the region of the back or under the ribs can signal the development of serious pathologies. Therefore, it is worthwhile to dedicate the maximum attention and immediately go to the doctor, especially if she does not pass for a short space of time, or, often, occurs again. Not worth to self-medicate, as this may cause the increasing development of pathologies and lead, in some cases, the sad death.