Correct posture in children: the security of good health

Correct posture is essential for good health. Unfortunately, people are not born already formed posture. About it need to work. And it is in the pre-school age, it is best to start instilling good habits and teach children to live a healthier life.

It is always good to look to the man whose direct shoulders, straight back and take the march. People more confident. And vice-versa. It is sad to see a passer-by, with a tilt of the back. And this is only the external factors. Bad posture leads to complications of the internal organs. Interrupted the work of the respiratory and the central nervous system, reduces the lung volume and receives lack of air. Therefore, it is very important to me since childhood, to draw attention to the formation of a posture.

Posture: basic concepts

Posture is the habitual posture, in which the spin of a person is in the upright position. In the early years of children's lives are formed natural curves of the spine. By this time, when the child goes to school, these curves are defined more clearly. The own spine begins to form in the process of development and growth of the child.

Signs of a correct posture:

  • collarbone are at the same level;
  • if you look to the back, shoulders, and the shoulders are arranged symmetrically;
  • head, hip and trunk on the same line;
  • abdomen retracted;
  • the feet have the same length.

The scoliosis

To understand if there is a violation to have a child, you need to put it directly. If the blades strongly defended, and the head and shoulders are inclined to the front in time to take action.

Types of violations of posture:

  • lean;
  • flat back;
  • flat concave of rotation;
  • round of rotation;
  • round the concave of rotation;
  • the bad posture.

One of the violations in children is to slouch. The children do not know if you control, then during the reading or playing games on the computer, rotation relaxes, and rounded shoulders, falling to the front. This leads to masterful. If you do not arrive in time to take measures to grow the hump, the heart and the lungs stop working normally.

Defects round or hexagonal concave of the back are formed at an early age. Begin to stand, walk and sit the child in need of his time. This is the age you can start to form a defect. To the west and lowered his shoulders, the strong deflection in the spine and leaning to the front of the head.

In children, developmental delay, or, on the contrary, it grows, you can experience smooth or flat concave back. Such children quickly get tired, barely cope with different loads, complain of headaches. Generally, it is a violation of posture leads to the development of scoliosis.

The bad rotation occurs in children of pre-school age. This is the first sign of a case of violation of posture. This problem occurs when a child little moves, it is not particularly developed musculature, there is an excess of weight, a lot of time sitting at a desk.

The three degrees of violation of posture

  • The first is that small changes in violation of posture. Easily fixed through the force of will of effort. It is found mainly in pre-school age.
  • Second: signs of curves posture becomes more. Some efforts to straighten the spine is not enough. If you take the child to the underarms and lift, the violation устранятся. The posture can be corrected with the help of special exercises of physical education.
  • The third: when violation of posture difficult to cure.

Factors that influence the posture of children

  1. The adequate nutrition. Necessarily, the diet should include foods that contain vitamins C and D. salmon, mackerel, milk, eggs, currant, citrus fruits and vegetables.
  2. The absence or lack of physical exercise. To always maintain the posture in the right way, you need a good physical preparation.
  3. Properly chosen and heavy school bags. Better, if the weight of the backpack will not be more than 2 кг., Therefore, still worth the watch, that the child carries with him. Take correct backpacks with back support orthopedic and comfortable wide straps.
  4. Incorrect posture. It is necessary to track the students during the execution of work of the house, when you are sitting at the table, and especially behind a computer. Periodically, to suggest you on the correct posture. It is, necessarily, take a small break between long provisions sitting.
  5. Psychological state. The constant criticism, the lack of understanding on the part of parents that do not increase the self-esteem in children. Shy children more slouch. Therefore, for the child, it is very important to the main concern and support.
  6. The mode of work and rest. It is important to observe the proportion between these activities. Many parents strive for their child to have visited many sections and was constantly busy. Children need physical activities. But it is also necessary, and recreation
  7. The shape of the foot. Violation of the foot will result in changes in the spine. Therefore, you should regularly check the door in flat feet.

Test: how to determine if there is violation of posture

Doing this is simple. We place the child against the wall, head, shoulders, buttocks and heels were firmly attached to the lateral surface. If the correct posture, such a posture will not cause any disorders. In the case of a violation, a child quite difficult it will be to deal with such a request. And even more pull away from the wall, and stay in that position for some time.

To form a correct posture in children

  • It all starts with the birth. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the development of your child at an early age. It is in childhood is more easy to form habits of correct and teach the child to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The constant двигательная activity. From a young age to teach your child to exercise. This may be cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading. Play with it in games: badminton, volleyball, and soccer.
  • Rejection of postures incorrect. When the children are small, have difficulty in controlling yourself. They do not give much importance to the way they sit, the posture watch television or eat dinner. And in these moments it is very important to the control of the parents.
  • Total physical preparation. For the child since the childhood, she formed a correct posture, of great value have hardening and exercises that increase the overall tone of the body. The swimming and healthy sleep can help restore the nervous system.
  • Check flat feet. The correct selection and comfortable shoes to help the child maintain the correct posture during the movements.
  • Child's bed should be firm, best orthopedic.
  • The exercises promote the development of the correct posture of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders, abdominals, in the development of flexibility, mobility of joints, the training of the respiratory system.

Exercises for correct posture

  • Unloading of the spine. Twice a day, lying on a solid surface. Enough for 15 minutes each time.
  • Climbing wall for children. The suspension at rest, in the horizontal bar. Time: how much force.
  • Direct of rotation. We got up against the wall, firmly pressing the head, buttocks and heels. We parted from the wall, присядем and lift-if, adopting the correct position.
  • "The swallow". With feet together, hands down. When the withdrawal of one of the legs, back, hands produce side-by-side. We are half a minute. Then, we changed the walk.
  • Walking through the room. We walk, alternating between different options: on the tip of the feet, heels, outside, and edges to stop.

Games for the prevention of disturbances of posture

  • The game with the ball. Aims to strengthen the shoulders and a good posture. You must hit the ball in the basket, playing with two hands, because of the head.
  • The game with the rope. For the development of balance and muscle strengthening. On the ground, put the rope and the children walk on it like a tightrope. You have to try to go with the uniform on your back, hands blurring in part.
  • The game with the toy. As well strengthens the muscles of the back, helps to keep the balance. The child leans forward, with her back to him, put the soft toy. He should take the use to a particular location. When the movement of your head, it is not possible to omit, and the back needs to keep functioning.

The tool of rehabilitation

The process of rehabilitation of children is quite long and composed of physical, medical and psychological.


One of the main forms of treatment in violation of posture is considered to be the kinesitherapy (therapy by exercise). It aims at the increase of physical endurance, the strengthening of the muscle tissue, the development of coordination, the ability to control his body. A special set of exercises, taking into account the development of your child, will help you find the specialist.


Necessary to treatment method is massage. It shows all the changes of posture, which aims at the strengthening of muscles, reduction of pain and stress relief. The right type of massage to choose the expert after the research.



Hydrokinesotherapy, or aqua exercises is helpful and the type of rehabilitation, who like children. In the water the exercise easier to do. All movements are performed under the supervision of a specialist. Are considered to be different degrees of disturbances of the posture, so that the complex of class adjusted individually. The method is not медикаментозным. However, when combined with the gym gives excellent results.


In this type of treatment, it is necessary to choose the more suitable climate for your baby. Useful for performing spa treatments in the outdoor air of the bath, the bath, the sun bath. When the choice of the resource, it is best to consult your doctor, who understands geographic climates.

The treatment of sludge

Pelotherapy — treatment of sludge, simple and effective in the treatment of the spine. Useful micro-organisms included in the medicinal mud has relaxing, soothing and analgesic action on the body. However, due to the fact that the children are still little developed immunity, there are contra-indications to the therapy. And it is important to follow the guidelines of the pediatrician.


Balneotherapy is the composition of different procedures for the health, that uses freshwater, marine or saltwater. In the case of violations of posture is useful in a shower of sensations. Head of water, its composition, the temperature — all of this together, strengthens motor skills, muscular system, promotes the mobility of joints.

The hardware of physiotherapy

Apparatus for physiotherapy — are devices that have a medical impact on the child through an electric current, laser radiation, heat, magnetic field and др. Electrophoresis help the drugs more deeply penetrate through the skin, relieving the pain. In conjunction with other procedures, this therapy increases the effectiveness of treatment.


An important role in our life plays the correct posture. Has from a young age to call the attention on the physical activity of the child. To correct the consequences of wrong education is always more complex than teaching since childhood useful habits. Pay attention to several factors: as it sits, it's worth it and if you move your baby. Help him to grow successful and a healthy person.