Back pain right side: causes, treatment

Any person can find with some pain in the right side of the back a little above the waist. There are many reasons for this. And it is important to define the symptoms and origin of pain, to properly address the subject of treatment. This is necessary because the back pain right side can indicate a disease in the spine or violation of the functioning of the internal organs.

the pain in the back right

In connection with this, doctors recommend to pay attention to the location and nature of pain in the right side of the back, and in a timely manner to consult with experts on treatment issues.

Possible causes of pain in the back above the waist right

In most cases, the back pain right side talk about the possibility of an extension excessive of the muscles of the back in the place of location of the pain, his conditioned life, lead a sedentary life. This characteristic is, generally, to students and people for the realisation of a long period of time unchanged posture.

The sensation of pain in the right side of the back, above the waist, many times, may be a manifestation of diseases of the spine:

  • osteocondrose;
  • sciatica;
  • scoliosis;
  • the presence of intervertebral hernias in the lower part of the chest;
  • injuries to the spine;
  • the inflammation of the muscle fibers, which support the vertebral column;
  • tuberculosis of the spine.

Also about the occurrence of pain in the right side of the back can influence the disease and the functional impairment of the internal organs, which, in its majority, may be indicative of dangerous for the life of the patient in a state and require immediate hospitalization and surgical intervention!

Such pathologies are:

  1. the appendicitis;
  2. peritonitis;
  3. pyelonephritis;
  4. pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis;
  5. duodenal ulcer;
  6. the presence of stones in the kidneys, its output;
  7. cholecystitis;
  8. heart diseases (infarction, angina, and Dr);
  9. pneumonia;
  10. pleurisy.

In women with back pain may be due to gynecological problems:

  • adnexitis (inflammation process appendices);
  • dysmenorrhea (inflammation shells of the uterus);
  • the presence of fibroids and cysts.

Pregnant women may also complain of pain in the back of the back of the right side.

However, for them is a natural process: with the increasing of the mass of the fruit grows the load on your spine, which can cause painful sensations. But it should be noted that pregnant women (especially those who are in the beginning of the cycle of life) is not worth it is easy to relate the onset of back pain, as well as, in some cases, the pain sensation can be a sign of threatened miscarriage or premature birth.

The nature of pain and diagnosis

The pain in the back of the right side may be different not only because of its appearance, but by nature.

Pain in the back, to the right may be:

  • cramps – generally, the character of the pain caused the muscle contractions of sudden in the hollow abdominal and pelvic organs (the bladder, the ureters, the intestines, the uterus, fallopian tubes);
  • permanent;
  • growing;
  • sharp (testify about the defeat of the internal organs, the possibility of internal bleeding, breaks, and t. d.);
  • as prostrela;
  • aching;
  • without cutting;
  • tjanoski;
  • long;
  • KRAtsovremennymi.

The nature and location of the pain can put the pre-diagnosis.

causes of pain in the back
  • Thus, the strong, the sharp pain in the back of the right often indicates diseases of the internal organs.
  • Pulling, aching pain may indicate kidney disease, stone in the kidneys.
  • In women with gynaecological problems, back pain in the lower right part have more schwatcoopany nature.
  • Description of pain in the form of prostrela inherent diseases of the spinal column.

The pain can be KRAtsovremennymi and long-lasting. Brief and strong pain talk about ostrom the development of the disease, long-lasting and blunt sensations of pain, it means that the disease acquired already chronic.

As well as the reasons that you may experience pain in the back, to the right, a large amount of visit the need of some of the doctors: physical therapist, neurologist, nephrologist. Women in addition to consult with the gynecologist, the men with the men of your doctor. The experts will analyze the anamnesis and symptomatology, afghanistan complaints, highlight the need for more medical tests:

  • the analyses;
  • the ultra-sound ultra - sound;
  • computed tomography - CT;
  • x-ray examination;
  • magnetic resonance imaging - MRI.

Just about the results attributed to the research, the doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis and a treatment. The treatment, naturally, will be different in different diagnoses. The only similarity in the treatment – assignment of analgesics to relieve the pain threshold of the symptom.

Methods of treatment and prevention

Treatment methods depend on the accuracy of the diagnosis, the nature of pain, its duration. However, we highlight the main points, which are characteristic for the treatment of back pain, on the right, regardless of the cause:

  • remove the starting point of the pain of the symptom;
  • resolution of the inflammatory process;
  • resolution the main cause of headaches (is usually is the main step in the treatment);
  • notice the recurrence of the disease.

Depending on a way or another disease, that can occur back pain, on the right, choose and treatment methods:

  • IUdикаIUнtoznye (tablets, injections);
  • of physical therapy;
  • operational intervention.

Special attention deserve and general prevention activities:

  • the restriction of loads on the vertebral column;
  • straight posture;
  • comfortable posture during sleep;
  • timely examination of internal organs, consultation with experts, if necessary;
  • the proper nutrition;
  • the fact that to avoid hypothermia, stress, fall, injury;
  • the gym;
  • swimming;
  • temper.

Therefore, the pain, located on the right side of the back, above the waist, may vary according to the nature and duration, have completely different causes and consequences.

diagnosis and treatment

Pain in the right side of the back can be a symptom of serious diseases of the internal organs. This is why it is very important not to self-medicate, and, if you have the disease to seek the advice of qualified professionals. After you pass all the required surveys and a treatment prescribed it is important to follow the recommendations of doctors to prevent a relapse.