Talking about the pain in the middle of the back?

This phenomenon, as the pain in the middle of the back, is very common and can occur for several reasons. This point syndrome is caused by lesions on the back, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. Therefore, very important to the accurate diagnosis, which depends on the regularity and effectiveness of the treatment.

the pain in the back in the middle

The most likely causes of pain in the middle of the back

Most often, pain in the mid back occur by reason of disease of the vertebral joints and spinal muscle. But, many times, this can also be a sign of serious illnesses, including the internal organs, which often accompanied by fever. Consider the most common causes that contribute to the appearance of pain in the middle of the back. This is:

  • Osteocondrose the thoracic spine, which usually causes pain that is caused in the middle of the back. This disease leads to the development intervertebral joints, degenerative processes, which contribute to the destruction of the vertebrae and the appearance of tumors. Osteocondrose is characterized by frequent pinched nerve fibers, so arise the sensations of pain intensity, appear abruptly and suddenly. If there is a loss of nerve, the pain may not be very severe and occur only during driving.
  • Traction spinal muscular due to sports or excess physical activity. This pain that is caused does not have an acute onset, but is present constantly and intensifies during movement.
  • Arthritis of the spine. Pain caused caused by this disease can sometimes manifest itself so strong that the person there's not even space to stretch fully the chest, and his body is, primarily, in a little folded position.
  • Myositis – inflammatory process in the skeletal musculature. Pain that is caused in this case, it is often unidirectional, that is, it appears, to the right or to the left. The pain when the disease is not acute, which occurs when the movement of the body and during the pressure on the affected area.
  • A deviation or corruption of the intervertebral disk. This pathology can be as acquired and congenital. It leads to the clogging of the nerve, when the movement of the body and, consequently, occurs pain that is caused.
  • Scoliosis, which leads to an abnormal development of the curvatures of the spine, which also leads to the clogging of the nerves and cause starting point of the pain syndrome. Many times the pain that is caused when scoliosis manifests itself more after a night's sleep.
  • Disease of the internal organs. It is a disease of the heart, that pain gives, generally, in the left pane of the back. For heart disease, pain that is caused can also give the shoulder or the upper member. If these symptoms are associated with pain directly in the area of the heart, this may indicate a myocardial infarction.
  • the pain in the back in the middle of the diagnosis
  • The patient kidney cause pain that is caused and the temperature.Kidney disease, which can also cause pain in the middle of the back, often accompanied by high fever. It is said that it is an inflammatory process in the kidneys. If you have a place of intense renal dysfunction, the temperature is very strong increases, occurs also the swelling of the body.In addition, in the middle of rotation can hurt due to problems in the gall bladder and the gastrointestinal tract. For example, a stomach ulcer gives pain in the middle of the back, focusing on your left, or to the middle part. And when the cholelithiasis pain that is caused is concentrated in the upper right abdomen and can then decrease, then increase. Sometimes, this may occur nausea and vomiting.
  • Poor posture, which occurs due to weakness of the muscles, or in the case of a workplace organization. Initially, the poor posture manifests itself in the form of intermittent pain, and according to the progression of the pathology, the pain becomes regular and much stronger.
  • Injuries to the spine.


When the pain in the middle of the back, necessarily, need to pass the examination of various professionals. Is cardiologist, surgeon and gastroenterologist.

Starting from the complaints of the patient, visual inspection, anamnesis the doctor prescribes referenced.

Between tools, techniques of diagnosis, the more likely it is conducted the examination of ultra-sound, x-rays of the spine, electrocardiogram, gastroscopy.


If the pain in the back, in particular, in its middle part, called the normal too much work or stretch the muscle, as stipulated weight lifting, loads of physical work or sports nature, the well will help the massage. Even a light massage helps to relax muscles and relieve painful spasm.

In addition, when the muscle pain help the adoption of hot water in the tub or shower. Also has a good effect of a bath of contrast. You can use the special ointment, which contribute to relieve the muscle spasm.

To strengthen the muscles and ligaments for the future, making them more resistant to physical and sporting loads, it is necessary to involve-in the morning gym.

the pain in the back in the middle of the treatment

If the pain that is caused in the middle of the back, it has nothing to do with physical injuries or sport loads, then, you must ask for the advice of a physician. Because this can indicate more serious illnesses, and back, and also about the pathologies of the internal organs.

The sooner it is made the diagnosis and performed the treatment, the better the result.

The treatment of pain in the middle of the back depends on which disease was the cause of their appearance.