The use of a good posture. How to maintain the correct posture?

A sedentary lifestyle, low двигательная activity is pursued by many of the citizens from childhood. At the end of 50 years, develops a mass of disease, the leaders among which are diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, oncology and osteoporosis. Of huge importance to our body has a good functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Today we will see in favor of a correct posture to health and a successful life. Explain how is the scoliosis, to give useful advice and exercises. After reading our article, you will learn how to work the posture and prevent diseases of the back.

What is a posture. Signs of a correct posture

It is time to say that it is a posture. In our literature, this is the habitual posture comfortable upright man, which he accepts without a lot of muscle tension. According to the american writer D. Bancroft stance is "inherent in a way of keeping the body, especially in the standing position".

Featuring a healthy spine, usually include the following signs of correct posture: the vertical position of the head, the chin raised, шейно-the angles, formed the side of the neck, are the same. To do this, the shoulders are at the same level, a little omitted and divorced. Stand out and other important signal – box, chest symmetric mid-line.

Among the many signs of a correct posture you need to highlight the layout of the belly. In addition, the blades should be an equal distance from the vertebral column and are pressed. Note that the lower corners of the blades when they are at the same level.


How to maintain the health of young people. The damage poor posture

Today, more people are starting to think about how to maintain the health of young people. Far from the last role in the prevention of diseases plays the understanding of the damage poor posture. What is dangerous? The habit of keeping back a non-uniform causes the internal organs, the abdominal and thoracic cavity move, begin the worse of work.

In people with bad posture band the breathing process decreases, worsening the circulation of blood, sometimes occurs the crushing of the nerve. Учащаются headaches, evolving from chronic fatigue. Will also a negative impact on the nervous system, which can lead to depression.

The position of the body, is a habit, leading to the change of the form of the vertebral column, the thorax, reflected in the function of the lower limbs, forming with flat feet. Children with curvature of the spine worse than running all motor skills, growing the risk of getting hurt. Also begin the act of restrictions on the activity of some sports, where there is high pressure on the vertebrae.

In addition, bad posture accelerates the aging process of the body. As is well known, after the completion of the development of the body start to act destructive processes. It is no secret that already at the age of 50 years, with most of the people develop osteoporosis. Worsens the state of the tissues of the bone, wash the calcium salts, which often causes fractures.

But the damage poor posture, do not stay here. Along with the excess weight scoliosis represents a serious danger. Increases the probability of the occurrence of degenerative disc disease. It is a disease in which they are surprised with the cartilage of the intervertebral disc.

The power of correct posture is essential for success in business. Why is it so important to the ability to keep?

With sure you've all heard the expression: the actual posture. It is believed that this concept comes from the word "are", which means high craft, important job. So, you can draw смысловую the relationship between the position in society and the ability to keep. The more the man looks at the life, the stronger, begins to believe in the power of correct posture.

Studies have been conducted that scientifically proven that there is the influence of posture on the process of identity formation. In particular, the ability to well maintain the key to success in business. It has been discovered that the thin man exudes confidence, it becomes easier to establish contact with the people. The curvature of the spine has a negative impact not only on health, but also psychological state. It is not by chance that in all times, of the military service followed the posture of soldiers. Especially strictly discussed in czarist Russia. But today in any army in the world also know about the power of a correct posture. To see this, just compare the photo of the recruits and guys, after the demobilization.

The figure of the man, who is able to stay slim. Your gait is beautiful, and all the precise steps. Simultaneously, he seems confident and uninhibited. And, on the contrary, a person with the posture incorrect, as a rule, clumsy, his actions are not perfect. On a subconscious level, the more confidence is called the thin man with bad posture. In addition, the figure is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting. And to change this impression will be very difficult. Scientists have proven that words account for only 5 to 10% of our communication. All the rest are gestures, facial expressions, physical appearance, tone of voice, intonation of voice and т. д.

Causes of bad posture

As we have already said above, the most important factor, which is called slouch, is гиподинамия. And even physical education classes are not a panacea. The fact is that the kids often barely sit at the table, raising one shoulder higher than the other. As a result, many students leave the alma mater with scoliosis. Among other reasons for the poor posture should be called:

  • the excess weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • the use of high-heeled shoes;
  • poor physical development;
  • congenital defects of the body;
  • excessively quick development (muscle growth far behind the growth of the skeleton);
  • osteochondropathy.

According to experts, the age of 17 years, is the most important for the formation of a healthy skeleton. Even a small deviation in the position of the body, which includes the habit of, in this moment, is extremely dangerous.


Types of искривлений of the vertebral column

Then, if the child does not keep his back straight, little moves, overloading a hand on your body, they develop dangerous processes. There are three types of искривлений of the spine: lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis. Note that the first two types of changes are natural and pathological. Lordosis is the bending of the spine to the front, that all humans have in the cervical region and lumbar spine. Kyphosis – flexion of the spine backwards, which occurs in the chest, and also in the department of the sacrum and the coccyx. Pathological lordosis and kyphosis differ from physiological changes only the degree of bending.

There is, also, scoliosis, or curvature side of the vertebral column. It is believed that it occurs when the inadequate training of the muscles of the back. This type of искривлений of the spine in the world today and is considered a serious disease, which leads to a deterioration of the functioning of various organs. Installed, what is scoliosis occurs and develops in youth, and, therefore, treat it better before 20 years, until the vertebrae at the end of the soured. Later, in the age of to get rid of this disease is extremely difficult.

It's amazing, but many parents, seeing the child to the curvature of the spine, who do not care. Their argument usually is – the child is in the sports section (participating in physical education classes), which means that everything would be fine. But this approach not only justifies itself, but it can lead to dangerous diseases, such as osteocondrose or osteoporosis. If the child does not properly maintain the back, unevenly sits at the table – this is a reason to visit the doctor-an orthopedist or a surgeon.

How can you correct the violation of posture?

So, how can you correct the violation of posture? For this, it is necessary to monitor constantly in order to spin the it was straight, shoulders deployed, of back. The head needs to stay in the front, your gaze directed to the horizon. The chest should be disclosed so that the distance between the ribs was the maximum. We offer some suggestions, with which you will be able to significantly improve your posture:

  • do the charging;
  • sleep on a flat surface and rigid bed;
  • relax after a physical effort lying;
  • swim style face down in the back;
  • do not hesitate to carry out the production facility;
  • visit masseuse.

Even if you far than 20 years, it is still perfectly possible to correct the posture. The important thing is to set a goal and work regularly on yourself. It is clear that, if the scoliosis of 3 degree these measures do not do this, you will need a recommendation from an expert. Usually, in such cases is prescribed wearing special corsets, physical therapy and curative physical education (therapy exercise).

Exercises for good posture

If you want to really make changes, then you have that, as you must train the muscles of the neck, shoulders, press, as well as the muscle, which straightens the spine. Also, attention must be paid to the muscles of the feet and buttocks. We offer to do the exercises for a good posture.

  • "Cart of british officers". Need to snuggle up with his back to the wall with no baseboard or a cabinet of five points: feet, buttocks, back, shoulders, затылком. In this position, the preference to stay 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Initial position — lying on the floor, legs extended, holding them together. Hands behind head, bound together in the castle. Then, we raise, simultaneously, the upper part of the trunk and legs, trying to stay at the highest point. Repeat 10 times.
  • Initial position – lying face down. The hands put in the time and, then, the deflection of the whole body, spreading foot. Do in inspiration and expiration, returning to the initial position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Sitting on the floor, flat on the floor with the hands (behind), and then raise the legs and doing a spin move (inside) – 10 times. Then, in the opposite direction — also 10 times.
  • We get up to the feet, raising the elbows upward. Then, we try to get the hands up to the blades. After that, we reduced the blades and produce the arms to the side. Repeat 10 times.
  • Initial position – lie down on the floor, face down. It is necessary to put of the foot, pull the toes of the feet. Palm put under your shoulders and elbows reap to the body. We do the breathing and slowly lift the box. Try to bend in the rib cage. The exercise is done through the muscles of the body, hands to help, not need. Try to keep the position for a minute.
  • Starting position – as in the previous year. Press his forehead to the floor, pull the neck. The palm of the hand to place under the shoulders. Then, start slowly straighten and the production of blades. Do 20 reps, and then join the blades so close and stay in this position for a minute.

Each lesson should begin with a warm-up, for well heated the joints and ligaments.

What we have said about the use of correct posture to health and successful life, called a chronic disease, which causes curvature of the spine. Some of them, such as the osteocondrose, the cure to be quite difficult. Therefore, to maintain the health of young people, it is necessary from an early age remind the children about the value of physical education.