Back pain above the waist: why it hurts and how to treat it

The pain in any part of the body – always unpleasant. To clear the non-occurrence of all types of pains in a person's body, it is necessary to take care of your health.

causes of pain in the back

All the pain in the lumbar region may have a negative impact on the spine of a person.

The loin is a very important area of the human body, as is the tenderloin performs the communication function between the lower and upper part, the parts of the body.

Note that the tenderloin is incredible the work load, and therefore more exposed to injury than other parts of the body, less loaded.

Certainly, each person knows what is back pain and how she is unpleasant. Diseases such as osteocondrose, sciatica are very dangerous to the human body in general.

More often you can encounter lower back pain, which is caused by changes in lumbar-sacral department, located in the vertebral column of a person. If You feel any lower back pain, in this case, you need to as soon as possible contact your doctor to get the help you need.

The great unfortunately, the lumbar spine, pain can occur in people of all ages, the veins depending on, You are a man or a woman.

It is worth noting that, in such cases, take the pain medicines is not always an efficient way to get rid of the pain. Take a painkiller, You just put all the symptoms, but the problem continues.


To better identify the causes of lower back pain, it is first necessary to understand which are the characteristics inherent to the pain. Headache intensity is divided into acute and chronic. The acute pain is called strong pain, t the time, as the chronic, less intense, lower back pain.

In our time, it can highlight a number of other pathological signs, among which:

  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea;
  • the increase of the temperature;
  • cough;
  • vomiting.

Low back pain above the waist, as well as other pains can be of different nature. The first back pain – pain, not with accuracy your location, stretching.

The causes of such pain in the human body can be varied:

  • heart disease;
  • pneumonia (infection of the lungs), pleural effusion;
  • diseases of the abdominal organs, both chronic and acute;
  • the diseases related to the esophagus;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy.

Another pain is inherent in a clear location. So much pain, characterized by a characteristic, a burning sensation in the wan part of the body. Such a pain when patient a little bit more easy to adapt.

back pain

The main reason for the appearance of pain in the back above the waist is a pathology of the vertebral column of man, as well as next to it injuries muscle-rib steel frame. Here is a list of several pathological reasons for such pain.

Among them, in a special way, we can detach:

  • sciatica;
  • the injury of the ribs and of the vertebral column in the thoracic region;
  • lumbar as well as thoracic osteocondrose;
  • myositis (inflammation of muscles);

Of course, only one nature, the lower back pain is virtually impossible to identify the exact cause of the occurrence of headaches.

That is why it is necessary the help of a qualified technician. It must be said that the same medical personnel, sometimes unable to find the root cause of the occurrence of lumbar pain. For this, they can be used in specific analyses, which are subsequently tested for the presence in the patient's blood substances, which may be pathogens pain.

What to do if back pain above the waist?

Answering the question, it is worth immediately say that, in such a case, should be treated properly. For this, you will need to contact the family, the doctor or the therapist.

If You do not have god, arise acute pain, it is not possible to tolerate, you should be faster to call an ambulance. If the pain in the back above the waist appeared after suffering an injury closer to the fall, contact your doctor.

In addition, it is worth saying that, when the lumbar pain can help You:

  • orthopedic;
  • infectious diseases;
  • surgeon;
  • the gastroenterologist
  • the pulmonologist;
  • the cardiologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • nephrologist;
  • urologist;
  • the proctologist.

It must be said that in the last fifty years, medical approaches to the treatment of low-back pain, essentially, exchanged, improved, because the medical progress during this time, he made an excellent step to recovery. Initially, the causes of lower back pain associated with inflammatory processes of the trunks of the nerve and nerve root. This opinion is presented in the term, the more known as sciatica.

In the last century, in the fifties, all the possible radiculitis were treated in the majority of cases considerable doses of antibiotics.

A little bit later because of pains in the back and began to count the degenerative-dystrophic changes in the vertebral column of a person.

diagnosis and treatment

Later, thanks to this opinion was started successfully performed an operation for a herniated disc in the spinal column. At the end of the millennium, many scientists and neuroscientists have begun to converge in the opinion that the pain about the lumbar area occur on the grounds of origin. Then, the doctors realized the relationship between low back pain and a variety of syndromes.

The doctor recommends (depending on the fragile health status of the patient):

  • in the time of 2 to 5 days refrain from any physical activity, to adhere to the bed rest;
  • the surface of the bed should be firm and smooth;
  • in most cases, the reception of gels and ointments containing analgesics properties;
  • exciting and anti-inflammatory components;
  • muscle relaxants, which serves to relieve the muscle spasm;
  • anti-inflammatory non-steroids;
  • the physical therapy;
  • vascular, and diuretics;

In this case, it also helps physical procedure of electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, massage. All of this helps to relieve muscle tension, stops the inflammatory process, but also has benefits for the circulation of the blood.

Why the pain in the back, to the right, above the waist?

This question is often asked in certain circles of people. Pain right above the waist can have several causes:

  • disease of the internal organs of a person;
  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system the unity of man.

The pain manifest themselves intermittently or temporarily. Temporary pain can, with great probability occur due to the fact that the man a long time ago, is in a uncomfortable for him, the posture, when lifting a big weight and t. d.

But if the pain on the right side above the waist accompany you throughout the day, you should immediately contact your qualified physician. In most cases, when such pain the person has some disease.

Pain in right side above the waist. The solution of the problem is in the spine

Many times, when struggles on the right side above the waist are the following diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as:

  • osteocondrose of the waist;
  • the syndrome of sciatica;
  • spondylosis in the lumbar spine;
  • injuries to the spine;
  • the osteomyelitis;
  • tumor of different quality;
  • other inflammatory as well as degenerative processes.
low back pain

In any case, when such pain the person is highly recommended to visit a doctor. It's not worth to postpone their own health care in a box, because with the time detailed pain can only increase.