The back pain and headache: causes, symptoms, complications, treatment

Many times the common person has a medical condition in which pain in the back and along the head hurts like pain. This is the result of a close connection between these two departments combined common of the nervous system – the most important departments of the brain and spinal cord. Many times the cause of pain is the own anatomical features of the human body. The head joins to the body with the help of the cervical spine, which contains in itself a multitude of small retaining ligaments and muscles. The artery feeding the head, take their beginning in the back, because when the pathologies of this department frequent is an expression of pain in the head.

the pain in the back and in the head

The relationship of pain in the back and in the head

For understanding the processes of pain is necessary to know the anatomy of the body. The head is one of the most important departments, that is the brain responsible for human thinking and the functioning of the internal organs. With the help of the cord, it connects with the spinal. The spinal cord is a long body made up of nervous tissue. Axons and dendrites are interwoven between them, forming conductive system of the spinal cord. Between a brain and spinal cord connect still and full of a liquid system – the spinal, which supports necessary for the functioning of the bodies Wednesday.

Because the disease touches the spinal cord, and, together with the shape and the vertebral column, often delivered in the head and brain. Because the pain in the departments of the back and head are frequent joint of the phenomenon. The diseases that cause pain, relate to:

The scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, which is often due to crushing of surrounding tissues causing a lot of discomfort and pain. The spine curved, or to the right or to the left, changing to a form of lying vertebrae. Many times, when a person has a headache, because the spinal cord is wrong and stretches.

Moreover, there is the crushing of a nerve root leaving the spinal column. Evolution of pain that is caused, which is dangerous to the development of epileptic seizures lesions in the brain. If the pain is not treated, it can cause epilepsy, and the time constant of migraine. It is important to consult your doctor and use the special of the corset, that will stop the deformation.

Migraine occurs due to disturbance of blood circulation in the cervical area, swimming pool. Regardless of the original location of the scoliosis, changes in the tonus of the blood vessels, which can increase and decrease the number of inflow of blood. The most vulnerable are the muscles of the neck.


Meningitis is an infectious disease. He attacks the upper shell of the spinal cord and brain. The disease is extremely severe, causes a strong pain, temperature, tremor of the extremities. If time does not begin to cure the disease, you can lead to damage to the nervous tissue of the brain and spinal cord.

The injury causes almost non-convertible processes – a man loses his intelligence, often stimulated functional of the kernel, which are responsible for processes of respiration and heartbeat. The rare occasion to do without the long recovery processes, the application of strong antibiotics and decontamination of human immunity.

The disease spread from the spinal cord to the car radio through a shared system of cerebrospinal fluid. In case of damage immunity and hematoencephalic barrier, the disease spreads to the brain. It also works in the opposite direction.

People in the initial stage of meningitis with damage hematoencephalic barrier will feel it back are aching and my head hurts. The pain can be compared with the pain of inflamed throat – inflammatory processes cause swelling and pain throughout his spine and head.

The treatment of pain combined


The treatment begins with to discover the cause. The ill person should formulate correctly their complaints, in order not to introduce doctors misleading. Begin with the search of the head, and then back. Apply x-ray, duplex scan vascular. When the low back pain you can assign an ultrasonography of organs of the abdominal cavity. After contra-indications, the survey and already prepared the story to prescribe the treatment. Almost always it includes anti-inflammatory drugs, massages, holding blocks, which relieve the pain. You must follow the instructions of your doctor and not listen to the advice of others – often, this can undermine and prevent recovery.