Pain in the hypochondrium, giving in back: causes, diagnosis and treatment

If you feel pain, discomfort, when you turn the body side, this can be a evidence of diseases of the liver, of the kidneys, of the pancreas.

pain in right side and back

But it is more likely that the pain in the hypochondrium, giving in back it is suggested that patients develop osteocondrose or even the disease is in a phase of exacerbation.

What hurts, why, and how to treat can say that only the doctor, after examination, the diagnosis.

The causes of pain in side and back

When it detects oppressive, or acute pain of the side of the back or right the mouth immediately contact the hospital.

Because, the symptoms will worsen, and there are several reasons:

  1. Hepatitis acute, with the appearance of jaundice, fever, and fatigue. Usually, the inflammation develops due to a poisoning poisons, chemicals and medications;
  2. Pain giving on the back, to the right, below the ribs to say about the defeat of the gallbladder, presence of stones. But, then, appear signs such as oppressive pain in the liver, fever, nausea and discomfort in the region of the shoulder, of the hand;
  3. If it hurts on the right side below the ribs or on the right side, giving by a spasm in the shoulder, collarbone, so I patients can be diagnosed with pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas;
  4. Pain under the right hipocôndriom if you can talk about heart failure;
  5. Kidney disease, the appearance of stones in the genito-urinary system;
  6. The worsening of the degenerative disease of the lumbar disc, rheumatism or arthritis.

What you need to do immediately?

Surrounding side the pain often indicate the development of inflammatory processes, worsening of some chronic diseases.

The need to act-on the basis of the major symptoms:

  • The acute pain under the right rib or side, which occurs suddenly and gives on the back, often speaks about appendicitis, pancreatitis, so hurry up to call an ambulance;
  • Aching, short-term, go back, and antispasmodic arching side of the pain in the midst of the aggravation of degenerative disc disease or arthritis need to be treated in accordance with issued by the therapy centre: purchase of medicines, rubbing and ointments.


To determine the cause of pain under the ribs on the right, when it goes in the back and the hands, need to be sent to the hospital and a series of experts:

  1. The gastroenterologist;
  2. Surgeon;
  3. Infection of the therapist;
  4. Orthopedist.

From a standard analysis, each patient must go through these:

  • Leaving the general analysis of blood and urine;
  • External inspection;
  • Ultra-sonography, tomography, x-ray;
  • Gastroscopy.

But, even so, worth a browse in general, the manifestations of pain on the right side, below the ribs, on the back:

  1. When you are prompted to nausea, redness of the eyes, a high temperature, it is best to start with a visit to an infectious disease;
  2. If you have kidney problems, difficulty passing urine, experience pain, it becomes frequent, and you are suffering from high temperature, then go to the surgeon;
  3. In the case of diseases of the stomach and intestine, vomiting or diarrhea must pass the inspection of you gastroenterologist;
  4. Incorrect posture during sleep, large loads physical, hypothermia, talks about the defeat of the right mouth waist osteochondrosis, and, therefore, it is worthwhile to go to the podiatrist or therapist.

Pain in lower back when osteocondrose: causes

If you feel pain, not only from the right to the side, but and in the ribs, in the hypochondrium or in the back, the reasons for their appearance:

  • Sedentary work, lack of physical activity;
  • Incorrect posture and personal during sleep;
  • The displacement of the vertebral discs;
  • Large loads of physical;
  • Obesity;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues;
  • Infectious and auto-immune diseases.

Rating pain in the hypochondrium

Determine the cause of discomfort, spasms and pain on the right side, you can not only concentrating on the location of the body, but also on the nature of the pain:

  • Aching manifestations speak about osteomyelitis, tissue growth of cartilage due to degenerative disc disease lumbar spine;
  • A long repeated pain occurs due to injuries, physical activity and the common cold. Especially it manifests itself during the movements of rotation to the right side, when tilted;
  • Pull the pain and spasms occur because of hepatitis and other infectious diseases, and processes of the body;
  • When you are prompted for the acute pain of immediate appeal to a surgeon to perform the x-ray and diagnosis. Otherwise, there is a great likelihood of death, the operations of removal of the gallbladder, the appendix.

Treatment of pain in his right side and in the back

Self-medicate is not recommended, but after the diagnosis, you can use the tricks, which are described in the table below:

The diseaseTherapy
Osteocondrose, arthritis and rheumatismReceive painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments and treatment, visit massage and reflexology, treatment facility.
The pathology of the kidney, urolitíaseThe treatment at the hospital, the intake of antibiotics, a diet, decreased physical activity, intake of vitamins.
Heart failureThe treatment only under the control of the physician, the individual development of the course.
Appendicitis, hernia, and osteomyelitisThe immediate visit of the doctor, the operation, the ingestion of antibiotics, the rehabilitation in the hospital.
PancreatitisMedical emergency, the ingestion of painkillers under medical control, to eliminate the inflammation and its causes.

Assign the correct therapy can only doctor

It is easier to get rid of inflammations, pains in the right side and hypochondrium, which calls the osteocondrose, the displacement of the vertebrae or inflammation of the nerve.

As well as, then, the patient writes:

  • Curative gymnastics and physiotherapy;
  • Massage;
  • Reflexology or acupuncture;
  • Receive anti-inflammatory medications;
  • The diet, the intake of vitamins;
  • The dry heat and hardware for the procedure.


What would be the character of the pain that you are not tormented, it's not worth to postpone the treatment or if you refuse the assistance of doctors.


As well as discomfort on the right side, in the back or the hypochondrium you can talk about the serious abuse of the functioning of the organs, the deformation of the vertebrae and muscle tissue.

So, the time does not play to the hand of the patient, reducing the indicators of recovery.