Why back pain in women

The feeling, when the lower part of the back are aching – not pleasant. In virtue of the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body, often the pain of this nature manifest themselves with the fair sex. Check the possible causes for the occurrence of this discomfort and learn consulting any expert can help you alleviate the pain and facilitate the state.

back pain in women

Back pain in the lumbar region

Such sensations are characterized by various manifestations of pain: do you feel periodic discomfort, or acute, burning pain, ache the lumbar spine, or pain as if gird. Varied symptomatology explains the location in this area, in addition to the kidneys, the spine, the muscles and ligaments, organs of the female reproductive system. Change the normal state of the urinary system and often signals upon himself the pain, that gives in the lower part of the back.

Why back pain in the lumbar region

If you notice, regularly, expressing sensations of pain in the lower part of the department of the back, ask in the reception to a specialist. Should not go of speech or of the chronic self-medication, because this symptoms can point to a variety of diseases. For example, may develop cystitis, or pain may be felt after an intense physical effort in the gym and, even after sex. As a rule, these sensations can occur during pregnancy, before or during menstruation, but they also indicate and that progresses to disease of the genital organs.

Possible causes of low back pain

Exclusively respond immediately, for women it hurts the loin, it is not possible, since such sensations can be caused by different types of disabilities and state of health. To make the medical diagnosis, in addition to examining the patient, you can give more tests and studies. To navigate, such as diseases, often accompanied by pain the lower department of the back, consider the common reasons due to which it may manifest.

During menstruation

Fluid retention by the body at the end of the cycle is the provocative factor, so it hurts the tenderloin during the month or some days before its beginning. As a result of this process are swollen tissues and organs of the urinary system, and the tension in the pelvic region is manifest dull pain in the back. Such sensations during the month may signal hormonal and faults of the female body. If disturbed the balance between the secretion of progesterone and prostaglandins, the contraction of the uterus during the time of menstrual bleeding, become more strong, that is the reason for severe headaches.

During pregnancy

In the body of the woman pregnant with a girl, this period increases the pressure on the spine, due to the increase in body mass and change in center of gravity due to the growth of the fetus. This is the main reason why it hurts loin in pregnancy. Often, the appearance of pulling pain in the lumbar region, at the same time, the delay of menstruation is witness to the fact of the generation of a new life – in the first, the uterus increases rapidly, and the tension of the ligament of the fallopian provoke these sensations.

It is important to know, that at the beginning of the pregnancy pain in the lower part of the back can be a sign of threat of spontaneous abortion, because, by observing this symptom, we need not detain the council has the gynecologist. Intermittent low back pain in the middle of a pregnancy can signal the risk of premature birth. Less worries, but a lot of discomfort that cause these symptoms in the last pregnancy – they just indicate that your body is preparing for childbirth. In most cases, after the birth of the baby, this pain goes by itself, without any treatment.

pain during pregnancy

Be careful!

Before you read any further, I want to warn you. Most of the tools of treatment" on the back, that advertise on tv and sell in pharmacies is continuing divorce. At first, it may seem that the cream and ointment to help, BUT in fact they only clutter the symptoms of the disease.

In simple words, you buy the usual pain killers, but the disease continues to evolve, experiencing a phase.

Joint pain in the joints can be a symptom of more serious diseases:

  • Difficulty in walking;
  • The osteomyelitis — inflammation of bone;
  • Blood poisoning;
  • The malfunction of the pelvic organs;
  • In severe cases, paralysis of the arms and legs.

After the birth

If the woman before pregnancy, have you had problems with the column, after the birth, because of the passage of a child on generics paths, and possible displacement or pinching of the vertebral discs nagging low back pain can nothing and did not do. Long time manifested the sense of pain, when the pregnancy is very large belly were constantly tense and because it was the inflammation of the muscle of the back. When the child was born, it is not possible to postpone the visit to the doctor immediately to correct shaken the health of the spinal column, thus, avoid the occurrence of complications.

Gynecological diseases

A characteristic of this group of diseases is that the pain occurs regardless of the physical exercise, often accompanied by secretions. Often pulls the lower back and lament the lower back when myoma of the uterus, the pain gives to the lower part of the belly. Similar painful sensations can occur when adnexitis, and even in patients with diseases of the sexual organs. If the pain manifested itself dramatically, it takes the character nervosa, simultaneously, gives to the lower part of the belly, this can indicate a break of ovarian or extra-uterine pregnancy – the state of risk of the life of a woman.

Problems with internal organs

The sensation of pain in the lumbar region can point to a variety of problems in the functioning of the internal organs. Pull the bottom part of the back can, in diseases of the stomach, of the intestine, of the bladder. Such signals are observed when renal colic after passing an acute attack. Imports, on the left side or the right side in the back nursery of pain, the doctor diagnoses, with the exploitation that the kidney is having problems. Location of the pain right can testify to and on the inflammation of the appendix.

Back problems

One of the most obvious reasons why women hurts the loin, are a conversion to the ridge. They can be innate, or receive as a result of inflammatory processes and alteration in the bone tissue. The painful sensations may appear due to an injury, weight-lifting, a long seat or in the morning, as a result of incorrect body position during sleep.

Deformation processes lead to compression of blood vessels and nerves pillars, which calls incredibly the sensation of pain. Another cause of pain that manifests itself as a burning sensation, tingling, donate to the bottom of the back, are the issues of eternal love and blessings, angelic. Because of the lack of medical assistance in cases of problems with the spine can cause serious neurological diseases.

What to do if the pain in the loin

Disturbances in the body, that can manifest this same symptom, a very large crowd. The faster you see a doctor and that will never be installed a sure diagnosis, the best treatment. The neglect of health care and self-medication leads to an increased risk of serious and irreversible consequences, for example, deformation of the spinal column. The basis of such gravity of the problem, see your doctor and, if necessary, refer you for a consultation with your gynecologist, podiatrist, neurologist, or another professional.

treatment and prevention

Remember, when it came to pain. If this was caused by the intense physical activities, gout, injury – to go to the doctor to try to maximize the relax the lower back, more to lie, not to get out of bed abruptly. For an acute attack of pain can get rid painkillers, but remember that these drugs only clear the pain, but not heal the disease. The selection of medicines and drugs, provision of support for an action, for example, calcium is of the competence of the doctor. He will even prescribe and support the massage therapy, structure and medical facility.