How to get rid of back pain at home?

Many people suffer from back pain. Such diseases are quite common. The pain can use as acute and chronic. The acute pain usually occurs in unexpected ways and different intensity. And the chronicle gives a person the inconvenience for a long period of time. How to get rid of back pain?

The reasons that cause pain in the back

How can you get rid of back pain? Initially we need to define the causes of its emergence. Pain in the lower back, even in the elderly are not a symptom of the occurrence of old age. In many ways, this is considered to be running health problems.


The factors that cause discomfort in the lumbar region, are not always due to age. Low back pain can occur in children. The reasons are the following:

  • Injuries to the spine. The pain can bother you even after the treatment.
  • Poor posture can cause curvature of the spine. When scoliosis occurs a displacement of the center of gravity and the uneven distribution of the workload vertebrae.
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues of the vertebrae or intervertebral hernia often cause low back pain.
  • Disease of the internal organs (kidneys, liver) can also be accompanied by pain of the senses in the back.

There are still a number of reasons, which are caused by external factors:

  • Wrong distribution of the load during the lifting and the use of weights can cause low back pain.
  • Prolonged exposure of the body in an uncomfortable position leads to tension in the muscles of the back and, consequently, the occurrence of the pain.
  • The appearance of discomfort can cause drafts in the interior.

How to get rid of back pain? The therapy must be selected based on the etiology of the disease. For example, another type of headache may appear in pregnant women, in connection with displacement of vertebrae, which is pulling the muscles of the back.

As you do not run the pain?

How can you get rid of back pain? To get rid of it is possible when you installed the exact cause. Alone is putting the diagnosis is not always possible.


One of the good decisions will be visiting a neurologist or an orthopedist. After studying all the symptoms, it is able to detect the actual cause of discomfort. In this case, will be assigned the treatment. Because you need to fight not only with the consequence (symptoms) of the disease - should identify the factors that cause it.

You can be at the beginning, before diagnosis, to apply pain-killers ("Analgin", "Aspirin", "Viagra"). In addition to the drugs to relieve the pain at home help to a few techniques.

How to quickly get rid of that back pain?

Acute pain that occurs suddenly, may be caused by a strong movement of a person or weight lifting. This can lead to stretch the muscles of the back, and a strong armbar sensations.

In this case, you must save rest for a few days. If it is not possible to contact someone to help you, use several simple tips.

How to get rid of back pain? To reduce pain, low back pain you can apply ice. There are several ways:

  • how to compress, you can use a wet cloth in the package, выдержанную in the fridge for half an hour;
  • put in a package of cubes of many things and to attach the patient to the location;
  • you can apply a variety of frozen foods (vegetables, meat).

With this compress on the wound, it is necessary to wait until the pain subsides.

How to get rid of the pain in the muscles of the back? In some cases, instead of cold, you can use the heat. After 3 days of the occurrence of acute pain can cause thermal wrappings. The patient lies on the stomach and on her back lay a hot towel, wet настойке anti-inflammatory herbs. Top place the packet, and pour over it the electrical heater. Time of procedure - no more than 30 minutes.

It is a highly effective technique - the alternation of heat and cold, because the contrast stimulates the normalization of blood circulation.


How can you get rid of chronic back pain?

How to get rid of back pain for always? Many times, people suffer from persistent pain. To completely get rid of it, you should change your lifestyle.

Often, the discomfort occurs when the person sleeps in the soft bed. To not feel pain, it is better he sleep on the ортопедическом the mattress and the pillow. In this case, the weight of the body during the sleep is evenly distributed across the spine.

A proven means that can be used at home, back pain, is considered to be a aspirin. The drug based on what it can help to relieve the inflammation, what can be the cause of the discomfort. Sometimes to completely get rid of the pain helps the "Cause".

Back pain during pregnancy

How to get rid of back pain during pregnancy? The discomfort in the back, which experiences the woman in the period of вынашивания fruit, it is not always possible to clean. After all, the reason of pain are the changes within the body.

There are several causes of pain:

  • grows along with the fruit of the belly, pulling up the part of the muscle creates back strain;
  • during pregnancy, occurs in the curvature of the spine, as a result, he adopts an unusual position;
  • is the growing fetus starts to put pressure on urogenital women's bodies, which is also capable of causing pain.

How to get rid of back pain? To reduce the lower back pain, pregnant women can take advantage of some tips:

  • use only the footwear with low heels;
  • sleeping on the disk mattress;
  • perform special exercises for pregnant women, who are able to decrease the lower back pain;
  • compresses, especially hot, it is best not to use.

The physical activity when the pain lumbar

If you get rid of the pain in the back help the swimming, special exercises.

How to get rid of back pain? Yoga helps to relieve low back pain, if you get caught by it 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes.

Physical exercises help to massage the muscles of your. Movements help improve blood circulation. When a person is completely distracted from the pain.

Walking - the simplest type of physical exercise. It is necessary to walk for an hour each day.

When the acute pain of a man lying on a hard surface. Then, lying on his back, raise the feet and support them on the wall. So fully load is removed, with the vertebral column. Stretch muscles should be like this:

  • alternately, pulling up socks of the feet;
  • relax and tighten the muscles of the buttocks.

How to get rid of back pain? Exercises in the form of stretch marks as well help to relieve the pain. Recommended to perform the exercises in sitting position and lying down, alternately, setting in motion one or the other leg. It is not allowed to do the following:

  • mahi feet;
  • squat;
  • swing of the press.

How to quickly get rid of that back pain?

To get rid of back and neck pain. When totally unknown to the cause of the pain, you can use methods of therapy in the home:

  • The diet. In some cases, the cause of the pain can become a violation of the blood flow, due to the increase in cholesterol and reduction in the elasticity of the vessels. To resolve this problem, you must eliminate from the diet fatty foods, eggs, pork, meats, soups and stews.
  • Get rid of back pain may be psychological methods. Must exhibit pain in the form of a subject that disappears, dissolves. The most important thing - do not forget to believe. You can make an attempt migration of the pain in another place. Imagine how the pain is transferred to the ear, the nail, the head.
  • For the relief of pain should completely abandon the coffee and tea. To reduce the spasm of the blood vessels, you need to stop smoking.
  • To restore the blood circulation, it is necessary to apply compresses, constantly in the curative physical exercises.

To reduce the pain in the back need to completely change your lifestyle and abandon bad habits.

How to relieve back pain folk methods?

How to get rid of back pain for always? To remove back pain, you need to:

  • Mix camphoric and coconut oil, проварить 5 minutes. Cool and store in a glass jar. Once a week, apply massage movements from the waist.
  • In the tub with warm water, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Periodically, take a bath, you can get rid of pain in the back.
  • Before taking the soul, massage the lower part of the back mustard oil. Taking a shower is better with hot water.
  • On the toe of the foot place the rice and tie it. Put in an item or shipping for a few minutes. Then, you need to make a sock to the patient to local.

These methods of pain relief should be applied only to a healthy person.


Dangerous symptoms of pain

In some cases, you should immediately contact your doctor immediately:

  • when he appeared back pain accompanied by temperature, pain, emotion in the chest, difficulty breathing;
  • the pain bothers you for more than 3 days, and the intensity of his death;
  • the pain of chronic character are observed inside of 2 weeks without an improvement of the state;
  • the pain gives to a foot or a leg.

When it appears a pain in the back and lack serious disease, at home, should make the preservation of physical exercises, make compresses, and other procedures.