The pain in the back, behind, on the right side at the bottom

Each a sometimes pain in the back. In most cases, this symptom is not cause for great concern. But if the pain in the back, on the right felt regularly, it's worth listening to this signal body, to try to analyze the reasons for the appearance of the symptom and, if necessary, consult the doctor.

the back pain behind

For some reason, you may receive a pain in the right side of the back?

One of the most common causes that appears complaining of back pain on the right side is the violation of posture or long stay body physiologically disadvantage. Regular find a posture leads to compensatory deformation of the spinal column and inconsistent distribution of load on the muscles, the your support. Insufficient levels of physical activity, work in a position "sitting", the wrong choice of the basis – all this can hinder your posture.

Sometimes, pain on the right side with the back occurs due to a displacement of the intervertebral disc. The cause of this pathology can be the chronic disease of the musculoskeletal system or injury. When any deformation of the intervertebral discs suffer from the proximity of nerves, the result is a feeling of discomfort.

Nagging pain in the back can indicate problems with the digestive system, particularly intestine. More of a symptom indicates that the hormonal imbalance, and violation of the regime of power. If the pain in the back pulling to the right appears regularly, you should think about the compliance of the diet and of the council gastroenterologist.

If the pain is in the back, to the right, your cause can be pathology renal. The discomfort can also be felt in the front, in the area of the stomach and below the ribs. The most common reason for this phenomenon – kidney stones or violation of output of urine. Sometimes, regularly, the feeling of discomfort may be accompanied by disturbances of urination.

The pain in the back of the bottom right side can be a consequence of obesity. The excess weight violates the functioning of all the systems of the body. In particular, the excess body weight reports the excess load of the system muscle-skeletal system. Result – regular back pain, which usually consequences go after the normalization of weight.

That can mean that kind of pain?

Diseases of the reproductive organs of women — the main reason for the back pain

For women pain in the lower back, to the right, you can indicate diseases of the reproductive organs. This symptom is typical for pelvic inflammatory, tumors and cysts of the ovary. The biggest danger in this situation is the lack of bright colour – erased clinical picture "pushes" the patient does not pay attention to the occurrence of the symptom and the attention it attracts only pain that bypass no longer works. The woman may think that pulling pain in the lower back, to the right appears the weight lifting or other work loads and don't think too much about her real reason.

The back pain on the right side at the top can signal diseases of the organs of the respiratory system. If the discomfort is regular, there is a great likelihood of the presence of a chronic disease. Some experienced health professionals are able to diagnose the presence of tumors in the lung and bronchi on the description of the patients pain. So many times felt not only the pain in the back on top, but and the discomfort in the region of the chest. Sometimes, this type of pain can give a hand. In the case of strong injuries of the internal organs may be felt in the right and the left.

If the acute pain in the back of the right side is not traumatic in nature, the cause can be a variety of disturbances in the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. If the same unpleasant feeling appeared after the injury, or even spin was damaged in the recent past, the acute back pain is a direct consequence of this damage. In this case, you must contact the establishment and, if necessary, undergo medical examination and pass the examination, which will include the whole complex of modern radiological methods of examination (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging).

pain during pregnancy

- For some other reason can appear pain that is caused?

When the pregnancy is the natural appearance of back pain

Pain in the back of the right hand side, just after an intense physical exercise is a common phenomenon and is not dangerous. If you often feel discomfort after the work, related to weight lifting or with the execution of the inclinations, you can try simple exercises to strengthen your back, learn how to keep the back in right to the position of the spine. If the pain in the right side of the back is very strong, has a sense of minimize the load and physical examination for the detection of chronic diseases musculoskeletal system.

Many times, in the pain on the right side with the back complain about the woman in the gestation period. The symptom does not jeopardise the possibility of the existence of chronic pathologies of the spine and the kidneys. During pregnancy, the child, occurs the considerable increase of weight in the short term, changes in compliance, and the load on the muscles of the back, which can become a regular pain in the back pulling to the right. To reduce the discomfort, it is recommended to give preference to such kinds of physical activity such as walking and swimming, to acquire an orthopedic mattress, dressing properly hand-picked pre-natal care, bandage, and avoid the heavy manual work.

For low back pain to the right: the treatment

The pain in the lumbar region — is an occurrence that is quite common. As show the researches, about 30% of the adult population in Russia suffer from a variety of sensations uncomfortable in the back. According to the interviewees, the low back pain they are often also with the right and left sides. Causes of pain in the back, on the right is not only in diseases of the vertebral column, but also in problems in the functioning of the internal organs. When a series of circumstances that they have experienced low back pain on the right at the movement. In some cases, the pain was excruciating, other acute.

The majority of the respondents admitted that when they experienced acute and pulling the lower back pain, they were not slow to consult your doctor. What is the reason? Many believed that the pain symptoms do not interfere with driving. And in almost all of the respondents knew that back pain, it is necessary to take urgent measures, and only 15 % of them did accordingly.

Low back pain — a reason to look for a doctor

The complexity of the diagnosis,

When the sick turn to the right, you need to find out the causes of this state. They may be the most diverse. The discomfort is usually accompanied by attendant changes in the body. Such changes include:

  • the increase of the temperature;
  • headache;
  • vomiting;
  • shortness of breath and increased urination.

There may be other symptoms, allowing quick to diagnose the disease.

Causes of back pain are congenital and acquired diseases. Many times the lower back pain on the right side may be a sign of problems of the musculoskeletal system.

If a person, aggravated by the osteocondrose, it manifests itself in the form of headaches. When it hurts on the right side of the back, this can be, and osteomyelitis. Spondylitis and sacroiliitis in the later stages the faster it is diagnosed, it is because people that suffer from data infirmities, the pain in the back of the right side. The causes of pain in the right side of the waist able to testify and tumors.

The development of degenerative disc disease when a sedentary life style

The disease the sciatic muscle also signals about yourself when pain in the back to the right. When such pain symptoms related. In some cases, they are standard:

  • the deterioration of the general well-being of a person;
  • oppression;
  • apathy;
  • weakness.
the causes of pain

Often, these uncomfortable sensations are concentrated in the area of the sacrum. The acute back pain characterizes lesions, inflammatory processes in the sciatic muscle and stretching the intervertebral ligaments, which is no less dangerous. Patients generally do not take into account that the condition is neurological cause low back pain on the right. When you do this, the reasons may be different.

Such pathology may be the etiology diverse. The starboard neuritis, often the first time you know that when a person we have in the back to the right. In this case, as and when problems with the muscles, the pain often occurs in the foot. Neuralgia is also characterized by a state, when it hurts loin the right. Low back pain on the right is a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs. If they occur, the inflammatory processes in the intestine, the right kidney, the liver, gallbladder, right ovary, immediately, begins to hurt on the back to the right.

Low back pain on the right side may be a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs

The disease will often manifest pain in the back

The first question the doctor to the patient, and the characteristics of the symptom. To more quickly and accurately the diagnosis of disease of medical professionals is necessary to know exactly how we have right, what are the symptoms and the state preceded it in this phenomenon. Pulling on the low back pain can have different degrees of intensity. You should know that, if you have a little bit in the back, to the right, is the fact that the disease does not put in danger. Is excruciating pain accompanies the development of dangerous for life inflammation of internal organs and the appearance of neoplasms.

Feels stupid nagging lower back pain on the right, there is a high probability that this is the osteocondrose. An unpleasant sensation in the back of the right, when this disease occurs due to a disrupted the functioning of the spine, spasmodic state of the muscles and ligaments. Those who suffer osteochondrosis, can it hurt right in the morning.

Acute deaf and occurs to the right of the back pain, a symptom of worsening the rods. This symptom is usually pronounced and is accompanied by shooting in other parts of the body. The phenomenon lumbago is able to be the own disease. Low back pain on the right be of intensity varied. If shooting pain in the back above the waist, that is, before all, is the result of that, the man lifted something heavy.

If there are lifting weights of load-insects discs increases 9 times

The lifting weights is strictly prohibited to pose, when a man from the tilt position attempts to straighten. Then the spine happens the increase of the workload, increases the risk of getting hurt. Lift weights that are required from the survey, with a straight back, slowly straightening the knees. So, you can avoid the pain in the back.

If it pulls above the panel the kidneys, it can be confirmed the assumption that the patient started myositis — the inflammation of the muscles. The disease is accompanied by a worsening-being. Point symptom may not be so pronounced, which can't be said about the dangers of the disease, filled with different complications.

If it is myositis, the muscle during the pain became more firm than usual. If in the lower part of the back detect the first to pull the pain, and then they enter in a crisis, there is almost a 100% probability, what is the symptoms of the hernia. In addition to this phenomenon, indicate the disease will be able to violation of posture and restriction of mobility. The discomfort above and below the waist, accompanied, in some cases, a tangible tingling in the legs. When you do, the patients often complain of numbness at the extremities of the limbs.

Causes of back pain in women: the pathology of organs and pregnancy

For women the uneasy feelings to the right, above the waist, many times, are called malignant and benign neoplasms. In such cases, many times, the pain is felt below the waist right. The symptoms will often cover the left hand part in the back — it all depends on where it is located on the body where there is new growth. Stabbing pain below the waist and right points to the pyelonephritis or disease of the bladder. She is accompanied by spasms when urinating.

Stabbing pain below the waist when pielonefritee and diseases of the ureter often leads to tinea nature. If the stone is in the ureter, which normally moves down. Not excluded options, which she will radiate and above the waist right, which complicates the diagnosis.

If the symptom of the person is observed darkening of the urine, he should immediately seek the health unit, as well as it, perhaps, in the next few hours, you will need a medical emergency. Pyelonephritis and problems with the functioning of the ureter often accompanied by the increase of the temperature of the body. Apply any kind of painkillers during the deterioration of well-being can not be, after all, they are still more aggravate a heart attack, and affect negatively on the work of the kidneys.

The discomfort in the back — the frequent companion of pregnancy. The best option is considered, if the woman still before pregnancy prepares the problems that can occur during it. During pregnancy the load on the spine increases significantly.

Pregnant women often complain about other than the location of the pain symptoms, that are felt with the right, left.

diagnosis and treatment

Pregnancy occur more often radiating the pain and uneasy feelings in the lower belly. During pregnancy, they are part of give to the leg, are amplified when fatigue or after exercise. The woman, pending a child, is in a difficult situation. Any medical drugs, it should be taken only in extreme cases, such as outdoor and grinding, polishes and exciting packs. In any case, it should not be seen symptoms of pain in the back and in the legs as a standard, and always inform your doctor.