The pain in the back in supine position: all the possible causes

Typically, the pain in his back lying on top, or completely, for this reason, many patients take such symptomatic manifestation usual for the tiredness after an intense physical effort. Very different from a clinical picture characterizes the gain of pain, when the patient is resting in a horizontal position.

back pain

Many times the gain of pain is the symptom of a serious disease, that requires immediate action of the therapy. When you are atypical symptoms should consult a specialist.

Trigger factors and causes

Clinical highlight two main groups of etiological factors that may influence the onset of back pain, when patients are in a state of rest. The first refers to saline, pain of the head, resulting from the intense distributor of load current, cutting the heavy physical load of long-term residents in a static position. The second group characterizes the development of symptoms of serious illnesses that your system bone or muscle structures of the cartilage. The most common reasons are:

  • pregnancy (II) or (III) quarters);
  • increase the mass of the body;
  • the later stage of diseases of the skeletal system (osteoarthritis, osteocondrose);
  • pathology of the urinary tract and genital system;
  • malignant tumors of the internal organs;
  • inflammatory diseases acute of the bone tissue;
  • the spine of the hernia with the location in the sacral department of a vertebral column.

The clinical picture manifests, individually for each patient, exactly as the patients with growing pains at the position of the patient lying on his back. The nature of pain and its intensity depends on the degree or duration of pathological process. Characteristics of pain the following:

  • pulling, burning, acute, obtuse, firing;
  • moderate, intense, weak, episodic;
  • bilateral or unilateral;
  • radiating in different departments of the spine (usually the lumbar, sacral, neck departments);
  • of long duration or other.

It is important to consider the criteria of change of pain by changing the position of the body, after the application of some medicines. The pain in the back in the supine position may depend on the time of day.

The inflammation of the urinary system and pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis — inflammation of the kidneys ascending from the urinary tract. The back pain when lying down on the back explains the location of the kidneys. Anatomically they are closer to the back, at the level or below the hypochondrium. The pain caused and the extent of fibrous-radial layers of renal structures. The pain during the pielonefritee pull, are experienced mainly during the night. The trend toward increased sensitivity is manifested to return, deep inspiration, cycling or horse-riding. During the inspection, the patient responds to the hit in the kidneys with the back or the lung of a jump, standing in the doorway.

Other symptoms are:

  • the change in the color of urine and atypical impurities (turbidity, flakes white, viscous component, a shade of orange);
  • frequent urination with contribute to pain, such as when cystitis (and complication in the form of inflammation of the bladder);
  • the increase of the temperature of the body (as is typical for children up to 15 years).

Long-duration flows pyelonephritis can cause serious complications in all of the renal structure, often becomes the cause of chronic renal failure.

The manifestations of degenerative disc disease

Contribute "bedridden" back pain can development of degenerative disc disease — pathological changes to bone or tissue cartilage in intervertebral discs from any location. The disease is common among dystrophic changes of the tissue in the axial skeleton.

causes of pain in the back

Low back pain lying on your back in the context of degenerative disc disease is associated with irritation of a nerve root, located in the interior of the spinal column. The pain during the osteocondrose can be the following:

  • shooting (sharp, long-lasting);
  • deep, long-lasting, pull;
  • sharp shooting radiating to the lower limbs.

The pain may increase during the night, especially at a time of the face-with the mouth to the side. The pain intensifies, and to sleep in the soft bed, when sudden involuntary movements. In addition, the patients point to decreased sensitivity in the region of the back, the occurrence of muscle weakness, change of freedom conditional reflex reactions, burning sensation, tingling or numbness full.

The Disease Ankylosing

The disease especially applies to the states, which are characterized by their headaches, otherwise it is known as ankylosing spondylitis. Pathology takes character auto-immune response that occurs in the joints of the spine or the sacral-iliac joint joints.

When the disease Ankylosing celebrated back pain lying on your back, especially at night. Any movement to ease the state of patient. Additional symptoms the most common are:

  • the restriction on joint mobility;
  • the stiffness of movements in the lumbar spine;
  • the curvature of the vertical axis of the spine by type of scoliosis;
  • the reduction of growth;
  • stimulated, their body position to relieve back pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis can occur in patients of any age, depending on the clinical history of the patient and other predisposing factors.

Ulcerative foci in the duodenum

Peptic ulcer disease in the departments of duodenal ulcer is more a reason for the appearance of back pain. The appearance of pain lying related to hunger, pains of the head, when the mucous membrane is to maximize the exposed and exposed to damage to the gastric juice. Typical location of the pain — region of the peritoneum, but taking into account the anatomy of the intestine, they can give and fins dorsal departments. Other symptoms are:

  • the emergence of persistent dyspeptic irregularities;
  • flatulence or abdominal distension;
  • of acid regurgitation;
  • the violation of the chair.

Usually after the ingestion of drugs anti-acid the pain disappears. The lack of a suitable treatment often leads to complications in the form of gastric or intestinal bleeding, perforation of the mucous membranes, disease of the mucous membranes of the intestine.

There are many reasons that may cause the intensity of the pain threshold of the syndrome of sleep during the night in the back or lying down day. Ignore these manifestations dangerous because of the gradual progression of the disease and the development of severe complications, even disability.

Treatment and prevention

The treatment begins with a careful differential diagnosis to the identification of the underlying disease, which determines the onset of pain.

During the treatment you must change the position of the body during sleep. For this they earn the disc mattress, the pillow, the lining in the back. During the medical therapy recommended to perform wound care, physical therapy, massage. An active lifestyle is also an important aspect of the success of your recovery.

To relieve pain requires the assignment analgesic (ointment, medications, systemic, ointment), various ointments, compresses with therapeutic provided. Many times, apply some of the recipes of folk medicine.


Forecast when "bedridden," the pain is completely dependent on the nature of the pathology, the degree of development of dystrophic processes, as well as the cause. Normally, when timely diagnosis and compliance with all medical recommendations is observed a significant improvement in the quality of life of the patient, decreasing the risk of invalidization.