From then on, night, a total pain in the loins and back?

Tormented in the night, pain in the back, not only violate a great night's sleep and rest. They can arise for a symptom of some disease. But, before you see your doctor, you should observe, how long the lower back pain are saved after a morning of raising the bed. Through a quarter of an hour, they are, perhaps, its non-medical reasons.

the back pain during the night

Many times, the loin pain during the night due to discomfort of bed box. Experts advise to swap in place of evening entertainment. If after a few days of the night sleep in another bed loin stop hurting, so, you can rejoice – you are healthy. Just need a change in bed an mattress on a mattress with or replace the sofa the old to the new, with the convenient coating.

At the same time, to strengthen the spinal muscle to want to do swimming and yoga, spend ten massage course. When you save the starting point of the pain syndrome in the back is required a broad search to establish a diagnosis.

The main medical reasons in the lumbar region at night, headaches

When the evening the pain in the back in the lumbar region, this itself is not a good symptom of a disease. Back pain when a wide variety of pathologies. Therefore, the task of the doctor — clean hit a patient of the disease of a multitude of other diseases with similar symptoms.

More often than loin pain during night sleep, when the following diseases:

  • osteocondrose;
  • hernia of the intervertebral disc;
  • the ankylosing of ankylosing spondylitis.

When osteocondrose degenerative process of cartilage and bone tissue, leading to serious dystrophic changes of discs and vertebrae. The cause of the disease become, generally, chronic overload and occur in the midst of the various microtrauma vertebrae. The body of the vertebrae, deform rubbing each other. The disease is accompanied by aching life of back pain.

Similar symptoms give education of the hernia. If you have a herniated vertebral canal squeezed the spinal cord, the nerves, the blood vessels. This causes the emergence of life of vertebrates headaches.

Ankylosing spondylitis, also called the disease of Ankylosing. It is a systemic disease, which affects mainly the joints, spine and in the vicinity of a soft fabric. Night pain in the lower back is one of the main characteristics of this disease. After waking and rising from bed the pain passes, not directly, but only through a couple of hours. Reduce pain help movement and a hot water shower.

Exactly diagnosis will enable the physician to make the appropriate treatment of the disease. Self-medicate when it is night, back pain practice is not recommended. After the refinement of the diagnosis the physician will prescribe the therapy of the drug, including to numb.

If the cause of the pain has become one of the following diseases is not symptomatic, and the integrated system for the treatment of a disease in itself. After recovering from an underlying disease in the night, the pains cease of themselves.

Some more causes of low back pain during the night

In addition to the most frequent diseases, there are other factors that cause the night is sharp or pulling pain in the lumbar region. Source of pain in the back during night's sleep can become the:

  • transferred earlier trauma of the spine;
  • the instability of the spinal column;
  • the causes of psychogenic nature;
  • the muscle spasm;
  • kidney disease.
the treatment of the back

The injury of any of the departments of the vertebral column does not go to the man disappeared without a trace. After them may slow down the inflammatory process, the crushing of the nerve branches, and other negative effects. With time, they manifest themselves armbar syndrome, lumbar or other departments of the back.

The instability of the vertebral column is typical of the women who lived the time after the start of menopause. Also the instability can be the etiology of the genetics. It turns out that the pain in the loins at night and muscle spasms.

When pathologies the renal nocturnal pains are localized, not so much in the back as in the thoracic spine. Sand or stones in the urinary system, acute or chronic pyelonephritis, other kidney disease may cause pain, radiating in the area of the sternum with the back. It is characteristic that, when kidney diseases of inflammation worsens especially during the night. The day of the pain caused expressed not as bright.

The kidney disease accompanied, in addition to night, headaches, very specific symptoms. In particular, the patient increases the temperature of the body, he suffers from pain when urinating you most times have to go to the bathroom during the night. The medical diagnosis will be able only after further tests and examinations renal ultra-sound.

When the lower back pain should not be disregarded psychological causes. A strong psychological stress, which is undergoing a patient, it responds, in first place the spine, the central support of the entire human body.