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  • Marie
    With age my released arthritis gave-if you know more strong. I had to go to the doctor, but, in addition to treatment and procedures permanent, want still, and that is effective to relieve the pain. The doctor advised hondrocreamthat in our France ordering through the online store. It helped, thank you!
  • Christophe
    After a long injury I have periodically, it hurts your left hand — the compound fracture, the pain in the joint. Thanks крему managed to get rid of it, the same panacea!
  • Alain
    Went to the doctor, when the excruciating pain became unbearable (pain brush). After a long search, tools and procedures useless advised me this ointment. The pain goes away quickly and will not be returned!
  • Christine
    Once, heavily injured the hand during the fall and winter. After a few months, started to hurt the joint, even though no crack nor fracture was not. The pain helped her to get hondrocream after daily use.
  • Philippe
    I so often fall and ушибаюсь, when I skate, which then had to ask you that the grandfather of some ointment to the injury. He gave me a cream and showed how to use. Now, I'm not suffering from pain!
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