Pain left side under ribs

All of these symptoms the doctor examines in detail, based on what had already an image of the disease and the presumptive diagnosis. Pain in the stomach is more likely to occur when chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer, cancer of the stomach.

To confirm the diagnosis of a doctor in the first place, assigns fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS - a study of the internal surface of the stomach with the aid of the optical instrument). During the procedure, the doctor sees on the monitor the mucosa of the stomach and are all available for her defects. During the research one can determine the acidity of the gastric juice and grab a piece of tissue for histological examination, if necessary. Often, to establish the correct diagnosis is also given an x-ray study.

Sometimes the pain left side under ribs can appear in many diseases of the pancreas. The more they give back, but may appear in front. In the process of the survey reveals an accurate diagnosis.

These pains can be associated with diseases and injuries of the spleen. The spleen is located to the side and to the left, below the ribs, it is encapsulated in a capsule, which contains numerous nerve endings. In certain diseases of the spleen increases in volume and compresses the capsule, which leads to the appearance of headaches. Are very characteristic of the pain in the spleen for this type of infectious disease, such as mononucleosis. Simultaneously, it increases the liver and, therefore, the pain can bother and in part подреберье. The spleen may increase and in some hematologic diseases, such as, for example, when leukemia.

It is very dangerous injury of the spleen, which can lead to rupture of the body of strong internal bleeding. Sometimes, rupture of the spleen is not related to an injury, and with the disease and happens suddenly in the midst of physical tension or even alone.

The back pain left side under ribs can be a symptom of a disease of the pancreas or the left kidney. The pancreas is located below the stomach and has the head (which is in the center and to the right, on the panel of the duodenum), body and tail (located on the rear left). The back pain and the left under the ribs can be related with inflammatory processes or tumors in the pancreas. For example, in chronic панкреатите pains can appear in the centre of the belly and give the left part of the back. When the cancer is in the region of tail of pancreas pain can lead to the ever-growing character.

Pain to the left and to the back under the ribs can be a sign of disease in the left kidney. Thus, the acute or chronic left-sided pyelonephritis pain can take the goofy aching of a permanent nature. When the kidney disease pain associated with the passage of small stones. Such pain bear the name of the crises of renal colic, they suddenly appear, and take a very strong record.

Pain of heart disease

When variety of heart diseases can also occur pain the left under the ribs. When the ischemic heart disease and attacks of angina pain take sudden acute nature, last for a time, and drop the nitroglycerin. If these pains do not shoot, the patient may develop myocardial infarction.

When inflammatory and exchange-дистрофических processes in the area of the heart muscle (myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy) pain in the heart usually are aching or pressing and, often, accompanied by disturbances of the heart rhythm.

It hurts when osteocondrose thoracic spine

Pain left side under ribs can be a symptom of degenerative disc disease thoracic spine. They may have more of a different character, therefore, the osteocondrose is easily confused with any other disease, which can cause pain in the left subcostal area.

Pain on the left, below the ribs can appear in many diseases. So, when you see the best of everything, immediately consult your doctor.

What they mean pain in the corner подреберье, отдающие in the back to the left

What they mean pain in the corner подреберье

On the left side of the belly, below the ribs, the stomach, the pancreas, the spleen. Diseases or injury of any of these organs can occur the pain, отдающая on the back.


  • Pain in the corner подреберье, often occur due to problems in heart, kidney, intestine. Therefore, to ensure a correct diagnosis is necessary to consider all the symptoms, including the nature and location of the pain. Of course, the diagnosis may expert, and based on research and analysis.
  • The possible reasons for the appearance of pain, screaming in the back - diseases of the spleen and the heart. Strong приступообразная pain, which often gives on the back, it can be a symptom of inflammation of the spleen. And if the pain becomes too strong, incisive, increasing during the movement trials, and the same with the blue skin of her belly, especially in the region of the navel, you should call an Ambulance immediately, because these signs indicate the possibility of rupture of the spleen. Before the arrival of the doctor should be applied to the left side of the patient some cold subject - for example, a bubble of ice or a plastic bottle with cold water.
  • "Emergency aid" you'll also need a, if the pain occurs not only in the back, but shoulder, arm, neck. After all, this may be a sign of acute myocardial infarction. This disease may indicate difficulty in breathing, a strong feeling of fright, отдышка. In such cases, it is better to prevent, because procrastination is a doctor can be dangerous to life.
  • The pain, отдающая in the back, it can indicate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Strong burning pain, often отдающая in the region of the back, many times, it points to ulceration of the stomach. Another characteristic symptom of this disease frequent gagging. When the ulcer after vomiting the pain is always visibly reduced.
  • Pain on the left side of the abdomen are characteristic of gastritis - inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach. When you do this, sometimes, the pain may spread to the area of the back. If the person has gastritis with acidity, pain occurs when he is hungry, and with low - after the meal. Feature: when gastritis, often occurs the nausea, which is not the case.
  • In any case, should not be tolerated and do not self-medicate, and do consult a doctor and take the exam. After all, to put the correct diagnosis and choose the most appropriate treatment can only a doctor. If the pain is strong, unbearable, you can take a painkiller and call a specialist. But not in a coma situation, it is possible to heat the place where you feel pain.