the treatment of pain in the back

When you are prompted to back pain soon occurs the thought of радикулите. In fact, the cause uncomfortable sensations in the back can become even pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, before building the schema therapeutic medicine, carefully examined the patient. When the back pain in the lumbar region, than to treat the pathology, can resolve only a neurologist. Many times, the performing of therapy call doctors of narrow specializations - gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, medical oncologist, gynecologist, urologist. Depending on the diagnosed disease, still more, the treatment is performed at home or in the hospital.

How to treat chronic lumbar pain

Basic principles of treatment

Pain affecting the lumbar spine of the vertebral column, can cause the pulling, aching to nature or to express strong and sharp attack. If during the examination the patient does not have been detected pathology of the organs of other systems of life, the therapeutic scheme included the following activities:

  • the reception of a drugs pharmacological to decrease the inflammatory processes, the solution for the headaches, for the recovery of bone and joint tissue;
  • the realisation of procedures of physical therapy to accelerate the regeneration of the vertebrae and skeletal muscle;
  • classes of dressings, physical exercises or gymnastics.

When sudden and strong pain which restrict movement, the patients are assigned to drugs for intramuscular administration. Typically, in this case, it is held for admission in the hospital. After the improvement of the state of the patient writes to continue his recovery at home.

The correct approach to the treatment of

Rincipal reason for low back pain - деструктивно-degenerative damage to the vertebrae or formed intervertebral hernia inguinal. How would it be successful or has passed the treatment, the doctors recommend the patients to resolve from the lifestyle habits that provoked pathology factor. Otherwise, the disease will come back after some time, or go into the chronic form, which is dangerous due to its implications.

With the frequent back pain, you must replace the active playing sports, hiking in the outdoors

Start treating acute or are pulling on the low back pain should be in accordance with rest in bed. When the cause of the pathology, it becomes an inflammatory process, the same clouds двигательная activity contributes to its dissemination. Neuropathologists advise to buy orthopedic pillow and mattress. They reduce the workload on the patient's back, to prevent squeezing and crushing the muscles and nerve roots. If you are not able to purchase the special devices, so you have to choose to sleep, mattress and pillow of medium hardness.

To speed up the recovery should be in the process of treatment to adhere to such recommendations medical:

  • avoid any physical exercise and the practice of sports. In the rehabilitation phase, you can practice yoga, scuba diving, or simply a long walk in the outdoors;
  • eliminate from the diet fatty foods and fried foods. They have a negative impact on the state of the blood vessels located in the lumbar spine, contributing to the deposition of cholesterol harmful. The deficiency of nutrients and biologically active substances - one of the causes of the destruction of tissues in the bone;
  • do not drink and do not smoke. If you are not able to overcome the harmful dependence, at least to the time of treatment should be over it forget. Poison, tar, nicotine, ethyl alcohol, is acting in the veins, arteries and capillaries, slow the recovery of the bony, articular, and cartilaginous tissue in men and women.

Speed up the recovery will help the reception in a balanced complex of vitamins and trace elements. Some of them contain higher amount of calcium, but these drugs can not be taken only with a doctor's prescription.

Pharmacological drugs

Despite the effectiveness of medicines and physiotherapy procedures, a strong pain in the back are able to quickly resolve-only pharmaceutical drugs. If the uneasy feelings expressed weak, will help the exchange and the reception of capsules, tablets and pills. And if intense pain neurologists prescribed to improve the health status of the patient serum and intramuscular injections. Many of the drugs used for the treatment of the waist, have serious side effects and has many contraindications. To avoid the negative effects will allow for the strict compliance with medical recommendations regarding applied doses and duration course ware for the reception.

Physical therapy treatment

The majority of treatments of events, it is not assigned to patients with pain caused by a sharp inflammatory process. The procedures begin after the excavation pharmacological drugs. Physiotherapy is used for normalization of tissue replacement, tissue regeneration, warnings, additional degenerative changes in the lumbar spine. The физиотерапевтической procedure, you can get rid of pain in the back:

  • electrophoresis. Medical manipulation is designed to allow quick delivery of medications (NSAIDS, analgesics, anesthetics, chondroprotectors) to penetrate the lumbar spine. The process of carrying out electrophoresis on the back of the patient that they have cotton swabs, смоченные in the medicinal solution. Top overlap inserts the special, means that it is ignored current. Under the action of electric pulses the molecules of the chemicals to penetrate quickly in the area of inflammation;
  • therapy ultrasonic. The oscillation of ultrasonic waves stimulate the circulation of blood in the liver. In the damaged tissue begin to penetrate nutrients and bioactive substances, as well as molecular oxygen. After the completion of 5-10 procedures, the patient must disappear the pain resulting from relieving the muscle spasm and the gain of the metabolism;
  • лазеротерапия. Laser polarized light applied to the treatment of changes that are destructive in the lumbar межпозвоночных disks. Under the action of the infrared radiation is restored the blood supply of the joints and cartilaginous tissues, normalizes metabolism. Physiotherapy contributes to the elimination of the spinal column waste, toxins, end products of the inflammatory process;
  • the magnetic therapy. During the procedure, the patient acts of the wave magnetic field for the stimulation of the blood circulation in the damaged tissues.
Electrophoresis is assigned to patients for the treatment of low back pain and decrease the inflammatory process

Medical manipulation is assigned to decrease damage to lumbar vertebrae and to prevent the spread of inflammation in the healthy tissue. The result is the disappearance of pain and full recovery of the movements.

To treat severe pain, which can give the foot, the hand, the coccyx, physiotherapy combine with the ingestion of drugs pharmacological. And in the rehabilitation of a period of time or during remission chronic pathologies of the spine patients recommended mud therapy, bathtubs with mineral water, the classic and I need a massage, acupuncture.

Recipes of traditional healers

For the treatment of low back pain healers recommend drinking plenty of fluids. Pure water, chamomile tea and rosehip, fruit jams and fruit help to quickly view from the spine end products of inflammation, toxins. As the rich beverage in folk medicine uses teas and concoctions of medicinal herbs. Useful plants contain bioactive substances with anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

How you can cure back pain healing настоями:

  • pour into a thermos 3 ст. tablespoons of cranberries leaves, st. john's wort and calendula, pour a liter of boiling water and insist for about an hour. Drain, drink fragrant infusion instead of tea and coffee;
  • in the enamel or glass ability to put a handful of berries, dried rosehip, blueberry and juniper, cover with 2 litres of hot water. Томить in the water bath for 30-40 minutes, strain and drink 0.5 cups of infusion before each meal.

The back pain can resolve compress or ointment of natural products. How to prepare the drug:

  1. Melt in a bain-marie, 3 ст. tablespoons of natural honey, cool and mix with 2 ст. spoons аптечного of alcohol.
  2. In a mixture of enter gently in 100 ml of petroleum jelly and rub it on the damaged areas of the waist.

This tool is used for the treatment of compresses for back pain. For this, the mixture should be do not rub, and distribute a thin layer over the skin. Top needs to enforce the film, and then curl up to the warm scarf. The duration of the procedure is 3-4 hours.

The treatment of low back pain typically happens in the house. Only when the diagnosis acute of the inflammatory process the patient госпитализируется in the hospital. Depending on the cause of the pathology, therapy takes two weeks to several months. But if the medical recommendations, essentially, speeds up recovery, as evidenced by the comments-cured patients.

Teas and medicinal herbs, eliminating the person from the low back pain, clean up the vertebral column of waste and toxins