The back pain on the left on the back: the causes and types of pain

The onset of pain in the lumbar area can not not worry about. The pain occurs in virtually every person, but most often occurs in people of advanced age. Often citizens are skeptical about the situation of pain and not in a hurry to consult with a specialist. This decision is wrong: if the back pain on the left, indicates the development of a serious illness, so don't pull on the treatment. On, because you form the pain in the left hip and how to cure it – details below.


From what it appears?

Conventionally doctors all the factors that influence the formation of back pain in the lumbar region, divided into 5 main types.

To the first group belong to mechanical injury and disease in the motor system.

If the back pain in the lumbar region left, the reasons are the following:

  • stretching of the muscles and the ligaments;
  • the appearance of compression fractures in the spinal column;
  • the presence of damage in the joints the intervertebral and minor injuries of the vertebrae;
  • the appearance of disorders of posture, caused by kyphosis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

The second group of reasons include a variety of infections, which can appear as men and women. Are formed due to the development:

  • endocarditis;
  • osteomyelitis of the spine;
  • tuberculous spondylitis;
  • purulent discitis;
  • epidural abscesses;
  • influence;
  • infections that affect the internal organs.

The third group of reasons refers to the formation of malignant tumors. The pain in the left part of the back forms as a result of:

  • the formation of metastases;
  • multiple myeloma disease;
  • lymphoma;
  • lipogranulomatosis;
  • neoplasms.

The fourth group of factors that influence the onset of pain, has a relationship with the appearance of several metabolic disorders. They are the result of the development:

  • osteomalacia;
  • haemochromatosis;
  • osteoporosis;
  • alkaptonuria and other serious diseases linked to metabolic disorders.

The causes of lower back pain left side, related to the fifth group, conventionally divided into psychogenic and neurogenic. It is a pain that form because of the development of a deforming oddities, fibromyalgia, herpes zoster.

The doctors say that if the back pain in the lumbar area, one speaks of the development of the following diseases:

  • chronic diseases in the urinary system, renal colic and kidney stones;
  • the lung inflammation with the left hand and in the pleural area of the ovaries the female sexual system;
  • chronic constipation, colitis, and the violation of the digestive system;
  • pathology of the pancreas;
  • peptic ulcer erosion and gastritis;
  • a severe disease, localized in the muscle system-engine machine.

In addition to this, the cause of the back pain on the left in women can be the development of the pregnancy. This is due to the internal pressure, that has cancer growth on your internal organs.


If there is a pathology

Back pain from behind the women appear often to result in the development of inflammation in the muscles or in the spine the presence of serious diseases. The doctors emphasize that the pathology of the spine are congenital and acquired.

The defects are formed due to a hernia in the intervertebral discs, due to the lack of development of the muscular system and other anomalies in the area of the spine.

Purchased disease as men and women form the background of the development:

  • degenerative disc disease;
  • scoliosis;
  • various infections;
  • the malignant tumors.

Pain left, has emerged as a result of inflammation, are often formed due to thinning of the intervertebral disc crushing of the vessel and the nerve. In consequence of this, the man will inflame the nerve roots, and appear in pain, which lead the cutting.

In the pathology of the pain is persistent, aching, and paroxysmal. If a person is crushing the nerve, then it not only hurts the left side of the back, but is forced to reduce his physical activity and he worsens the general well-being.

In this case, if a man strikes the nerves in the lower lumbar, his discomfort dull pain in the lower back to the left, passing over the buttocks and lower limbs. If the person is not in time to see a specialist, the process involves the lower limbs and violate their sensitivity. Unpleasant sensations when they become permanent. If the inflammatory process has touched the sciatic nerve, is also a man plagued by persistent pain and it appear serious complications, get rid of that is only possible with surgery.

If the body of a man has been long in the cold, it develops inflammation in the muscles, to wear the name of myositis. And also in him to bring an excess of physical activity of a man and a drastic reduction of the activity of the immune system. Pain in left side of back when they become pains and constant and appear suddenly. They may be aggravated with a deep breath or tilt of the trunk. To get rid of them is used Menovazin for rubbing, and peace.

Also the pain can form on the bottom of displacement of the vertebrae. The man must reduce his physical activity, he often numbs and tingling in the lower limbs.

The back pain left accompanied by shot caused lumbar hernia, rheumatism, loss of the intervertebral disc. Shoot can during motor activity, in the case of strong suspense, coughing or during deep breaths.

Stabbing pain in the back with the left hand during the motor activity speaks of the development of the inflammatory process in the nerve and the formation of the syndrome of the pear-shaped.

In this way, if a person has a disease in the area of the spinal column, appear the following symptoms:

  • Looks sharp and pulling pain in the lumbar, in which he is not free to straighten the back.
  • Localized pain in the center of life, and give to the lower limbs.
  • During the motor activity has unpleasant sensations that are often accompanied by a spasm in the kidneys.

The pain can be eliminate only with the help of rubbing the sick person's place of anti-inflammatory means.

If there is a disease in the internal organs

Often if the back pain is left behind, it is associated with the development of pathologies in the internal organs. These bodies are:

  • the pancreas and the intestine;
  • the left kidney and the spleen;
  • to the left of the ovary in women.

And even acute pain to the left can indicate the development of kidney stones. When a man is difficult to go to the bathroom and he increases the temperature of the body.

When lesions of the left kidney, the man appears to be constant, stupid, annoying back pain. And can also cheer bottom of the belly, in the right upper quadrant.

If a woman cares about a dull pain in the lower back, which gives in the belly, speaks of the development of uterine fibroids.

With the development of inflammation in the area of the ovaries of women concerned about the continuous pain, which makes in the lower abdomen and lower back. The development of inflammation is often accompanied by the appearance of secretions, pain during sexual intercourse and a violation of the menstrual cycle.

Often the pain left in the lower part of the back is related to the fact that the individual has renal abnormalities. In this case, appear the following symptoms:

  • worsens the general state of health: the person feels lethargic, he gets tired quickly, has a weakness;
  • increases blood pressure, often troubled by headaches;
  • the face and the feet swell, in particular this manifests itself in the early hours of the morning;
  • chills, sweating, body temperature increase;
  • a complete lack of appetite, the most common cause nausea, which enters into a strong vomit;
  • frequent urges and pain during the trip to the toilet;
  • when lying the pain does not disappears.

The pain in the kidneys, which gives the lumbar region, it is acute or chronic.

Acute pain at the back left appears to be for the following reasons:

  • Following acute stretching of the spine. When a person suffers from pain in both sides of the spine, and must limit his physical activity.
  • Fracture of the lumbar vertebra. The man appears to be a strong pain during the accident, during the journey is very strong backache with left hand behind. With time the pain of a person becomes easier, but it can increase when you take the lying position.
  • In the case of displacement of the intervertebral disc. With them the man appears the pain on the left side of the back, he should take a comfortable position to relieve the pain. In this case, if it is to remain long in one position, then you will be trapped with the final department of the spinal cord. In consequence of this reduced sensitivity, decreased reflexes, and broken pelvic function.
  • The development of osteoarthritis in the joints the spinal. When he is the man worried about complex pain syndrome, it manifests itself in the unilateral back pain, disorders of sensitivity and decreased reflexes.

The secondary patterns, which leads to the appearance of the disease, are:

  • malignant tumors, localized in the area of the spine and inflammation in the body of the vertebrae. Is formed as a result of the development of tuberculosis, brucellosis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylitis;
  • the appearance of a spinal stroke, and osteomalacia;
  • serious disorders of the digestive system in the basin and in the area of the kidneys.

In more detail, to answer the question, if it hurts to the left in the lower part of the back, what to do, you will be able to a specialist after diagnostic procedures.


the pain-the left-back

Initially, the patient should go through a couple of diagnostic procedures that allow you to determine exactly the cause of the pain. The first to look at the man with pain, the therapist is. After that will be studied the main symptoms, he would send a person to the most narrow specialist,

  • Orthopedic technician.
  • Urologist.
  • A neurologist.
  • The surgeon.
  • The vertebrologist.

Additional diagnostic procedures, which will need to pass for the patient, the diagnostic ULTRASOUND. With its help, you determines the state of the organs located inside the body and the presence in it of a malignant tumor.

Also the man needs to deliver on the common analysis of blood and urine. They help to reveal the development has an inflammatory process.

If the data diagnostic procedures do not have exactly the diagnosis, the patient is sent to a magnetic RESONANCE imaging, x-ray, ECG.

Acute lower back pain

When the back pain in the lumbar area, and the sensations are painful in nature, the need to go to see a doctor. After the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe an appropriate treatment. Severe pain require particular attention. When you see the need to provide first aid, which consists in the following actions:

  • to take antispasmodic;
  • to do a massage.

The massage consists in the following actions:

  • The patient is placed on the belly and a pillow under him a little cushion.
  • The lower part of the back, massaging with light circular movements, avoiding the thrust. Movement, exercise lumbar spine, the entire spine and move to the neck. Then massaged part.
  • After the skin is well heated and blushed, massage do more intensely.

What to do if the pain in the left side of the back?

In this case, the treatment is carried out to the conservative methods: pills, injections.

However, with the constant appearance of symptoms of the pain and the transition of the disease in a moderate stage, the person is assigned to the operation.

If the pain is related to neurological disorders, or injury, the treatment is done in the following ways:

  • are used ointment for the heating;
  • apply anti-inflammatory drugs.

When a man is worried about the sharp pain, and then given injections.

If it hurts to the left in the back of an adolescent, specific therapeutic treatments is not necessary. Parents should check the posture of the child and let him practice sports. And they must also be aware that all the furniture must be chosen based on the age of the child. Attention and for the weight of the child: turbocharger that should not be.

on the left-the pain

If your back hurt suddenly, when his treatment it is necessary to take hot baths. In this way, when the formation of pain is not correlated with the spread of the inflammation or the development of a malignant tumor.

If it hurts the left side of the lumbar and this is the result of excessive pressure on the nerve, you have the right to make a man. It is necessary to do so to relieve tension in the spinal column. For this you need to put a pillow under her legs and back.


To permanently get rid of unpleasant feelings, each person is advised to adhere to the following preventive treatments:

  • Sports. With their help, you can strengthen your back muscles and relieve lower departments, ending with the backbone.
  • To get rid already appeared pain and eliminate its further spread should go to a couple of massage sessions. Remember that you should be only a qualified professional and make, after consultation with the doctor.
  • People with low immunity should be strengthened.
  • All citizens, women in particular, you should avoid hypothermia.

To avoid the pain that often appears in older people, it is necessary to perform the following prevention measures:

  • Not work a long time in a countryside location. If this is not possible, take breaks and massage the body and limbs.
  • Do not lift objects that are too heavy.
  • Is not long laying down or sitting.
  • To engage in affordable sports. However, before this, you need to consult with your doctor. Optimal sport for the elderly is to walk with sticks. It helps to develop not only the legs but also involves the hands.
  • Regular squats and walking down the street.

Remember that if the back pain left, it is normal. If this symptom is appeared, and then any person should immediately go to consult a medical expert.