Pain in left side of back

Pain in left side of back negatively affect the quality of life of a person, then when it appears, it is necessary to perform opportune treatment. The pain may occur for several reasons, starting with pinched vertebrae or problems with the digestive system and even the development of serious diseases. So, to start you need to make an accurate diagnosis, because when the wrong or untimely treatment complications may occur. Read more about the causes and treatment of pain in your left side will be discussed in this article.

Possible causes

pain in left side of back

The medical conditional share the feeling of pain in his left side in two groups. The first has an immediate connection with pathologies of the back, and the second with diseases of internal organs and systems. The syndrome can be temporary, ie, appear in a few hours, and then alone to disappear. But also pain can be disturbing to the patient throughout the day. She may have a constant intensity, or gradually increasing, which gives a lot of discomfort to the patient, complicating your life-style.

The most common factors that contributes to the appearance of pain in the left side of the back, include:

  • the development of diseases of the spine, such as sciatica, intervertebral hernia or osteocondrose;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system (for example, angina pectoris or myocardial);
  • diseases genito-urinary systems urinary;
  • the leak of pregnancy;
  • violation of respiratory difficulties, including the development of pneumonia;
  • problems with the working of the digestive system (Crohn's disease, pancreatitis, and others);
  • organic lesions of the nervous system;
  • development of a vehicle pyelonephritis inflammatory kidney disease, which is accompanied by armbar syndrome in his left side;
  • inadequate or unbalanced nutrition, which occurs colic intestinal. In this case, the result of frequent consumption of junk food is the appearance of discomfort in the back.

Pay attention! Cause pain caused can severe enough disease, to get rid of that is only possible with the drug treatment. Rigorous diagnostic tests allow you to avoid regulations incorrect diagnoses and speed up the recovery process.

The related symptoms

the related symptoms

No matter what factor caused the emergence of a starting point of the pain of the syndrome, many times the problem has connection with the pathological changes of the structure the intervertebral disc on its left side. In such cases, occurs in the crushing nerve roots of the spinal cord. Usually, this pathological process is accompanied by a sharp shot, the intensity that may intensify during movement. But, as the sensation of pain, sometimes, can be associated with different pathologies, the clinical picture may also change. For example, in the case of problems with the working of the digestive system that often occurs with nausea, decreased appetite or vomiting.

Many times the back pain is accompanied by a reduction of the sensitivity in the legs, especially in the morning, frequent urges to urinate or an increase in the temperature of the body. In such cases, the cause unpleasant sensations can be any disease, it is essential to in a timely manner and to describe correctly resulting symptoms the doctor.

Forms of diagnosis

When you are suspicious of symptoms, including pain on the left side, you need to immediately seek medical assistance. In this case, requires the help of a neurologist or a therapist, which, in turn, will carry out diagnostic tests. In rare cases, you may need help medicus-osteopath for the study of the bones and muscle tissue to verify the presence of pathological changes.

During the diagnosis of the patient can assign the following:

  • laboratory analysis of urine and blood;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • radiology research;
  • computed tomography;
  • fluorography;
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • ultrasonography of the pelvis.

Note! In addition, the doctor may perform a differential diagnosis, as well as the sensation of pain in your left side can occur as a result of a myocardial infarction or preinfarction state of the patient. This method of research allows us to rule out the presence of these factors.


Based on the results of studies carried out, the doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis and assign the appropriate therapy. In spite of pathologies, able to provoke pain that is caused, can be enough for that, your treatment, doctors apply all efforts to eliminate the source of unpleasant symptoms conservative.

First aid

The first thing to do when you see the starting point of the pain syndrome in his left side to consult your doctor. But if you visit the clinic soon is not possible, so you can take quick action to improve the health status of the patient. This is not a decision of painkillers, in order to use that without the knowledge of the doctor is not recommended. First aid consists in the realization of therapeutic massage, because it is the most effective method of dealing with different problems in the back.

Only a specialist is able to perform the therapeutic massage properly, but there are still simple tricks, which do not require special skills. Only enough to properly position the patient. Below is a step-by-step, which allows to alleviate the state of the patient at home.

After the completion of the therapeutic procedure the patient needs a rest and recreation, and to increase the therapeutic effect should be covered with a warm a plain or a blanket. Various physical activity should be totally excluded.


As already mentioned previously, the best therapeutic remedy when pain syndrome is a massage. But, if in house it will give a slight effect, eliminating the unpleasant symptom at a particular time, for a best result it is necessary to someone for help. The massage room, the procedure should begin with the heating massaging lumbar spine and gradually move up the body the cervical department. All the actions in the plan of implementation of the massage must be coherent with your doctor because there are some counter-indications to the execution of a procedure.


If the pain in the flank it takes the thrust of nature, is, probably, one of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In such cases, the diagnosis and the treatment should involve the gastroenterologist, who after performing all the tests needed to prescribe the appropriate therapy. Feature the colitis is that, by ignoring their symptoms over a certain period of time, you may need a surgical intervention.

The development of necrosis and myocardial infarction, are usually accompanied by an uncomfortable or acute pain in the left side of the body, which is often accompanied violation breathing difficulties. Only expresses the patient's hospitalization will save you the life, therefore, ignore the above symptoms is not possible. If it seems that the pain is abrupt, then the doctors recommend the use of a antispasmodic medications to improve the state of health. But the effect of the treatment in this case will last a very long time, therefore, to the regulations of the accuracy of the diagnosis need to seek a doctor.

As the results

No matter what the nature of the pain in his left side pulling, sharp, dull, sharp or aching contact your physician should be urgent, because it is in the game is not only the health, but also for your life. Not good to count with the fact that the pain with time will go the same, if you try to ignore it or take pain killers. It needs the help of a qualified professional and do not self-medication, because time is lost, you can pay a very great price.