Why it hurts the loins, and the rotation on both sides отдающие pain

Pain in side and lower back – a widespread phenomenon, which can have dozens of reasons, starting with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ending with the difficulties of the functioning of the organs of the abdominal cavity and мочевыводящей of the system.

To accurately diagnose the pathology, causing discomfort to the back in the area of the blade, it is necessary to first determine the nature and characteristics of unpleasant sensations. Which means the pain which is felt at the same time with two sides, on the back and on the sides, or if such a condition of serious danger to the health?

Causes of the pathology

The pain that is felt simultaneously side at waist level and in several places, the medicine called reflects – development mechanism is the catastrophic the various branches of the nerve.

For this reason, pain in the lower part, отдающая in other places, in some cases, indicates that the symptoms are so blurry, unclear images, that even the patient himself is not able to accurately determine its source.


In the projection of the waist and sides are different agencies is a division lower lumbar position, the kidneys, the organs of the abdominal cavity, reproductive organs in women, therefore, to make the diagnosis when болевом syndrome on the sides and lower back you should contact your doctor.

The discomfort in the back and on the sides, it can appear in healthy persons, due to inclement weather or excessive physical activity, but in this case they are temporary and disappear after the rest.

Types of

The character of the starting point of the pain syndrome plays an important role in the determination of the cause of each one of the pathologies that have the characteristics of a clinical course, which should be considered in the diagnosis.

  • Acute pain is common to all states, that require the rapid conversion to the doctor, and sometimes immediate medical help. She testifies of serious pathological processes in the internal organs or structures of the vertebral column with its number can be assigned in liver and kidney, cramps, diseases of the digestive system, kidney and reproductive system in the acute phase, hernias in the spine, neuralgia.
  • The discomfort appears when chronic pathologies, often in diseases of the vertebral column – osteocondrose, протрузия, scoliosis, and т. д., especially, if it occurs after a long stay in a state or physical exercise.
  • Pulling pain that is caused is a common symptom of diseases and reproductive system urinary in women, as well as violations of the work of the liver.
  • In addition, she is often seen in pregnant women during the second-third quarter, due to the pressure of a growing fetus.
  • Dull pain can indicate inflammatory diseases or infectious processes in the gall bladder and in the kidneys, sometimes, the diseases lumbar and sacral column.
  • Sudden painful crises observed when радикулите, протрузия and грыжах the intervertebral discs, and also kidney and liver cramps, spasms in the intestine and other organs.
  • The discomfort that is felt continuously, often indicates an inflammatory and infectious diseases of the bladder, of the kidneys and the reproductive system, may also be felt during pregnancy.
  • Tinea of the pain that is caused, generally, acts as a symptom of pancreatitis and other diseases of the digestive tract, мочевыводящей system, gynaecological diseases: severe pain in such cases, says acute during illness, weak – on the chronic form.

The character of the pain is a subjective concept, so as to determine the cause of the disease exclusively for this indicator, it is not possible to consider the additional symptoms and other factors.

For that which you gave in the left and right sides

Diseases of the spinal column

Degenerative processes, injuries and other pathologies of the vertebrae, the intervertebral discs or adjacent structures (nerves, muscles) – common causes of the unpleasant sensations on one side.

Often, in this case, he suffers from lumbar or крестцовый department of spine, the less the pain may go down due to damage chest.

The displacement of the vertebral discs

Spondylolisthesis is a displacement of the body of the vertebra in relation to another with the deviation of the axis of the spinal column. In people, this condition is often called "displacement of intervertebral disc", but this type of formulation is flawed, as well as can change only the vertebrae.

Pathology develops for various reasons (injuries, changes related to age, load errors and т. д.) and leads to irritation of the nerve fibres or totally, the your infringe, which causes swelling, inflammation, or an acute pain in the back.


Degenerative changes in the spine, or osteocondrose, more commonly seen in older people.

Due to the impact of negative factors to the processes of nutrition of the cartilage of the vertebral column are being violated, because of which they lose their elasticity and capacity for regeneration.


The main symptoms of degenerative disc disease – limitation of mobility of the spine and burning, ноющие or pulsating pain in the back, including, on the back and on the sides.

With the onset of symptoms, necessarily, apply to a visit to the doctor.

Fractures of the vertebrae

The fracture of vertebrae – severe trauma to skeletal muscle, which requires a continued and integrated treatment. Violation of the integrity of bone tissue occurs because of external influence (a strong beat, drop height and т. д.), and it manifests itself in the first place armbar syndrome.

Their characteristics depend on the degree and location of damage, but it is most likely from the pain caused is intense, tinea nature, accompanied by neurological disturbances of sensibility in the limbs, headaches and т. д.

The scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, which causes the distortion of a shape, and violation of work of the internal organs.

In the early stages of the disease manifests the discomfort and armbar syndrome in different departments of the back (when the injury to the lumbar they are located on sides and back), fatigue, and difficulties of mobility of the spine, during the execution of the pathological process of possible problems with urination and дефекацией.

Ankylosing spondylarthrosis

Ankylosing spondylarthrosis (disease Ankylosing) it is quite rare pathology of the musculoskeletal system, which affects between insects, handles and тазобедренные joints.

The number of symptoms include pain in the back and on the sides, which are aggravated when the muscle tension and the changes of time, curvature of the spine, парезы and параличи. The disease is incurable, and progresses slowly, but steadily, and often leads to disability.

Копчиковая hernia

Копчиковая hernia can occur with less frequency than the hernia from other departments of the vertebral column as well as vertebra, sacral department, are more resistant and durable.

It develops due to a combination of factors, including degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, infection and inflammation of internal organs, of injury.

When the type of hernia the patient feels strong pains in the coccyx and lumbar spine, the them, of the way the mouth and the groin are strengthened in a sitting position and are not removed analgesic drugs.


From this hernia suffer the most are women, as well as the most common provocative factor for the disease operate heavy delivery.

Disease of the internal organs

Fighting the feeling of the back and sides when the pathologies of the internal organs called secondary. Unlike the symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, they are not related to movement or change of position of the body, and is accompanied by the disturbances of the work of other systems of the body.

Disease мочеиспускательной system

Disease мочеиспускательной of the system, which can cause pain in the side, include inflammatory and infectious processes in the urinary bladder, formation of stones, obstructions ureters.

Depending on the clinical course of the pathology, the discomfort can be innovative, have the same intensity, and it is more often accompanied by disorders of urination, increase of temperature, general weakness.

Kidney disease

Characteristics of pain in the side when the pathologies kidney lies in the fact that they are located a little above the waist, often have tinea of the character and give to the lower part of the belly, the region of the navel, the groin. Some kidney disease disease, the malignant tumor, пиелонефрит) develop slowly, therefore, are not backed by strong discomfort, and when the kidney pain, and obstruction of the ureter the pain is so intense that, sometimes, causes painful shock.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis – severe disease, which is characterized by loss of tissue of the organ and of his substitute fibróticas fibers, and is often fatal. In the pathological process may indicate pain in the lumbar region, which may be of tinea nature, but the majority is located on the right side, the bitterness in the mouth (manifested in the morning), the periodic disorder of bowel movements and weight loss.

Pathology of the intestine

A malfunction of the intestine, gallbladder, pancreas, and other digestive organs manifest discomfort blunt character in the abdominal cavity, lumbar spine and on the sides, but the aggravation of diseases possible sharp and sharp pain.

Generally, they are clearly associated with the ingestion of food (occurring with an empty stomach, after a meal or consumption of certain products) and accompanied by вздутием of the stomach, increased gas.

Characteristics of women

The women of the pain in one side are observed with more frequency than in men, due to anatomical features of the female body. In the abdominal cavity of the opposite sex are the reproductive organs, which often cause discomfort in the pelvic region and genital infection and inflammation they develop more frequently than in men.

When females diseases

The pain on one side – it is not uncommon for women to change hormonal defects of the violation (for example, the rejection or the curvature of the uterus).

Other causes permanent pain – genital infections, fibroids, аднексит, endometriosis and other inflammatory processes.

The additional symptoms of the above diseases – disorders of the menstrual cycle, infertility, the deterioration of the general well-being.


Many women, the pain on one side is the standard physiological during the menstrual period – in this case, she has a point nature, and is easily removed for the acquisition of antispasmodics, and is not accompanied by additional symptoms.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, discomfort in the side and bottom of the back, usually occurs after the first trimester, when the growing fetus starts to put pressure on the spine and the internal organs.

In the first few weeks вынашивания child such symptom can be a sign of hormonal changes in the body, the weakening of the ligaments and muscles, as well as the incipient abortion, in this case, the pain lead to the intensive nature, accompanied by bleeding or кровянистыми secretions of the vagina, the weakness and the deterioration of the general state.

After the birth

Pain in the lower part of the belly, sides and back, feeling for all women, without exception – they are part of the recovery processes of the reproductive system. Immediately after the родоразрешения they can be strong enough, but after a few days gradually decrease, and for two to four weeks to disappear completely.

Characteristics in men

The representatives of the male, the causes тянущих headaches, screaming mouth, the lower part of the belly, groin and feet, tend to become enlarged prostate, prostatitis, at least, cystitis and other illnesses of the bladder. Among other events one can notice the difficulty of allocation of urine, sexual dysfunction and impotence, sexually transmitted diseases, are marked with a secretion, urethral purulent.

When genital infections in men, the treatment must pass for both partners, even in cases where the symptoms of the disease in women that are missing.

Treatment options

If you self-medicate with frequent pains in the sides categorically is not recommended, especially if accompanied by other indications, all activities can lubricate the picture of the disease, the more restrictive the establishment of a diagnosis, or worsen the patient's condition.

Therapy for exercise

Therapeutic exercise – one of the following methods to resolve the discomfort when pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and menstrual cramps. The exercise should be performed with care, do not load the muscle very strong, avoiding sudden movements and gain the starting-point of the pain syndrome.

During the pregnancy and gynaecological diseases, good effect to give the breathing exercises and yoga, but before the classes, you should consult your doctor and take into account available indications and contra-indications. In addition, you can do a light massage – a circular motion, or, simply, walk in the open air.


Physiotherapy methods apply only after the keen period, accompanied by intense inflammatory and infectious process, the increase of temperature and other symptoms, is left behind.

As the procedures of treatment the patients are encouraged to electrophoresis with different medications (pain killers, to improve nutrition and regeneration of tissue, UHF, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation, mud, paraffin and озокеритовые appliques. The method of exposure and the duration of the course determines the physician depending on the nature of the clinical course of the disease and the general state of the patient.

Pain in the back and on the sides, may have different intensity and nature, but in most cases, are a disturbing symptom, that requires timely diagnosis and treatment.