Causes of pain in the back under the ribs: causes, treatment

Twist in the back can all the side.Pain back pain under the ribs, refers to the most difficult in terms of diagnosis of the pain. Apparently, there is nothing more easy to look at the anatomical reference, and to draw a parallel between the "geographical area", the position of the body and the location of the pain. However, the situation becomes difficult here is that:

the pain in the back under the ribs

Some diseases have similar clinical picture. The pain often does not concentrate in a single place, and can capture is quite broad, and even move the body

Why back pain under the ribs

Even when apparently identical to the characteristics of each disease there is only its own characteristics, that enable to diagnose.

In general, these diseases can be divided into several groups:

  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (GI)
  • Diseases of the respiratory system
  • Myocardial infarction gastralgia type
  • The injury of the internal organs
  • Diseases of the spleen
  • Renal colic
  • The pathology of the diaphragm
  • Hematoma and education spaces retroperitoneal
  • Intercostal neuralgia
  • Osteocondrose
  • The neuralgic vegetative violation

The pain in the back of the left side in ribs


In the form of chronic — pain under the ribs on the left moderate force, radiating in the back and below left-the putty knife. Often takes the tinea nature, surrender and right, front and back. You receive after you receive the oily, sweet food

In the acute pain is sudden and acute, is not changed from a change of position, when breathing or coughing. Accompanied by nausea and not getting more easy to the state of vomiting. The acute pancreatitis observed increase of intoxication, cyanosis the skin of the integument, traces of point hemorrhages in the region of the navel and on the sides

Cancer of the pancreas

The pain of a similar nature to the pain caused in chronic pancreatitis, but is not related with food intake. When the cancer of the body and tail the breast occurs painful heart attack to the left on the subcostal field of high intensity, with impact on the back

Myocardial infarction gastralgia form

Specific of a rare form, affects the lower part of the left ventricle. The pain initially supports under the heart and resembles an attack of gastritis with nausea, hiccups, disorder of the intestine. It is very difficult to diagnosis. Then, after the intake of analgesics painful heart attack becomes typical for an attack of location painful oppressive pain behind the sternum with left indent under the scapula, the clavicle, the neck, the hand and the tips of the fingers

back pain under ribs symptoms

Disease of the spleen

Many times, the spleen increases of guilt following diseases:

  • Hemolytic Anemia
  • Leukemia and lymphoblastic
  • The lymphoma
  • Hypertension diseases of the liver
  • Infectious mononucleosis
  • Endocarditis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and t. d.


  • The dull pain on the left rib
  • The veins of the esophagus and subcutaneous venous arteries dilate
  • In parallel develops liver failure

Back pain on the right side below the ribs

Diseases of the liver (cirrhosis, hepatitis, tumors, fat HEPAtoz, the stagnation of the phenomenon)

  • Cause tupou pulling pain right under the ribs (the pain of the liver and its capsule)
  • The blood test shows liver failure
  • Occur circulatory disorders
  • May have jaundice

Acute cholecystitis

  • The acute pain under the right atdrebergen, dans to the right below the scapula, above the collarbone and the neck
  • Nausea with vomiting, fever
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes protein (optional signal)

Gallstone disease:

  • The attacks of tolerate the acute pain on the right side below the ribs, with impact on the back
  • Vomiting, absent unlike cholecystitis,
  • At the exit of the stone from the bile duct, the painful heart attack immediately above

Chronic cholecystitis

  • The pain is moderate and occurs after eating greasy, fried, spicy foods
  • There may be regurgitation and vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth

Pancreatitis of the head of the pancreas and cancer

Have similar symptoms, resembling dakineziu ducts bile:

  • They give pain that is caused in part atdreverie
  • May be accompanied by jaundice

The symptoms of pain under the ribs in the middle

Ulcer of the stomach and the duodenum

  • Give pain pugione type to the front in the middle of the hypochondrium space and to the left, which can be given on the back. A feature of these headaches: they increase in fasting, after the ingestion of food, and also after the stress
  • The patient is in the flight position, in which the pain that is caused several exhausted
  • In calais observes the presence of blood (lime can be black d.tobratnogo kind)
  • Pain when Probods accompanied by a deterioration of general condition due to incipient peritonitis: nausea, vomiting, increased temperature

Stomach cancer

  • Gives pain attacks, that usually appear in the later stage, when the tumor germinate the stomach wall and the pressure on the adjacent organs
  • The disease is accompanied by weakness, weight loss
  • Change the flavor of the addiction (for example, you may receive an aversion to meat)

The pathology of the diaphragm

  • Atdddiafragmalnaya abscess more likely to occur when the lesion of the abdominal organs, or after a surgical operation
  • It is different than acute pain during breathing front under the ribs (in the middle), ontdauxww under the putty knife and the area above the collarbone
  • The patient may be in the position lying down or half sitting
  • Begins with a fever and strong intoxication

Pain under ribs types of location

Правonсtonрonнняя pneumonia

  • Pain under the ribs, occurs when breathing and coughing of a location, and accompanied by fever
  • Maybe irradiace attack down the belly with an imitation of an appendicitis attack
  • When the movement occurs lack of air
  • Nasolabial triangle — bluetonгon color
back pain under ribs causes

Dry pleural effusion

  • Occurs when pathologies in the lung (tuberculosis, lung cancer)
  • Pain to the left and to the right, below the ribs, increasing not only when breathing, but is a routine of movements, ontdAUSA in the back
  • Accompanied by rapid breathing and peripheral cyanosis

The injury of the internal organs

More often than that, the breaks of the spleen or of the liver due to mechanical damage (a disaster, a fall of height) or a pathological process (leukemia, cirrhosis), violate the structure of internal organs.


  • Pain under the ribs on the left side (when the lesion of the spleen) or right (from the liver), the growing because of accumulating under the capsule of the blood, in the horizontal position,
  • Because of a strong bleeding pulse quickens, and HELL drops, the skin pales
Danger of injury in your foltonсtand: the victim may feel ill and even to walk and, then, its state of deterioration, and he may die. Especially, it often occurs in cases, when the first damaged the parenchyma of the organ, then, after some time, the break occurs of capsules and bleeding in the abdominal cavity

Renal colic (kidney disease)

  • The pain attack in the back under the ribs, agonizing, dans in the groin, thigh, belly
  • Because of a promotion concrement in мonчеtonчнandке moves with the knapsack back, lower lumbar, and then atdotdonшнon-sacralis area
  • Painful heart attack is served treatment спазмonлandtandкамand hot and procedures
  • Surgical treatment shown, when they occur: Abouttурацandя (occlusion) of the ureter or гanddрonнефрoz kidney

Hematoma spaces retroperitoneal

  • They are formed mainly as a result of lesions in the kidneys, adrenal glands and retroperitoneal department of 12-duodenal gut
  • Accompanied by pain subcostal region back in the back and large крonвonattерямand:
    • the patient can drop dramatically HELL
    • in the blood, decreased hemoglobin
    • it increases the paleness and weakness

Intercostal neuralgia

  • Burning, quiet (sometimes boring) прandсtуatonбразная pain to the left or to the right, below the ribs, arising when the inspiration
  • Is given a wide area: under the scapula, the lower part of the back, the heart


  • a tightening of the intercostal nerves
  • the increased tone разгandбаtfiles has been and shoulder-scapular muscle
Cause intercostal neuralgia may the following diseases: osteocondrose, hypothermia, inconvenient posture, stress


  • In the chronic form manifests itself in the form of constant shrill of pain to the back in the back under the ribs
  • The characteristic of the pain — the distribution area of the nerve supply of the victim of the nerve: The lumbar region by the back surface of the buttocks, thighs and legs
  • When worsening of the pain caused takes on the character of lumbagoes that occur during the movement, tilt, or rotate the trunk. The patient is forced to stop in the same position

The neuralgic vegetative violation

The pain occurs unexpectedly, and is not justified by objective reasons. The examination does not detect severe pathologies, in addition to в.еtonсonсуdandсtonй dystonia, with these symptoms:

  • sudden pressure
  • the symptoms of respiratory failure
  • shortness of breath, palpitations, angina pectoris
  • the irritable bowel syndrome
  • insomnia and irritability
  • It hurts in every place, then, to the left, the right, in the middle part of the atdRibera

Pain under the ribs on the back can be because of many diseases, even the most unexpected.