Back pain what to do?

The pace of our lives, which each year increase. However, we ourselves we are not enough, and the exercise of our, especially, are reduced.

For everything in time, many times, we leave after visiting a doctor and a massage therapist, a fitness and energetic workout, a beautician and have a good vacation: I'm going to do from the first day, Monday, during the holidays, and so on. Who gave himself such promises?

back pain

Well, the result – back pain, dental caries, obesity, wrinkles, premature, headaches...

And, with the back problems occur, perhaps, in the first place, because the load is to he the greatest of all. It is no wonder that the statistics show that the complaints of back pain are in second place after colds!

Interestingly, they get the back pain of 20 years, and of middle and old age, and do not say anything! And now sharply arise the questions: why is the pain in the back, and if back pain what to do?

Problems with bone and muscular system in the elderly occur 2 times more chances of heart disease.

And recently, this problem has touched and young people.

Sometimes elementary help exercises to strengthen the back, and, in other cases, it is necessary for a serious treatment...

For that back pain

Before you set the that treat back pain, it is necessary to define what causes this unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous.

Causes of pain in the back is sufficiently diversified. I will call here the main ones:

  1. heredity – reduction in services of the cartilage, resulting in intervertebral discs barely notice the load and wear out quickly;
  2. injuries to the spine;
  3. physical inactivity, ie, reduced motor and physical activity;
  4. obesity, which increases the load on the spine and joints: our center of gravity is located at the level of the waist. When the excess of body mass is displaced, which increases the load on the muscles of the back.

If they can not cope with the increased load is automatically transferred to the vertebral column. And this leads to deformities, spinal disks, as a result, occurs muscle pain in the back.

  • why back pain in smokers: people who smoke more often complain of back than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that smokers have interrupted the supply of oxygen and feeding of insects disks, which can lead to its degeneration and headaches;
  • excessive exercise: the occupation by security forces of sports, hard physical work;
  • the position of the body during the ascent of gravity: many times we need to lean to lift something and need to sit down, then, the load is going to the abdominal muscles and of the legs, which have the more powerful;
  • long period of driving of the vehicle;
  • disorders of posture and loose, the muscles of the back;
  • dysplasia abnormality of the joints;
  • the pain in the back when jumping high: continuous wearing this shoe increases the load on the muscles, ligaments, discs, and lumbar spine;
  • why the pain in the back in case of bad quality of bed and mattress: the old sagging couch or mattress wrong to distribute the load on the spine, which can be taken during sleep, the shape like the letter "C". Please try to get your bed in order, drag the sofa, and replace the mattress more hard;
  • heavy transport ahead of itself. Common now bags for the transport of children, who can also give back pain. So, as you will only be able to carry children in a sack on his back.

The result of the desire to be, as everything you always suffer from pain in the back and legs.

a back massage

Therefore, try not to get involved with such shoes: get the pain, not only in the back, but and legs, as well as problems of load distribution on the thrust bearing leads to increased bone big toes of the feet.

In fact, when I bought a pillowtop mattress, so practically prevented from back pains.

But the mattress is necessary to choose with springs (independent of the mattress to block), he certainly will try to mold Your body and distribute evenly the work load. Types of mattress, and the manufacturers very now, is that you can choose from, in price and quality.

So that is the reason why it hurts your spine, it can be quite banal – quality problems bed!

As you can see, a definitive answer to the question: what can twist, rotate, simply does not exist!

Note that, if You

  1. you were born to me legs, cramps in the calves, heaviness in the lumbar region — can have serious problems in the lumbar spine;
  2. you were born to me feet, a feeling of weakness and tingling in the legs – there may be problems with the blood vessels;
  3. means and pain of neck, shoulder, arm, or head, of the journals of dizziness and headache, feeling of chills running in the hand or in the shoulder area – there may be a problem with neckband department of the spinal column;
  4. a strong back pain, that gives in right leg – this can be a sign of sciatica or rods;
  5. bleeding of the intestine or of the bladder, burning sensation or urinary incontinence;
  6. strong pain in the back between the scapulae or in the sternum, shortness of breath – there may be a problem with the newborn department of the vertebral column.

When any of these symptoms, you need to urgently consult a doctor and take the exam. If any of these things – acute, immediately call an ambulance!

Even if these signs appear it is not very pronounced, the need for technical advice, as well as the beginning of the illness is always treated at times more easy than that of the medium.

Only a specialist can determine what to do when the pain in the back!

I want to call your attention to the fact that the folk remedies is a good thing, when it is installed to an accurate diagnosis. And self-medication without a diagnosis troubling loss of time, when serious diseases.

Therefore, the answer to the question: what to do if the pain of the spinal column, the back or the loin of a: as soon as possible consult a specialist – neurologist or therapist!

Must take into account, that the back pain can be a manifestation of kidney disease, or female genital mutilation.

First, the doctor must make a diagnosis, it is unique, as well as back pain treatment require qualified!

If You have received a diagnosis of a disease is the musculoskeletal system, you can use special device for massage. Now they are numerous enough.

And you can simply start doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back!

If the back pain in the lumbar region what to do in the house? Apparently drinking a painkiller, heat the lower part of the back, and all will be well! But here's what to do, just can't, no way!

Problems in the back, the most important, time to start the treatment. But assign can only be a doctor!

But if it hurts the tenderloin is not the first time, the diagnosis is already installed, and contraindications for physical therapy are not at home, you can take advantage of with success the special devices, massage the choice of now is large enough.

So that the vertebral column of the hernia, the same complex, respond well to this treatment.

To help you, and the special belt replacement, which you can buy in the markets, and the best time related canine fleece. This, of course, not the massager, but the pain relieves.

Once again, even though the consultation with a doctor, especially if the back pain arose for the first time – is mandatory.

Exercises to relieve back pain

exercises for the back
  1. Lie down on a flat, level surface, place it under the feet of cushion. Bend and loosen the feet and toes of the hands.
  2. More cushion remove, bend the knee of your left leg. Bend and release the right leg so that the heel if slid along the surface. Repeat 8 to 10 times and switch legs.
  3. Lie down on a flat, level surface, place it under the feet of cushion. Raise alternate hands and upward.
  4. More cushion remove, bend the knee of your left leg. To reserve a right-foot maximum side. Repeat 8 to 10 times and switch legs.
  5. Lie down on a flat, level surface, place under the thigh cushion. For the alternately the knees, with the hips over the bearing.
  6. More cushion remove, bend the knee on both feet. Tighten alternately, I folded up the legs to the stomach.
  7. Lying down on a firm surface, bend your legs. Take a knee with the right foot maximum side. Repeat 8 to 10 times and switch legs.

Gym to relieve back pain – a very effective tool, it only needs to allocate time and make him practice!

In this article, You learned what to do if the pain in the back, which necessarily need to draw your attention and what kind of exercise to strengthen the back, you can apply at home.

Give yourself, only a little attention: your health in your own hands!

Affairs we always have a lot of our families, of course, need attention, but let's not forget about yourself beloved.

And, if time is not determine by the pain in the back and not accept the appropriate measures, which may even become disabled!