The pain in the back and lumbar region

More often than not a total pain in the loin, as well as the lumbar spine has the greatest mobility and loads on himself the weight of the upper half of the body. The pain in the lumbar region has a different title — lumbago, if he gives a foot — sciatica. Less pain arising in the thoracic back. If the pain is acute and applies (gives) in one hand or arm, called "apparitions" or "sciatica". This type of pain is usually associated with compression of the intervertebral nerve.

low back pain

The pain in the back and lumbar region can appear suddenly, after lifting weights, ashamed of the turn. Sometimes, the discomfort in the back, develop gradually due to many years of load or inadequate posture. Rarely the cause of the pain not to be able to install. The pain may worsen at night, when the load or after long periods of stay in the pose uncomfortable, for example, after a long car ride. More pain passes in the supine position on a hard surface.

In most cases, the back pain for several days or weeks, and then improves the well-being and mobility fully restored. Speed up recovery help for pain killers and a particular training mode of motor activity: peace only in the first 1 to 2 days particularly intense headache, and then gradual return to the active lifestyle. However, in some cases, the rotation or the back pain of long duration, more than 6 weeks. So, talk about the development of chronic back pain and prescribe an additional treatment.

Plays an important role in your mood. Because of the pain can be difficult to keep the good mood, but research shows that, positively, people tend to come out as it should be faster than those that are in depression.

Causes of pain in the back

The health of the back depends on a coordinated work of a complex mechanism of bones, muscles, nerves and joints. Many times, to accurately determine the cause of the pain can be difficult. Fortunately, serious illness or injury in the back are rare. Often, low back pain or back occurs as a result of a minor injury, muscle, over-voltage, stretching of muscles and ligaments, the violation and the inflammation of the nerves. The discomfort in the back can appear suddenly, or develop gradually, growing. Possible causes of pain in the back and lumbar region:

  • strange movement: the tilt or twist of the body;
  • the lift or transfer heavy objects, long bends;
  • poor posture while walking or sitting;
  • excess stretching of the muscles of the back;
  • a long trip driving without stopping.

Sometimes back starts to disease without apparent cause, for example, in the morning, after sleep.

The risk factors for back pain

Certain risk factors increase the likelihood of a back pain or lumbar area:

  • Excess weight — when the backbone is responsibility of additional work load. To find out if your weight is normal, calculate the body mass index.
  • The smoke can cause damage to the tissues of the back, but the smokers, as a rule, rarely lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pregnancy — the spine of a woman is subjected to extra load, which increases with the increase of the abdominal volume.
  • Long-term for the medication, the reduction of bone density, for example, the use of corticosteroids.
  • Stress is a feeling that the emotion causes the tension of the muscles of the back and neck, which can cause pain.

The disease, which can cause pain in the back and lumbar region:

  • Osteocondrose and its complications, for example, hernia of the spinal column — a degenerative disease, in which are destroyed the intervertebral cartilage, which leads to the appearance of headaches. These diseases are more likely to develop with age, particularly those experiencing a large load on the back.
  • Rupture of ligaments and muscles — which often happens after excess of physical effort or a strange movement.
  • Various types of arthritis — inflammatory disease of the joints. In this case, besides the pain, is celebrated in the morning stiffness in the joints, violation of mobility.
  • Kidney disease, for example, pyelonephritis can cause low back pain.

There are also the more dangerous, but it's very rare causes of pain in the back. For example, cancer, tuberculosis of the spine, aneurysm of the aorta (dissection of the wall that are crucial for the blood vessel), and Dr. they All are usually diagnosed in a medical examination.

The diagnosis of pain in the back and lumbar region


With the pain in the back and lumbar region many times you can cope at home with the help of drugs, sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The treatment in the hospital, it is usually not necessary. If the pain is expressed, contact your internist. If the pain does not give you fully-if you move, you can call the doctor in the house.

During the inspection the doctor will ask you to sit down, stand up, walk around, alternately raise your legs, and also checks the range of motion in the back. He may ask you about the migrated illnesses or injuries, about your lifestyle and nature of work, as well as:

  • When started the pain?
  • Where does it hurt?
  • You alarmed it a whirl in the past?
  • Can you describe the pain?
  • That the pain is aggravated or passes?

In the survey and physical examination the doctor will try to eliminate the possibility of infectious disease and fracture, although they come very rarely. In the controversial case of diagnosis, you can send additional: study of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or x-rays of the spinal column. To dispose of the kidney disease, the doctor prescribes the general analysis of urine.

In most cases, the back pain is possible to rent for a few days. If the treatment does not work, the back pain lasts more than 6 weeks (called chronic back pain), or the cause of a disease is a serious illness, the therapist may direct you to a specialist. More often than the treatment of pain in the back or lumbar zone read with a neurologist. In addition, the treatment can connect to these doctors, as the osteopath, reflexologist, this was a therapist.

The treatment of the back and waist

The treatment of back pain may depend on their length and manifestations, as well as their personal preferences and needs. Most commonly, the pain can pull off with the help of medicines without the prescription of medicines and treatments in the home.

The mode of the locomotor system

In previous years, it was believed that when the pain in the back needs peace. It is now recognised that people who, before, begin to be fully able to move, faster to cope with the pain in the back and lumbar region. Full of peace and rest following shows only 1 or 2 days in the acute period, when the pain is extremely express and does not give to move. If lying is recommended to firm and smooth surface. As just the state slightly improves, it should be gradually return to the movement style of life, extending the range of motion a little each day.

Gradually, you will be able to move in the house, or shopping. You will have to put up with a certain discomfort and learn to avoid anything that causes a strong pain. After a few days, you can return to work, without waiting for a moment, when the pain in the back or lumbar area will be held fully (if, of course, your work is not related with the superfluous loads on the spine). The previous activation will help him get back to normal the itinerary of the day and get away from the pain.

Muscle relaxers

This medications that relieve the spasm of the skeletal musculature, relax the muscles. Its prescribed in cases of excess muscle tension in the spine increases the pain, which, for example, it is possible to aggravation of degenerative disc disease or herniated disc. Muscle relaxants also have side actions, many of them can not be taken at the wheel. Therefore, it is necessary a medical advice.

The treatment with heat and cold

the treatment with heat

Some alleviate the pain helps the heat, for instance hot water bath or heater in a neuralgic point. Also to relieve the state may, and the cold, for example, if applied to the back of the ice or a package of frozen vegetables. Do not place the ice directly on the skin because it can cause burns. Wrap it in a damp towel and apply where it hurts. You can also switch the treatment with heat, with cold, placing alternately the ice and the heater.

Posture for sleeping

The change of attitude to sleep can relieve tension of the back and relieve the pain. If you sleep on your side, slightly tighten the feet to the chest and place a pillow between the legs. If you back on your back, place a pillow under your knees to maintain the natural curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.


This is extremely important component of dealing with the pain, as well as if you will be worried, this will cause muscle tension, which can exacerbate the pain. Research shows that, positively, people usually recover faster. The pain does not pass, in the long term, the chronic. There are several relaxation techniques. Generally, it is recommended to master respiratory gymnastics, as well as the simple exercise of alternating between tension and relaxation of different muscles of the body.

Physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Try to eliminate the cause of pain in the back, to prevent its return in the future. The most common causes of back pain — excess weight, poor posture and stress. Regular exercise and an active lifestyle can help your back to be strong and healthy. Most of the people prefer to do walking, swimming and yoga. The most important thing is to choose something that you like and do not cause pain. Sometimes, group classes under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Normally, in the classroom are performed exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve the posture, and also aerobic training and stretching exercises.

Treatment of chronic back pain

If back pain lasts more than 6 weeks (called chronic back pain), in addition to analgesics and muscle relaxant apply the methods below to deal with the pain. These treatment methods help those that back pain prevents you from performing the usual works and worrying.

The prevention of back pain

Strong and flexible rotation, is the best way to avoid the pain. So the most effective prevention is regular physical exercise, correct posture and compliance with security engineering to lift and carry heavy objects.

If you periodically back pain, try the following:

  • To lose weight, if you are suffering from obesity. It is very large, the weight of the body, can make the waist extra charge.
  • Use orthopedic shoes with low heels, which reduces the load on the spine during walking.
  • Avoid sudden movements that may cause muscle tension.
  • Learn how to deal with stress, worries and anxieties that can aggravate the back pain.

Correct and healthy posture of sleep when the pain in the back

Posture has a significant impact on the health of the back. In the standing position is always to try to keep a smooth body, head, not to bow. Spread the weight evenly on both feet, bend your. Sitting, with emphasis on the lumbar region. Knees and hips should be at the same level, and one foot — standing on the floor (if necessary, use a footrest). Sometimes it is convenient to delimit the waist small pillow or a rolled towel. If you type on your keyboard, the forearm should be horizontal, and the elbows should be flexed at a right angle.

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, make sure that the chair has the support for the lumbar spine. If you readjust under the side mirrors, you won't have to bend your back. The pedals should be directly before his feet. In the longest journey you regularly make a stop to stretch the back.

Sleep, which should serve as the wholesome entire body, including the back. For this, it is necessary enough the mattress to hard for it not bent under the weight of the body from the shoulders down to the hips, such as a network. If the bed is too soft, place a piece of board or rigid shield (ideally, 2 cm thick) under the mattress. The head must lie down on the pillow, but the neck should not bend at a larger angle.