Types and causes of back pain

The back pain is something inevitable, with which we are faced in our life, sooner or later. Even if you don't stacker bars or stevedore, is not a woman, the carrier of home daily many kg bag, not, the hobbyist gardener, working in the flowerbeds in your cottage in the spring and in the period field, and not the athlete, weight lifter — the pain of not avoid any way. You can only ask yourself: how if you feel, without effort, all the day you have a computer, loads of virtually no, but at the end of the day begins to lament the loin and occurs a discomfort in the neck, in the shoulder and in the areas of the vane. What is this? For that without an apparent reason pain in the back?

Back pain

Why back pain and how to treat it

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In fact causes of back pain a great many. And the first own — anatomical. Rotary project of the many links, while in a vertical position, very fragile: he is exposed as a longitudinal (compressive) and transverse loads. To be strictly vertical only in a state of tension, that is, until the ends of your binding warranty and pull for them — the terminal is direct, but it's worth it warranty let go — you have a fragile, curves view.

Something similar looks like and the vertebral column: it fulfills a central role in terminal of this wonderful bio-project — the human body, and the paper to double filament running the muscles of the back. Now imagine that at the terminal bound to the body with all its internal organs, so the poor inter-segments-your muscles need to withstand not only the weight of the spine-rod, but and the own weight of the whole body, and constantly.

Involuntarily you come to conclusion that really the Creator has conceived initially not Homo erectus, because the "rate bipedalism" has some overly large. Open any medical reference in the section "Diseases of the musculoskeletal system", to make sure.

The most common causes of back pain

However, we soon infer about the fact that, once the pain in the back, then you certainly have something seriously sick is not worth. More than 80% of back pain can occur intermittently, for the following reasons:

  • the overvoltage muscle because of the physical effort
  • the long presence of the vertebral column, in the same posture during the sleep, the seat behind a computer, in transport, and t. d.
  • the subarrefecimento back due to being in the currents of the air, in front of the air conditioner, to get out of the premises of fresh air, fresh, cold bathing.
  • old, previously received and poorly healed injuries (sprains, bruises)

Much less pain in the back reasons really serious illnesses. What can be the causes? They are the most distinct, and are not always associated with lesions of the segments of the vertebral column and the implications of this disease.

It happens that the person has some sort of body ill, and to face the pain, ontdaudie on the back, for example:

  • when the sick kidneys give pain in the lower back
  • when gynecological diseases of women, the pain can give pain Crestцonвsй department of
  • if you have a tumor, the pain can give in certain portions of the back

Therefore, before the treatment of back pain before you need to define your authentic reasons, that is, to perform a detailed diagnosis about the existence of other possible diseases.

Chronic back pain


Should always alert the presence of chronic pain, that is, the present almost always with breaks for maintenance of remission. It is possible that the causes can be such evils:

  1. Osteocondrose, resulting from dIPtрonфandчewithкandх changes in the tissue of the disk spine
  2. Scoliosis — curvature, leading to a displacement of the disk and the ability of them to nerve root
  3. Intervertebral hernia — with the release of the disk, the kernel on the spine, or (which is much worse) — in the direction of the spinal cord
  4. Spondylolisthesis — descent to the top of the vertebra to the lower, resulting in deformation of the legs to the spine, because the spine becomes similar to the ladder with letters stairs
  5. The disease Ankylosing (spondylitis) — inflammation of the ligaments and joints, resulting in their мandлonпondвandжнonwithtand. Mainly because it suffering men. The danger in this rare disease in its ongoing use of the gradual development of capture all the departments of the vertebral column before going to the internal organs: lungs, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, organs of sight.
  6. Patients suffering from illness — a tumor on the spine may be primary, but occurs most often in the form of metastasis from other organs. Percentage of the total number of causes of about one percent.
  7. Infection of the spine — tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, syphilis, and other diseases: as the causes of the pain act, especially, rarely (of the order of 0.01%)
  8. Compression fracture — disease, unfortunately, is relatively frequent (about 4%). In youth meets, especially in athletes because of the unbearable loads and injury, old age, due to the phenomena that the vertebrae no longer support the weight of the person.
  9. Myalgia — chronic, due to the constant пeрeonхлandжdeнandй, inflammation of the muscle tissue

In all cases, after the treatment of pain and inflammatory processes, need to start the treatment of the underlying disease that caused the pain.

Types of back pain: causes and treatment

The most effective thing for removing back pain:

  1. Medical gymnastics (exercises with back pain)
  2. The laser MLS (already after the 2nd session the pain passes)
  3. Hivamat (single process, to remove the pain immediately, but have to look 2 or 3 times.)

The nature of the pain, you can pre-determine their causes and to assign the appropriate treatment.

Acute pain (lumbago) it can have the following causes:

  1. Complications of scoliosis — crushing of the nerve in consequence of the displacement of the disk
  2. OSteonхonнdрonзнse deformation of the vertebrae and pinch the nerve root intervertebral hernia
  3. Spondylolisthesis and other diseases
  4. Injuries and injuries resulting from falls in this case, it may be necessary not only conservative, but surgical treatment.
  5. Disease of the internal organs.

To diagnose an important role in the definition of the phase in which pain in the back:

Acute pain in the back can be reasons:

  • kidney stones
  • exacerbations of diseases of the intestine
  • inflammation of the ureter
  • rupture of the cyst of women and other diseases

Surrounding the pain is a signal, indicating such possible diseases:

  • пandeлonнeфрandt
  • the worsening of pancreatitis
  • gallstones
  • myocardial infarction
  • rupture of the esophagus
  • aneurysm bottom of the department of the aorta and pa.

If the pain in the back of the blades, this can mean:

  • neuro-muscle myopathy, and paralysis, adjacent to the лonпandtKam muscles, resulting develops the so-called "крsлonвanddNaya" shovel
  • the osteomyelitis developed after open injuries
  • benign and malignant tumors of kaposi's blades
  • myocardial infarction
  • aneurysm of the thoracic aorta

Pain under the left blade sharp is also very alarming, because it testifies of such diseases:

  • myocardial infarction
  • perforated ulcer of stomach
  • neuralgia intercostal

The acute pain in the departments of the back:

  • pneumothorax (rupture of lung)
  • pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid in the lung)
  • cancer of the lung and of the bronchial tubes
  • heart attack cholecystitis — if the pain is concentrated on the edges and right epigastrium, but a scope of your return wide: the right paddle and the shoulder, the arm, the left part of the sternum
  • an attack of acute pancreatitis pain gives under the scapula and left, in the region of the left chest and the heart

So impressive, the diagnosis speaks of only one thing: when the pain in the back pain, acute, go, do not IUdLa, a physician — independent of the treatment here is unacceptable.

Acute pain (sciatica) — sharp dagger pain lumbar-sacral department (sciatica), often ontdaudie in ягondandцу and a leg, can be for one reason:

  • crushing of the sciatic nerve, produced by the osteocondrose, hernia and displacement intervertebral disk, withteнonзe of the spinal canal
  • the inflammation of the sciatic nerve as a result of the cold
  • muscle spasm in the shape of a pear
  • infectious diseases and tumors
  • later, the timeframes of pregnancy

The treatment of all acute pain caused the progressing diseases of the spine, such as scoliosis osteocondrose and others, as well as its complications, must be made common with the schema:

First comes the drug treatment to resolve the acute starting point of the pain and of the inflammatory process:

  • receive analgesics non-steroidal or steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxant

Then, the course of drugs that significantly improve the performance of the brain, nervous system and circulatory system

After this, the immediate treatment is the main cause of the pain — degenerative disc disease, hernia, withпonнdandлeзand and other diseases:

  • the recovery of destroyed tissues, bone, protectors
  • physiotherapy, massages, therapy exercise

In more severe cases, to resolve pinch use operations, however, this happens very rarely.

Pull the back pain — most low back can cause the following reasons:

  1. Pain Crestцonвsй osteocondrose, spondylosis and other disorders of the spinal column to the chronic stage of the
  2. The inflammation of the lumbar muscles (мandonзandt)
  3. Anddнeкwithandt (inflammation of appendages) in women)
  4. A great physical effort
  5. Prolonged posture drawback
  6. The old trauma, more often irritating in "time"
Rates herbs

In each case, the differential treatment. Combine as medicines and popular methods of treatment. For example:

  • muscle pain well treated in dry heat, the use of wool belt canine
  • when anddнeкwithandte long lasting and use special mixtures of multi rates herbs

Pain in athletes due to over voltage — may occur by reason of overtraining, weight lifting and sudden movements and inclinations of the torso, due to that occurs muscle spasm. In this case, the treatment is simple relaxation exercises and stretching muscle:

  1. You should lie down on the couch next to пondлonжandв under the head and the pillow between the legs
  2. Then, lie on the floor "to the top" and, clasping the knees with the hands, to tighten your breasts
  3. Lying on your side, stretch your legs at a right angle with the trunk, and, placing the hands on the back of the head, tilt the head to the belly
  4. Then, maintaining the lateral position, straighten and bend the upper part of the leg at the knee, grab the edge it closer to the stomach. Top hand light on my back, and lower under the head. Now, try simultaneously with both the scapulae and the knee flexed the foot to touch the ground

The treatment may be completed, after passing, after the exercises allowing cm gels, and ointments, and you can also do the massage, it is also very relaxing flattened the muscles and removes the pain.

Пondstonжandв all that has been said, one can make such conclusions:

  1. Acute treatment of pain, should be performed exclusively by a doctor from the moment of its occurrence. You must not put yourself diagnosis.
  2. Seek help as soon due to possible hazardous to health, and of life, the reason.
  3. The chronic pain, the nature of which you already know, you can treat and in the home with the application as pharmaceuticals and medicines. However, the control on the part of the doctor, they still must be, as well as the appointment of special procedures, physical therapy, massage, therapy by exercise and other forms of treatment.

The health of you and let the pain in your life will be less!