The pain in his left side at the rear: under the ribs, the waist and the kidneys, below the waist

By it you will be able to determine its origin. The main causes are considered to be problems with their spleens, intestines and urinary system.

Possible causes of sharp pain in left side rear

pain in left side of back

The pain in his left side, a symptom of heart disease. It is usually set according to the location of the pain spasms, if she is rear on the left side.

The symptom of pain appears when such deviations, such as:

  • angina pectoris;
  • pericarditis;
  • myocardial infarction.

The last point is to know how intense, acute pain in the region of the chest, with a spasm gives the scapula, and the left side of the trunk. When you do, there are moments, such as cold sweat, lack of breath, nausea, and fainting. If you are experiencing two or more of these signs, immediately call the horse ambulance.

Intense pain in the lumbar region and the kidneys

The pain in the lumbar region occurs when the inflammation of the left kidney. Including, this condition such as pyelonephritis. It manifests itself when there are any infections. The excruciating pain and deaf, but, at times, can be a strong and places acute. The last type of pain refers to the pathology in the ureter. As a general rule, without treatment, development of chronic pyelonephritis. The disease has a range of symptoms that are very prevent the person from living a full life.

Initially, it produces a state similar to dehydration, increased temperature and does not go away without complete treatment. All this is accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting.
The low back pain constant, giving in the groin, winning in cold weather. The patient, with a pielonefriteom frequents toilet, because the kidneys and the bladder are close by. The infection spreads all in the region of the kidneys.

If there is painful urination, one can not exclude the fact of inflammation in the bladder. This type of pathology are called kidney stone disease. It is the emergence of stones in the tubes and pelvis urinary channels. Basically, the symptoms are inconspicuous, but with loads and shaking of the body, appears to acute pain and vomiting. Many times, they are subject to the impurities of the blood in the urine. Cramps are from the left side on both sides of the trunk.

Above the waist

Pain above the waist occurs not only in people of advanced age, but also in younger people. This is a common problem. As a rule, if the body reports this sign of any disease, hence the need to visit a doctor. But few stop to think, even more at a young age. People do not stop to think about the reason of so much pain and simply take painkillers. In the future, the spasms are returned.

Sources uncomfortable pain above the lumbar region may be different, such as:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the plague, appendicitis;
  • inflammation of the kidneys and of the lungs;
  • problems with the digestive system.

Aching spasms side and back giving under the spatula occur and, when used in the fetus. When the spasms sufficiently diverse, and intense, it is difficult to get used to.

Mainly the pain of that format behind the back occurs when the osteocondrose and after spinal injuries. After suffering from tuberculosis pain also occur above the waist.

When the inspiration under the ribs

Diseases related to the esophagus, rupture of the spleen, hernia, heart problems, pneumonia, and the pathology of muscle tissue – the reasons pulling pain under the ribs. There are three types of spasms that occur in the hypochondrium:

  • acute and pain. Occurs spontaneously. In this case, the need of an ambulance, stop dangerous to life. Normally, well manifested rupture of the spleen or renal pelvis. This type of pain is formidable and very dangerous to human life, in some cases, talks about the rupture of the organ;
  • the dull pain that lasts a long time. This says about the disease, which is chronic. Probably, occurs the deterioration due to acquired infection. Perhaps, when the diagnosis comes from the pancreatitis or gastritis;
  • boring and the pain throbbing talks about the inflammatory process. Is called ulcerative colitis and may manifest itself, if the patient has a severe cough. If accompanied by vomiting – there is a risk of development of peptic ulcers. If the pain arise, many times, this can signal preinfarction state.

Nagging pain below the waist.

the pain in the waist

Pain below the waist can vary from obtuse to acute and constant. The most common causes of heavy physical work, awkward postures in sitting position or standing for a long time. There are a multitude of sources, causing pain below the waist, such as a herniated intervertebral disc, stenosis, dorsal arthritis, spondylolisthesis, fracture of the vertebra, osteomyelitis, and tumors of the spine.

When the movement of

When the pain occurs when the movement of the left, needs in a timely manner to determine the source of the spasms. They can be many. Correctly and quickly a reason for the pain helps in assigning the correct treatment. The main causes are the kidney diseases and the urinary system, inflammation of the spleen, is a painful process in the digestive system, spine problems, and pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Mainly the pain of cramps, when the movement arise when the lesions of the spine and the pathology of the urinary system (kidney stone). Sometimes, the pain can be in the same place and be in the groin.

Gives in the foot

Sometimes, you can observe people, which is soft to walk on and noticeable, which to them it hurts to step on their foot. This condition is caused by low back pain, that gives in the foot. In the medical area is called sciatica pain. The signal of such a plan, people do not believe severe and does not go on a visit to a physician. Although this can talk about the main matches in the body.

The reason is considered to be sciatica, which emerged after the degenerative disc disease. The pain may be different (annoying, irritating, tearing, and shooting). If you have this disease, reached at home, then get rid of it will help the posture of the embryo. In such a state of certain parts of the body relax and makes it much easier. As it would be sad to not seem like it, but sciatica has the property of return in the form of a relapse. Also back pain help of the applicator Kuznetsov.

Pulling pain lower in pregnant women

Pregnant women is not always attending a fruit without pain. They have a pain area and back, sometimes emerge spasms in the lower part of the belly. It is unpleasant, not with fear, but cheerleaders should. In any case, so the protection needs to call the doctor or call a carriage ambulance. Call the doctors need, if the pain does not go more than half an hour, increases and appear blood check.

Pulling the pain can also signal about the abortion, therefore, the tightness with the inspection, the medical is not worth. Clouds pain in the lower part of the belly in pregnancy is safe. This may just be the clipping of the uterus. Your increased pressure on the external bodies, from here and spasms.

Video about the goofy, uncomfortable and sharp pain in the flank

If it hurts on the side or back in the back, it is worth to determine the source of the pain as fast as possible. Watching the video, you will be able to discover the cause of the appearance of spasms of the time to consult with your doctor. In this video you can learn about useful methods of getting rid of the flank pain. Exercises, tips on diet and lifestyle– all of this you will see in our performance video.